Sunday 21 November 2010

New Side Bar : Studies on Blog Themes

To complement the top link on the left which explains why this blog is called On,Now,To the Third level, I have now collected some of the Study Posts
into one side bar for those who want the "legal" foundation for my material. The reason you will find some of us quite protective about the "theory", is that the theory won't change your inside view. It won't rearrange your Ezekiel 10:8 scrawlings below your conscious mind, which is the real programme on which you run.

But neither must we who as a generation have had to dig and dig in the barren landscape of western and above all British dry "intellectualism"  until God in His grace had mercy, and started to put together the "final" Jacob revelation of the Abraham/Isaac/Jacob package   of  knowing Him who is from the beginning....neither must we act as a blocked door to all who will pursue these things further.

There is a natural filter to this material anyway. It usually takes a strong dose of being "knocked around" before we're open and desperate enough for the apparent absurdity of this solution. But like a chicken breaking itself out of an egg, and by doing this becomes strong enough and coordinated enough to survive in the real world, so the whole process of seeking out our own inner answers, actually builds into us the Third level realities, that are nolonger theory, nolonger  just strings of sentences, but actually are spiritual dynamite, with which to direct at other quarries of darkness around the earth.

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