Thursday 20 December 2012

Baptized in Nothingness by Ole Henrik Skjelstad

Early video draft above by John Castleman and Dale Benedict

this post - Fred Pruitt says "Pure Gold from Ole Henrik"

It is one of God’s responsibilities to baptize us in our own nothingness and help us find there that we will nothing apart from Him. Submerged into this void where nothing is or can be have given up all things we find that God wants on our behalf, and if He didn’t He would fail Himself. If I don’t want anything then God wants it for me. When I give up any desire it is again rekindled by Him as a gift of grace.
Since God wants for me I know I have received anything I want, because everything He wants for Himself He wants for me. In the instant we give up everything – everything is returned to us. But, again, this is not a commandment we can fulfill on our own accord. We are taken to that place of utter abandonment and we can either embrace it or dismiss it – in freedom the choice remains ours.
In the darkness has He hidden the gifts of light. The one who searches will not be disappointed, because there is no disappointment in God. Stumbling around in the darkness our outstretched hands will soon find His. Since His hands are eagerly awaiting our touch it is He who finds us, and He will reveal Himself as the only gift out of which every gift flows. The one who desire Him only will be fed with manna that never decays – his soul will always be content in the presence of the Lord.

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