Tuesday 23 November 2010

A Recent History of Psalm 24 - Part 8 :Havant Church - The Inside Story

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The video clips below are of myself describing this diagram and how continuous revival works using Havant Church as a present day example of a charismatic church.Without much external input, and certainly not aligning themselves particularly with any identifiable stream, the members set out as we did in Emsworth to seek God for Himself. Whereas other churches deliberately chose professional-style worship, if anything this church pared back to simpler formats of strummed guitars, and non-flamboyant singing. The calling on them was to seek the "hidden" Way and not to follow other's organisational formats and church building techniques. Some time during this procedure, God named the church the Turnaround Church. Without too much to go on other than adopting these internal attitudes, as well as paring back leadership structure some 10 years ago, and like the apostle Peter in the gospels, more by dint of failure than great successes, between them they have managed to stumble on perhaps the singlemost incredible key which I myself have built upon here in this blog. The key is simple, so simple most other churches have missed it:

The Key to Continuous Revival in a church is to simultaneously week in week out drive ever deeper internally, and then rise higher externally in worship at the same time. The internal unlocks the outer, and the outer is the glory framework which pulls other non-believers and believers in.Quite apart from the adventures and intercessions we get up to as individuals.

But the Missing Keys were the Two Goats at the entrance to God's Presence, and the need for a Name Change to complete the corporate "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob " revelation.

The Two Goats Message
How God has revealed Himself corporately in recent history as the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob
The Father has brought us forth in Jesus, bone of His bone,flesh of His flesh.

Extra to the Video message:How our thinking works.
A P.E.T. scan was carried out on a depressed person, then on a person in a positive frame of mind. You can see the results on this post.
Our conscious mind, Button 1,can spin like a computer fixing itself on all the "real" and "supposed" negative information being fed in through our senses and through media,friends and relations, through authority figures....you name it. It is constructed to build "rationales" to ourselves. This in itself is neither positive or negative. It is just what it does. The Bible says "Don't RELY on your insight." It doesn't say DON'T USE IT.

This is the trick clinical psychologists need to know, if they don't already. This section of the mind is like Microsoft Word. It's just where we write the stuff to articulate to ourselves, and to others.
The Operating system , like Windows XP, or Vista , or 7, or a Macintosh programme is hidden below it , well out of sight. This is the fun and games bit, in the sense that it is this bit that God has made for us to learn HOW TO LIVE. It is our "inner seeing". It is also our "faither".
In Susie Golman Cox's post - Faith Greenhouse I we learn that as a youngster she was "grounded" in the belief that God the Father was a good God, and could be relied on by extrapolating up from her own experiences with her Dad.This all went on in her Button No. 2 area.
When I was in Bible House one or two sisters were suffering from sexual abuse from their father. At least one of them was cutting themselves, both their skin, and their hair in self-harming ways.This was during the period that we had most to do with Ed Miller.
Ed and Jorge Pradas led us into praise and worship at a high level, as described in the top picture. When a meeting really takes off, people are conscious of the spiritual relities of who and where they are in Christ.
Seated with, and IN Him in the heavenly places, far above every name that is named.
So from this position of "knowing", the Holy Spirit might direct that the people of God seek Him face down on the floor, or seated or whatever.............the music might dip into background contemplative mode.
but it is during these times that FROM A PLACE OF VICTORY, He will begin to touch the "names that are named" as being above Christ, that are hidden away scrawled on our "inner seeing " walls, described in Ezekiel 10 :8. Tenderly, mostly, sometimes violently in the manner of ripping off a sticking plaster suddenly, then it's all over, He will deal Himself with these scrawlings. Sometimes a leader may midwife this process but only as directed, but mostly, as ED would often say of himself...IT IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS ! (How different from pyramid operators, huh?) In my friend's case Jesus replaced the abuse on her inner walls with the fantastic verses from Psalm 45:
The King's Daughter is all glorious WITHIN, she is transformed from the INSIDE OUT,
see how she's led in beautiful robes before the King!
Ofcourse it wasn't long before I got a song on those verses, which may or may not end up on my double CD.
Button 2 is what we are "seeing","believing", "faithing or reeling in by faith".....positive or negative
Button 3 is THE ACTUAL BUT LITTLE PERCEIVED TRUTH of every born again Christian.
The truth is this, as Andre Rabe and Francois Du Toit minister.......

Long before the first ever molecule, way off before time itself, somewhere in the Eternal NOW
the Father saw us IN CHRIST.
The episode with Adam 1 was for Him a blip in the ocean, for even before Christ fixed the bottom end of the Covenant for us in the Fulness of times in Palestine 2000 years ago, as referred to in psalm 85....righteousness springing up from the ground.....
Long before this materialised and effectively hinged things in practice......
The Father purposed us in Christ. Every family on Earth gains its Name, its Character, from the Father in heaven.
He took the sin spirit of the First Adam down into death, bound up in His Son. His Son became sin for us.
And He left it there , to rot forever in hell.

Today, if we are truly regenerate, born again........if the Father has genuinely worked this work within us,
we are something completely different. A New creation entirely. The old has absolutely absolutely passed away....the new HAS COME. Not is coming.
If it was Is Coming....we'd have to change Dave Bilbrough's song, and he wouldn't like that!!
Our lives are now Hidden,Bound up with,Interleaved with,Interwoven with Christ.
More interwoven than chocolate pieces swirling in a Wall's Viennetta ice cream.
We are NOT two separate schizophrenic beings rattling around like 2 peas in a pea pod at our spirit centre.
But the rest of our being has to catch up with the news. So button 3 may now be a reality for you, but either through ignorance or downright arrogance, your other two buttons may have not caught up with the fact.

Abraham was a type of this SPLIT reality. His Spirit calling. the Promise of a son, was all connected with his wife. So you'd have thought he'd have had the sense to keep HIS CONFESSION clean with regard to his wife.
NOT A BIT OF IT! He "sold" her down the drain twice, out of fear what rulers might do to him....oh and perhaps them, not sure....so he told a half truth....she is my sister.

If we do not know the truth of who we now are, by default we too will be selling Christ down the drain routinely.
If we DO KNOW THE TRUTH....I can safely bet, like Abraham, most of us still say the half truth to save face.
Yes I'm a Christian. I am Christ-like! Or maybe with more humility. I am Christlike sometimes!.What does this all mean ? Nothing really. Well apart from Iraq. But in a free country those words just mean you have chosen with your mind to believe the intellectual tenets of the religion which happens to be Christianity!

But we don't, for the sake of our skin, say

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