Monday 25 July 2011

Thoughts about 'if' we were actually saved by the "Cross'! - Andre Ousterhuizen

‘The death of Jesus Christ, represented by the Cross, was not actually the ultimate ‘salvation’ or ‘redemption’ or even the ‘reconciliation’ of fallen mankind back to God.

The dying of Jesus on the Cross in fact signifies and represents
the termination of the old corrupted Adamic race, and the old spoilt Creation itself.

His death was the very ending, and indeed the putting to death of ‘the death’ of all mankind, in the sight of God.

A necessary stage in the unfolding process of God’s action towards mankind, in ultimately undoing the demise of the human race in Adam, and ‘restoring’, ‘redeeming’ and ‘reconciling’ His creation back to ‘glory’.

As the dead body of Jesus of Nazareth was carried into the grave, little did His loyal band of followers know that they were signalling and participating in a dramatic and decisive moment in human history?

They were carrying into the tomb provided by Joseph of Aramathia, the entire fallen human race, now ‘slain’ in Jesus Christ!

As the tomb was ‘sealed’ they provided final ‘closure’, in the sight of God, to the old condemned Adamic order of mankind, and indeed the original contaminated Creation itself.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from out of death was in fact the ‘Redemption’ of mankind!

His death was the very ending, 
and indeed the putting to death
of ‘the death’ of all mankind, 
in the sight of God.
It was indeed in the powerful Creative Action of God in raising Jesus Christ from out of death, that mankind and creation was ‘saved’, ‘redeemed’, and ‘reconciled’ to God.

The ‘empty tomb’ speaks of the‘re-birthing’ from out of death, or out of ‘non-existence’, of a brand ‘New’ Creation.

Represented in the Resurrected Person of the Lord Jesus Christ is contained a humanity now delivered from the bondage to evil, slavery to sin, a mankind justified and forgiven, and reconciled to its Maker!’

It was only in the light of the ‘Resurrected ’ Jesus, that the Apostles and the early Church, and even we today, could even begin to ‘retrospectively’ and ‘prospectively’ comprehend Who Jesus Christ really was and is, and what the Trinity accomplished for and on behalf of mankind in and through Him!’

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blessed52195 said...

I agree...when Jesus died on the cross, it was the ending of the law. The veil of the temple was torn in half when Jesus said it is finished. So much more than what we were taught the death of Jesus was about. I do believe that it was in his death that we were made dead to sin and the law. I liked this article alot. Thank you!