Saturday 6 February 2010

What a loada bull....etin

A very different sort of response to Pagan Christianity, the book by Frank Viola.

Dear George –

I read, with much dismay, your recent book entitled “Pagan Christianity?” that you co-authored with Frank Viola (a leader in the house church movement).

Bro. George, you have every right to criticize church buildings, and altar calls, sermons, and even pastors (or the need for them). In my opinion you can even go after (as you’ve done in this book) clothing, worship and worship teams, youth pastors and music directors. I don’t really mind so much your harsh criticism of tithing and giving, and water baptism and the Lord supper, and I will even agree with your take on seminarian training (what good is that after all?) and counselors (never had much use for them myself).

But sir, you crossed the line when you attacked those of us who feel that the weekly bulletins are a vital and necessary part of our Sunday worship experience, and I must protest in the strongest of terms to you calling us out like you’ve done.

I represent a church that uses bulletins and we have been doing so for many decades now!! We feel very strongly that true ‘bulletinites” like ourselves have been indeed called out from the rest of the world systems and we will hold the line on our convictions until the Lord returns for us one day!

I am proud to state here and now that we have not compromised our position concerning the bulletin and we proudly produceour bulletins the old fashioned way – the mimeograph machine. Just the lingering smell of the “special ink” filling our place of worship -well, it just has a way of “bringing us in” if you know what I mean.

I will admit there have been certain folks several years ago that split off from us and started a new church down the street (2ndBulletin Church of the Xerox) who determined to compromise and dabble in color bulletins – but we continue to hold fast to the true blue/white that can only come from a genuine mimeograph machine. Additionally, I am ashamed to say that as the world has moved on,there is also a group out there - the Reformist – that have abandoned the bulletin altogether in favor of that new medium called the”web-site.” We try to avoid them as much as possible – and truth be told, we’re not sure that we will ever even run into them in heaven (if you get my drift).

George, again, I must protest the blatant slam on our worship experience and I would press you as much as possible that you repent of this rash approach of yours and recant your position about bulletins. Surely with everything else that you’ve condemned and criticized in this book, as well as in your all time best seller -”Revolution,” you must know by now that the whole church of Jesus Christ world-wide is focused on function and format over substance. After all, isn’t that why you write such tomes?

George, thank you for taking the time to read this letter from a die-hard bulletinite. We will continue to pray for you that you see the light and return to the fold(ed).

Your friend
Jerry David

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