Sunday 28 November 2010

Speaking into the air

It is just wonderful to know that His sheep hear His voice and recognize it, and recognize that of a counterfeit.
Praise You Jesus.  Facebook yesterday
 This is a man called David Ellul walking away, sandals in hand firmly convinced I am a counterfeit.  I hope the regular readers of this blog know otherwise. The conversation is put up here to demonstrate how you can have a complete conversation these days between two sets of Spirit -filled Christians and the the one layer has no perception of what the other layer is on about. I appreciate I wasn't fast enough in sliding my quickdraw confession out of my holster in declaring not only is Jesus Lord but also He is God, so this fuelled the last repost no doubt.

I don't know what a guy like Dan Bowen feels about a conversation like this. But I have huge misgivings about guys in ministry to homosexuals who themselves are not clear on who they now are and what Christ has done for them. To me it is exactly the representation of  Jesus go 200 miles to make a single convert then you make him twice the son of hell that you are.    The tenor of this whole conversation is an almost exact reproduction of  1973 when Graham Pulkingham was pulling the last remaining hairs on his head out, trying to explain to our backwoods English Baptist folk  that the whole of ministry changes once we know "we have died and our lives are hidden with Christ in God"

Aldo Lombardi
Please all you Christians out there, support this Community to HELP OUT Gay men/women to know that there is HOPE in being Healed of their Homosexuality by our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, JOIN in come to the page and see for yourselves the GLORY of GOD in these former gay and hear their testimonies,
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Chris Welch I see several young women,have you testimonies from men/older men Aldi?
Friday at 08:26Aldo Lombardi Hoping that I will find and add them brother Chris...
Friday at 08:29Aldo Lombardi brothers sisters you need to go to the page and click on the LIKE tab to support God bless you all
Friday at 08:47Holly Clark Hyatt I cant watch video..but I know of women who have been saved and set free from it.
Friday at 09:09 via Facebook MobileChris Welch The thing is it is relatively easy to teach a Romans 3-5 grace message and influence teens and twenties...the challenge comes later in people's 30s,40s and 50s when the core parts of our personality are challenged by the experience of Roman...s 6 to 8. I personally have never met a man in this age group who has left homosexuality to become a fully functioning Christ as me person.So this is a complete blank in my experience. Do people still identify themselves as homosexual but like the bishop of Lewes abstain....or not ,(as he transgressed into abuse..and became a media issue)? Does anyone out there know? Or because it is now even taboo to debate this field,would anyone come forward if they did?Carlos Iggy Shelton regularly brings up this issue in his blog Emerging thought in Montana.See more
Friday at 10:20Aldo Lombardi Chris my friend I think that you are a little lost and seeking in the wrong places, the first thing that you should have done is to click the link above go to the page and seek there for elders leaving homosexuality i just posted another one Former Homosexual James Hartline on KUSI: Leaving Homosexuality and San Diego Politics and also there is another one Former Gay Hairdresser to the Stars gets SAVED!
Friday at 10:29Aldo Lombardi here is the LINK Chris and hit the LIKE tab while you are there:
Friday at 10:31Chris Welch Thanks for the link.I had looked at the ladies examples. A wellknown ministry called Mark Stibbe is setting up a "safe place" for UK ministers covering all sorts of issues which people could not risk sharing. In general the whole of the cha...rismatic move has no idea of the depths Jesus takes us to to bring us to the end of ourselves in order that His life be fully kickstarted in us.Whether its Graham Pulkingham sobbing for 3 months on a cold crypt floor,or my new friend having her family offer to pay £18000 to put her into the Priory as a Christian. Some churches run celebrate recovery programmes....but there is very little knowledge of the human condition that led someone as dedicated and "go for it,gungho " as the Apostle Peter to totally,I mean totally deny that he had had any contact at all with the man Jesus.See more
Friday at 13:47David Ellul Aldo the link you gave will only bring you to this same page. Am I the only one experiencing this?
Friday at 14:37David Ellul Yes even adults can be set free, not only from homosexuality but from every other demonic oppression. There are two pivotal requirements though.
(1) One must have a real desire to be set free from whatever it is he needs to be set free from....( It must be a heart issue)

(2) One must have a real, active, living relationship with Jesus the Messiah.

Those who say that they tried and have not been set free is because they love the sin more than they love Jesus.

When Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed.

In God's eyes we are all children, His Death and Resurrection overcame Death and Sin.

No grey area here.

If the Devil has the power to turn a Christian into a transsexual, surely the One who created the Devil has the power to set anyone free from any sin.

We all have been set free from one thing or another, we all deserved hell, but Jesus is willing and able to set us all free from bondage.

Thank you Jesus!See more
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Loading...Aldo Lombardi Sorry David they have deleted the page for the excuse of HATRED!!!
Friday at 18:08David Ellul Hatred??? I love homosexuals, just like I love every other sinner.
Jesus loves all sinners, He hates their sin. We, as His followers must aim to be like Him.
But then Facebook is not about God's truth is it?
Friday at 18:24David Ellul We have a powerful weapon, PRAYER!
Let us all agree with a prayerful heart, and lift those who desire to be set free to the One who has all Authority, Power and Might, the Lord Jesus Christ. That He will break the yoke and set the captives f...ree and enable them to live a Blessed, God centered life. We come against the spirit of homosexuality, to crush it and expose it to what it really is.
In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

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Friday at 18:38Chris Welch Please understand that in making the subject very serious and questioning you deeply I am seeking to make Jesus bigger still. The key for me in other areas that I could not find any will in me to change was the revelation of this verse : Go...d is at work in you to will and to work for His own good pleasure. When i "saw" that on my insides, I realised it didn't even depend on my will....which has long decided that rebellion is a good is Him in me. That's why, with some when we do these deliverance prayers... it's like trying to paint on wet or muddy surfaces....doomed from the start. His goal is not to make a non-homosexual Christian. Or a non-lying Christian. Or a non-stealing Christian. He cuts out the middle man altogether and Killed us at the Cross. I have died and my life is hidden with Christ in God. I am not a new version. I am a new species.
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Friday at 19:11Aldo Lombardi In THE MIGHT NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!!!!!!

I know brother I have complained and written to them and explained everything to detail and also the group Called **** Jesus Christ is still around ha?

Facebook about God yeah sure !!!!
Friday at 19:13David Ellul Dear Chris, That what you or I do does not have the power to make Jesus any bigger or smaller. I hope that I understand you correctly, when you say that there are areas in your life that are not aligned with God's will. Have you come to a ...decision to stop doing what displeases God? I think it is a matter of choice. If God is at work in a person, the person is in the process of change, if that person does not change would mean that God's work in that person is in vain. That is not the kind of God that I serve. Deliverance prayer becomes like trying to paint on wet or muddy surface WHEN THE ONE BEING DELIVERED FINDS COMFORT IN THE SIN HE IS IN BONDAGE TO, OR THE ONES PRAYING NEED DELIVERANCE THEMSELVES.
One cannot be a Christian and a homosexual, a thief, lair, murderer or an adulterer at the same time.
These are not my words, Jesus said that none of those practicing sin will even see the Kingdom of God.

The Blood of Christ does not HIDE sin, It REMOVES sin.

Nothing under the sun is new.See more
Friday at 19:56Chris Welch The blood of Christ hides and covers sins.The Body of Christ takes away Sin. This second Aspect almost has no teaching at all in the church and it is our true victory. In most churches are homosexuals trying ever so hard to live up to the gospel but the one preached is only the blood gospel so week after week people fall back without knowing Jesus came to give them a brand new identity through His Body death. This is why He said....
Friday at 21:49Chris Welch Unless you eat and drink of my Body and blood....and because this second stage is so hard to hear , nearly everybody walked off but for the disciples. Indeed your own reply shows you have thought you understood what I wrote...but I didn't w...rite what you thought I wrote...and your reply was quite patronising. I am trying my best to point you beyond "deliverance prayers" to a totally different level of teaching that the disciples only entered into after they had proved what utter rubbish they were at the time of Jesus crucifixion.It is only this level of teaching that will establish lasting change in our churches.See more
Friday at 21:50Aldo Lombardi Chris which part of the scripture says that the blood of Christ hides and covers sins.The Body of Christ takes away Sin. huh?

And you must know also that we have two former homosexuals at hour fellowship one man and a women one of them she i...s married now, healed because they have let go of their sin, because they have let the holy spirit work.
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Friday at 22:10David Ellul Sometimes one can feel he is being patronized when being corrected.
It seems that you and I come from different Biblical teaching.

When you wrote: " The key for me in other areas that I could not find any will in me to change" led me to und...erstand that you are talking about other areas besides homosexuality.

What are the "other areas"?

I am not perfect, there is still a lot of refining to go, I don't suppose you are any different, but then again I don't know you.
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Friday at 23:37David Ellul It was the Holy Spirit that brought the disciples to the higher level of understanding. They did''t go to a different school to attain that. It was the same teachings that Jesus gave them when He was with them. This time they received the Helper as promised by the Messiah.
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Loading...Aldo Lombardi Triple AMEN to that David!

the Gospel has a perfect example of how the disciples were brought to a higher level of understanding when they have received the Holy Spirit, they could not understand a thing before then, Jesus always had to exp...lain... to them what was going on, what happened at pentecoste? BOOM their were filled with the Holy Spirit the helper to come and they understood everything it was taught to them in 3 years and they went out and preached the Gospel full of the Holy Spirit.

They didn't need to go to 7 years of theology at university neither do online courses, our teacher is the Holy Spirit and helper, many Christians spend their time learn theology and seeking approval of men with certificates to place on their walls and then when you take a close look at their Christian walk you find that they have not found much time to let the Holy Spirit work in them for the renewing of their minds, and you find them walking just the same as when they were in the world.

So what is the will of God? to spend all that time studying theology?

or make time to spend with the Holy Spirit to change you in the renewing of your mind?
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Loading...David Ellul You say you spent years with the Holy Spirit, Was it the Holy Spirit that you spend your time with that relieved to you that the Precious Blood of Jesus only hides and covers your sin?
Aldo asked you for a scriptural address to that revelati...on, but you did not have one.
Could this huge move right across the world that is doing precisely what you did be the great falling away mentioned in Revelation?

1 Timothy 4:1
The Spirit expressly states that in the acharit-hayamim ( Latter Times) some people will apostatize from the faith by paying attention to deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

I am a Bible believing follower of Christ, I do not fall under any man made denomination, though at times I am as guilty as any Pentecostal or charismatic for my rebellion (sin). But the Gospel that I have and adhere to is Complete.
When you say that the Body of Christ has an incomplete Gospel, you are sounding more and more like a Gnostic.

Are you?
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Loading...David Ellul Norman Grubb confessed to receiving more from mystic writings than from studying the
Bible. Apart from Boehme and William Law, other great mystic writers that proved a spiritual
help to him were as follows: Saint Teresa, Meister Eckhart, Henr...y Suso, John Tauler, John of
Rusbroeck, Walter Hilton, Plotinus, Angelus Silesius, Richard Rolle, Lady Julian of Norwich,
Evelyn Underhill, William Kingsland and Rufus Jones.
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21 hours agoChris Welch The incomplete gospel only partially works.Where you see the gospel working you need to get your theology from there, not because it is a different gospel but because it contains lots more of the verses in the Bible, and real light on those... verses. As you know ,the church spent nearly 400 years missing the baptism in the Sprit from Luther to around 1900.It read the Bible,but completely missed it until God's Light really shone on this subject. So it is with every corporate move. Only in Hisa Light do we see light.And one litmus test is how free are the people in our churches?This requires honesty and thinking "outside church meetings". In meetings everyone appears fine.
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20 hours agoChris Welch The mass exodus you refer to is twofold.One may be increasing apostasy,the other may be the ecclesia...the ever "called out" church, the next generation wineskin,before that too cannot contain what God is doing. The interview of Darin Huff...ord and worshipleader Heidi Venie is revealing and typical of thousands of others...see November list www,
The blood deals with or removes sins, the Body death of Christ deals with the sinner.
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20 hours agoDavid Ellul Chris, you keep making comments, but fail to back them up, you quote man's writings but fail to quote the Scriptures when asked.

Do you confess that Jesus Christ is Almighty God?
If you won't answer this simple question, might as well stop
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19 hours agoChris Welch I not only confess that -my heart is that all the gays you are trying to reach realise they will never make it as Christians until they realise they're never expected to, it's Christ who will be living their life....which is why it will work!!!
19 hours agoDavid Ellul Any sinner whether homosexual, lair, or corrupter will never enter the Kingdom of God unless he or she repents, turns away from his /her sin and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and God of their lives.

As I expected, you would not be able t...o confess that Jesus Christ is God.

You have been exposed my friend, not by me but by Him you say you serve and at the same time deny.

This is where I shake the dust from my feet and move on.

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Loading...Aldo Lombardi Chris you have neither provided any scripture to back up your claims nor confessed that Jesus Christ is LORD like David has pointed out, therefore from my side I will also shake the dust of my feet and move on.

16 hours agoChris Welch Jesus is my Lord and you are a bunch of lazy people who haven't the decency to acknowledge hundreds and hundreds of scriptures over 2 and a half years of writing on my blog.For speed check out the study section in the left hand column parti...cularly by James A Fowler and Sylvia Pearce.
David ...try and get your words of knowledge more will be causing a lot of hurt with you're lack of wisdom. Wow,I wish I was in a meeting with you under the anointing....especially after what you've been saying.Some hitchhikers once tried it on with me when I gave them a lift and God forbade me from saying anything back much apart from surface stuff until they got off...and then He gave me specific stuff which exposed them to the core...they turned white and never said another word.
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15 hours agoAldo Lombardi Mark 7:7

And in vain they worship Me, Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’
11 hours agoDavid Ellul My speech is clear and not in riddles. The question was: Is Jesus
God ? You still have not answered. ...Many will come saying Lord, Lord.
11 hours agoChris Welch How crazy is that,this is the very verse we feel describes most of Pentecostal teaching based on the separation delusion the devil sowed in Genesis 3, perpetuated as doctrine to this day in these type of churches. When people use the same scripture to describe the other's view it is time to bow away and politely agree to disagree.
11 hours agoAldo Lombardi Chris answer a simple question:

11 hours agoDavid Ellul Chris would rather bow away and politely agree to disagree that Jesus is God.
11 hours agoAldo Lombardi We know what you are Chris now, you know your fruits.
11 hours agoChris Welch The blog clearly shows otherwise. You are behaving strangely
11 hours agoAldo Lombardi A simple question Chris Is JESUS GOD?
10 hours agoAldo Lombardi Hey Chris you have made your blog your man made word, I guess we are still old fashioned ha? we still use the word of God as our authority
10 hours agoDavid Ellul I am not motivated by man's words, only by God's Word.
Holy Spirit has been gracious and consistent.

It is just wonderful to know that His sheep hear His voice and recognize it, and recognize that of a counterfeit.
Praise You Jesus.
10 hours ago

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