Tuesday 23 February 2010

Nursing Course

In this year of recession which has caused many in the UK to lose their jobs and set about retraining, so as a consequence the university applications are at an all-time high....
we were wondering what would happen.
But yesterday the news came through that my wife Christine has a place with one of the Uk's top Nursing Training Universities : the University of Southampton.
This university is responsible for some of the most ground-breaking medical research .
Initially dubious of setting up a degree in nursing(Bachelor of Nursing BN) a few years ago, mainly because of a rather old school attitude to what nursing was, when they looked at what the intended curriculum was, they were to say the least gob-smacked.
Modern nursing is both a science and arts degree, containing medicine,physiology,psychology,healthcare,ethics,politics,law,spirituality,management,maths,chemistry,biology,some physics,social administration and much more.

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