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Left Brain and Right brain and spirit

Facebook note by Chris Welch on Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 04:13

It is a gross simplification to reduce the left hemisphere to dealing with "step by step"thought. This is only a tiny fraction of what goes on in the left. Some linear thinking goes on in the right too.

What we do know is the "gobby articulate bit" occupies TOO high a position in how everything in the western world is run. It certainly is a mighty tool, but God never intended us to function as a giant corporate Stephen Fry.Nor to perpetuate this myth through its education system.

Kierkegaard did not have the tools to explain adequately why theology just based on the intellect was woefully inadequate. It is NOT a lot better now.

Though our right brains do tons of "inarticulate" but absolutely necessary tasks like

spatial skills,



skills of hyperawareness, like being aware your toddler needs you right NOW and she's in a completely different room (Dawkins hasn't studied that yet)

it is not the same as spirit.

Spirit as Daniel Yordy has recently taught us comprises everything we are,Two of the best Spirit leftbrains on the block are still little known. They are Andre Rabe and Francois du Toit.

They are like spiritual computers relaying Spirit realities in the Word. They are like Eldred Linden who used to visit Emsworth Church.

Prophet/ creatives tend to be a lot fuzzier, more tangential in their speech. .(If not mature,its like listening to dreams from someone that just had too much cheese last night!!!)But if mature...they are more Spirit rightbrain than" step by step" teachers.

But you notice still the same Spirit.

Here's their advantage....see there had to be one!!! These supposedly fluffy(fluffy because they do not speak in "step by step language") guys have razor sharp rightbrain abilities which in the Spirit of God translates to picking up what Ezekiel 10:8 refers to as "scrawlings".These are the ACTUAL HIDDEN programmes on which we run.

If these written words to you are in Microsoft Word 2000 which is on my PC, the programme operating system underneath,which until it goes wrong, shouldn't even concern you, is actually Windows Vista.

So the Spirit right brain folk pick up instantly what an individual's operating system is, or we go into a church and pick up the corporate operating system.

Virtually all of Rich Novek's writings and a good deal of Daniel Yordy's writings are to do with this inner seeing. This inner operating system on which we run. The message of the Kingdom is not "lo here, lo there". It is not some time to come.

The message of the Kingdom was always "The kingdom has come among you!!!!"

By faith lots of characters in the Old Testament turned the key "early".

Rahab, a Prostitute, should never have got anywhere near. Not only was she "near"....she is in the very line of Christ.

Ruth, a Canaanite, cursed until the 10th generation, was the same. Not only brought near, but King David's grandmother. WOW!

It doesn't say the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. It says THE KNOWLEDGE of the glory of God shall cover the earth........His glory is here now. Every genuine Spirit church meeting all that happens is that our perception changes to REALISE IT, and we FEEL the Presence of the Lord. The Presence is always there.

Now is the generation of those who WALK in this manifest Presence. The keys that we had for meetings are the same sort of faith keys we have now. Calling things that we don't "perceive", as though they are by faith, based on something more real than actual atoms....the very thing that even sustains those atoms....


I am now going to get into a specific local issue which came up in some public meetings, so these are not hidden issues that nobody knows about. This was revealed in a strong way at the last Key of David meeting in Portsdown Church premises in Havant. Key of David meetings are public meetings for any attendees from outside the area as well as for locals.

The November meeting spotlit the role of men in the Church as a whole. It was a call to "Awake O sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ shall give you light."" For in His light we see light." Ps36. This interestingly enough IS THE LAST CALL before the battle array verses of Ephesians 6.....when the Church goes into its self-for-others intercessory call to engage with the forces of this present evil age and do battle in the spirit.

The meaning of wrestle is VIBRATE.....we vibrate against principalities and powers.

Now this is equally true of the church general as it is of Havant Church itself. Three weeks ago when we were away, a local prophetic friend visited and gave a Word about the famous local ship of the Battle of Trafalgar, based in dry dock, called HMS Victory. The Word stated that it was basically a WAR SHIP in dry dock....and spoke of Havant in the same way. Havant have a particular calling to wait on God and find the secret Way. This is something similar to the 2nd World War. All the earth's armies were rushing around, but there was a group of backroom boffins working in the USA right away from the field of war, discovering how to split the atom. And devastatingly it was this knowledge that finally closed the war altogether in Japan at Hiroshima. I am not advocating what happened. I am stating fact.

Havant have a similar call.....

Now all well and good. Certain aspects of this are peculiar to Havant and hidden within the beings of those individuals seeking God. Certain aspects are not hidden. They are not known in the church at large. But they are not hidden. They have all been written down for us in "Yes I am" by Norman Grubb, and now by many other writers in books and now in blogs and on Facebook. It is just NOT TRUE to say they are hidden. To say they are is elitest...too precious.....and frankly arrogant and rude. A bit like when teenagers do not heed the advice of their parents but have to reinvent the wheel and make their own, sometimes lifelong mistakes.

Take Norman Grubb with 6 or 7 lifelong succeeded main intercessions as a poured out servant of God. He started understanding Christ as him around the 20s through Jessie Penn Lewis of Welsh Revival pioneering days.Norman's earlier books about CT Studd and WEC, and Rees Howells are well known classics. The reason his later works are not known, says nothing about the works, but everything about the obtuseness of the church at large to enter the third and final stage of growth: The 3rd Level. The Father stage of 1 John 2:12 ff. Of "knowing" Galations 2:20 inwardly.

I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith OF the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

Like any church, Havant have this great glory upon them that is God's unmerited favour, blessing and calling. Also, like any church they have arrogance and self will. Particularly in the light of their "secret" way calling they feel they have to shut themselves into it and learn the hard way by completely reinventing the wheel.

I was sharing with the leaders this week how the UK had a little known Kadesh-Barnea moment around 1979 -80. This relates to the abortive entrance to the Promised land that Israel had as they went through the Wilderness. They were shut out for 40 years until the first generation had died. All except Joshua and Caleb.

Around 1980, UK ministry said "NO" to God and we have spent around 30 years going around "Charismatic praise mountain" in the wilderness.

Third level mature Spirit ministries from the earlier Apostolic moves and Norman Grubb himself were repeatedly making approaches to the leadership in our country. Some like John Noble, a main leader at that time, attended third level conferences and decided the whole thing was not for Britain.

Much of what is happening now in Havant is no different at all from the 1st Glory Conference in 1984 that was held after direct revelation to Ian McCulloch, after being specifically called to fast and pray in a caravan. As usual, none of us realised the full worth of the revelation he was getting until 30 years later.

So.......back to three weeks ago and the subject of "scrawlings" and operating systems.

My prophetic friend wasn't in the church two minutes when he addressed a member called Martin, and said to him...

"What's wrong with this church? It's so feminine?"

There is a glory in femininity, and then there is a male emasculation. He was picking up the latter.

Independent to this, the Key of David meeting was on this very subject.

You see if men don't know Galations 2:20 in the can preach a left-brain detached version untiil you are blue in the face....but the Bible says this...

We are joined (ONLY) by that which every joint supplies.

And ALL ministry is for equipping the saints FOR ministry.

Well you don't "supply" that which you haven't been DIVINELY given

You don't minister to anyone just supplying left-brain information about what a 1200 page book says, even if it is the Bible. We can go off to the library and read that much for ourselves.

It is IN HIS LIGHT we see LIGHT.

It is only in HIS LIGHT we change or destroy our Ezekiel 10:8 scrawlings and change our operating systems.


The Body of Christ is what it says on the TIN. It takes Christ to build Christ.

Havant meetings are quite good until we stop worshipping. Apart from the main leader, all the other speakers do not yet know how to impart that which they have been supplied with. Or they supplement their actual supply, with lots of material that wastes time and does nothing in the Spirit.

We have a particular lady in our congregation who falls asleep when there is no anointing. She should be put in a glass case up the front as a Preach-o-meter. We have another man that spontaneously bursts out laughing when God is up to something somewhere in the meeting.Perhaps he should be in a case the other side. Like those weather readers with the man and the woman.

Until people know how to impart, we should have a tag team of 3 or 4 preachers ready to speak for 10 -15 minutes or less, as defined by the Spirit, until people are mature and can tell the difference

between dry waterless wastes

and Rivers of Living Water.

Only that which is by the Spirit nourishes and builds the Body.

I questioned the leadership on how come, if Jesus only took 3 years to take people from fishing to full grown father status apostles, and all that before baptism in the Spirit...

how come Havant Church has been in existence for 30, ten times as long. and have experienced the Baptism in the Spirit and all the tools of growth, and there is not a single apostle yet?

Two absolute clangers were dropped at this point.

1. The disciples were personally trained by Our Lord. This was said in an incredibly Catholic voice for a free independent church.

2.Who is to say that it is the position and goal of a church to produce an apostle?

Rather than say anything, because I am too offended by both these statements....

perhaps someone with more grace than I have right now could gently add a few notes after this in the comments section. Address it to "anonymous leader" to save any remaining egg falling slowly down a face.

The thing I cannot work out at all is the symbiotic relationship between these comments of leaders raised up under Peter Stott and Peter himself. If Peter, who judging by his ministry is so advanced and used in many nations, how come the people he has chosen are so passive in their leadership and so lacking in knowledge about growth? One or other cannot be true. Either Peter isn't quite where I imagined, or he is...but something isn't tying up?

Anyhow, emasculated men, are church men who may know Galations 2:20 in their head, but it hasn't changed their scrawlings yet. So they "fake " brokenness. One guy who visits our church actually has a walking stick which kind of produces a "fake" Peniel effect. Read about how Jacob genuinely was touched at his strongest point, his thigh.

The grace gospel...what Paul called preaching grace in truth....was real. Is real. It makes its own results. We don't have to fake it. It is Christ within us as us who GROWS us, who builds us,who strengthens us....

Who HAS ALREADY KILLED US and taken us down into hell with Him

that He could LEGALLY raise us up with Himself in newness of Life.

If we know that in our operating system....excuse me....why the emasculated men, exactly?

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