Tuesday 4 December 2012

A kind of Fork Happened

Part of a Conversation Daniel Yordy and I are having about some of the significant trends and leadings of various saints that bring us to today's knowledge of the third level or third Feast Christianity.

 Today's thinking, Daniel is that Jessie Penn Lewis's visit to Norman Grubb...(or maybe it was the other way round....may have been a ladies meeting or something) was really significant.
Because I maintain things kinda forked at that point!!!
God seems to have let this happen regardless to gain greater glory.
I refer to the fact that Jessie HAD AN AGENDA straight out of her Welsh revival past. GET NORMAN baptised in the Spirit. But the truth is "we" can't get the work of God done. Everything that does happen....of any reality...is totally wrapped up in one person's soul being caught up in the purposes of God. God forces nothing on anyone, and neither can we!!!
So the fork I speak of, is that Norman was never baptised in the Spirit as later charismatics would understand it. But as i have already posted, something of absolutely huge, perhaps greater significance happened. In that couple of hours Norman, just by being in the presence of Jessie, caught the thing he'd been pressing into for two years. Galations 2:20.
He just knew that he knew. And the rest....all 60 -70 years of it, in terms of how he sought to define it, culminating in the amazing book "Yes I am" IS HISTORY.
However, what somehow happened was that whereas Rees Howells and his son's Bible College was to spearhead both Bryn Jones and Rheinhardt Bonnke, both of whom have had highly visible impact in the UK, and especially Bryn, who with Arthur Wallis, organised those amazing Dales Bible Weeks, and Capel and the Lakes.....somehow Norman was not to feature. So we still have in our country, as in the States and elsewhere this huge kind of corporate version of "YOUNG MAN" Christianity, burgeoning out of all proportion to its actual relevance.
Just as swanning around the wilderness for a huge 40 years, when the actual journey was but 11 days in distance, also became far too huge an event, in relation to the actual task at hand.....TAKING OVER THE PROMISED LAND.
So, today, God TV, most of contemporary churches,ministries, seminaries have all got waylaid and forgotten the primary task at hand.
Christ in you the hope of glory.
And how to get folk up and running with that consciousness in the shortest possible time period. Who knows? We may get it down to 11 days yet?
They'd be blisteringly difficult days though eh?
Am I making too much of that Daniel? I just think it was a huge event that didn't happen.
But if you read the history of the first family....Jacob, his wives and his sons, you will find no different a story.
I mean we could say the rivalry between Jacob's wives, the issue with Joseph and his brothers, Judah's big error with Tamar.....all this we could say was a whole load of huge unnecessary diversions and rivalries....
And somehow the two divided houses of evangelicalism and charismatic/pentecostalism....is just the same sort of story. In the broad sweep it sems so unnecessary and obvious as God shows us more light...
but somehow we seem to have had to go through it all
And God is still JUST AS LORD!!!

  • Chris Welch

    If one was to do a description of Linda Bunting's meetings or Sylvia Pearce's meetings, or the role say of Zerubbabel group.... the realworld descriptions would be one thing....but the internal changes and God's actual Living Word to the different people concerned would be quite another description.
    So, in the same way, here is an "outer description" of how the shape of things went in England. As a description it is really honestly written with no axe to grind, by an insider.....but if that was ALL that was going on, I'd be seriously disappointed. It isn't ofcourse. The Rivers of Living Water continue to defy boundary, and description....they are....ALIVE you see. And one of the conduits is writing this now!!!! But he's unheard of!
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