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This post had its origin in a link that Martin Allan of Australia put on Facebook

As you will learn in Makow's book referred to below, what appears like logical continuum to outsiders progressing quite naturally, has long been planned as a series of negatives which would then provoke people like the Pope to come to the conclusion in 2010 that we need a world central bank, and this month that we need a World Government Order. This was entirely the conclusion that everybody everywhere was meant to come to.

This is the introduction of Henry Makow's book on the New World Order "Illuminati - the Cult that hijacked the world"and how it has been planned and worked towards especially in the past 300 years. 

Based On a True Story?
If this were a movie treatment, it would be rejected as implausible. Our leaders are not chosen for their intelligence or achievement but rather because they are able to win the peoples' trust and willing to betray it. They are chosen by a small Satanic cult - Cabalistic bankers and Freemasons-that controls the world's finances and media. Our "leaders" are junior members of this international cult, called the Order of the Illuminati.
"We replaced the ruler by a caricature of a government," their Master Plan chortles, "by a president, taken from the mob, from the midst of our puppet creatures."
Many "leaders" are kept in line by having them indulge in horrifying occult rituals including human sacrifices, sexual orgies, pedophilia, rape, torture and murder. (See "Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture" and "The Root of the Problem: Illuminati or Jews?" within.)
The Illuminati goal is to degrade and enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. This group's influence is like a cancer that extends throughout society. It has subverted many seemingly benevolent organizations (like charities and professional associations) and most political movements, especially Zionism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Neo-conservatism and Fascism. This is why society seems to be run by soulless men with pinched faces who spout platitudes and exude evil.
The Illuminati have subverted all religions and institutions including one group that fancies itself "chosen by God." In fact, leaders of this group figure prominently in creating this Satanic dispensation. But whenever critics suggest that the "Chosen" are being misled and betrayed, they are accused of "racism"-a clever way of quashing resistance.
Thus, attention to the most pressing problem of all time is dismissed as "prejudice." And the Chosen continue to be pawns, scapegoats and human shields for their diabolical and deceitful "leaders."
Like a security beam, Illuminati tyranny is invisible until you cross it. Then, doors silently close and positions of influence are denied. If you persist, you are slandered, bankrupted or even killed. In the future, truth tellers and dissenters will be denied access to credit and trade. It is amazing how easily we have succumbed to tyranny.
Public success is determined by acquiescence-witting or unwitting-in this diabolical conspiracy. The people of the West are blinkered, leaderless and feckless. Our material and technological achievement is great, but culturally and spiritually we are impoverished and enchained.
The "Jewish" Conspiracy
Recently, on his internet radio show, Alan Stang asked me if there is such a thing as a Jewish conspiracy. He gets e-mail from people blaming Jews, Jesuits, the Vatican, Freemasons etc.
I replied that the central banking cartel is the only group with both the motive and the means to take over the world. Consisting mainly of Cabala-believing Jews and Freemasons, it is the head of the octopus. Zionism, Freemasonry, organized Jewry, Imperialism, Jesuits, Vatican, Intelligence agencies, mass media, etc. are among countless octopus arms..............

  • Chris Welch

    Jews take their name from the tribe and the federal head of the tribe in history, Judah. Judah was NOT the firsborn,but the fourth. "Judah" is related to the word praise,honour,lauding.Although charismatics will tell you about Judah meaning praise, and being the leading tribe, Genesis 38 tells a story that blows the charismatic level of seeing apart.This is the story of  Tamar....incest and prostitution.

    Now in the same vein, that God's emblem for Jews is "circumcision".....(ie a feature that can hardly be advertised as other nations choose to) His calling is precisely upon Judah...precisely INCLUDING all this dirty washing.
    THAT IS THE POINT which natural Jews after the flesh wish to bury.....but that's the POINT of the gospel.
    What is impossible for man, God WORKS for us according to His calling and promise. God is NOT PHASED.

    I wrote privately on Facebook:
    Jews continued:
    On some matters, Daniel Yordy,Rich Novek  and I have noticed you have to really get revelation. We struggle to get our heads round things, then suddenly...and quite often in a meeting....or in a relaxed setting like the bath, or out for a walk or holiday...or shopping....suddenly stuff clicks internally. Daniel has mentioned this quite a lot since he began writing online.....and even quite recently on his most uptodate posts.
    I have noticed I can talk about Jews, but what  seems factually and Biblically evident to me, is not seen by others always. Somehow the same blinkers over lots of other Christian subject matter is also over the subject of the Jews.  In a nutshell...those who love the Jews don't seem to realise the nation was formed and is largely run by people with an agenda that is either mistakenly New World Order, or very deliberately Luciferian New World Order, as typified by David Spangler, spiritual advisor to the United Nations. Or others are firmly convinced the subject of Israel is already closed, and that's it's all about Christianity.Neither view is correct.

    But I have to be honest.
    I had a download of supernatural revelation about the Jews one specific weekend in 1988 and ENTIRELY in the context of me stepping out on a limb praying every day with the paralysed girl (the second one) in a neighbouring town for about 6 months.
    So although I can say what I doesn't communicate very well.
    I'm glad I had that first, before adding to it what I now know about "people who say they are Jews but are not".....the Caballist, Luciferian type, who as Makow says....have so much money....trillions and could be forgiven for thinking this is all Jews are.
    Try thinking of Abraham's story....the entire thing.....culminating in the eclipsing event that Daniel and I have referred to in our posts
    The DIVINE PHOTOGRAPH IN TIME that God took on His Divine Instamatic
    which was Abraham....being free to offer up Isaac, the child of Promise....ALL in the Faith that he would be raised!!!!
    Now put the Abraham story superimposed over the whole of history.....
    The central core of the story is Believing God's Promise (against hope) for a Child who would be raised up to bless the whole ultimately fulfil God's Word to Adam which was:
    Multiply, fill the Earth and Subdue it.
    Now Abraham blows things several times.
    In raising up offspring that are NOT part of the house eg Eliezer and Ishmael.
    Notice each time....the offspring are "FURTHER IN"
    But God always said "In Isaac" shall your offspring be named.
    I'll come back to that.
    Abraham also kept selling his wife down the effect....out of fear...with a couple of Kings. Evidently, their believing had kept Sarah very desirable!!!
    But the point of the phrase "In Isaac" shall your sons be named is very KEY.
    Because all the natural Jews today think after the flesh just as they did in Jesus day.
    But Jesus bears this out.
    Later Paul does too.
    "In Isaac shall your sons be named"...DOES NOT REFER to Isaac's DNA only.
    It refers to a God coming in the flesh miracle that in this case meant Isaac was born to a woman well past bearing age.
    But both Jesus and the Father were "seeing through" this instant....something much more grandiose.
    They were seeing a nation....a church....come down from believing in God's promise.
    This is Zion from Above.
    So in Isaac shall you be named.....doesn't JUST mean...where you only get a spiritual version but nothing ever manifests.....
    But IT DOESNT MEAN like the natural Jews mean....oh....I am of the "right lineage" so I'm in with the in crowd.
    No ...In Isaac shall you be named is a Divine principle of living by faith in the supernatural promises of God....that then MANIFESTS in the flesh.
    So the Jews, at the moment Paul says....have blown it big time....just like Abraham did in several ways.....
    but because of that DIVINE photograph GOD still keeps His covenant with the Jews....and you can almost see the whole nation being ripped right down the middle.....and into the very hole marked "UNFAITHFULNESS" God takes His giant fist and grafts IN another people who were NOT A PEOPLE
    you see believers ARE NOT A PEOPLE
    we are a rag tag disjointed bunch called supernaturally from the four winds,
    out of whom we, who weren't really even looking for God.....God brings to Himself by grace, and plunges us into the the central HOLE of Israel's unfaithfulness.....and plugs it with a people who are being fashioned according to the FAITHFULNESS of HIS SON.
    He calls a people who were not a people
    A people of unknown tongue
    A people who were far off
    Romans 10
    Did Israel not understand? First, Moses says,
    “I will make you envious by those who are not a nation;
    I will make you angry by a nation that has no understanding.”[j]
    20 And Isaiah boldly says,
    “I was found by those who did not seek me;
    I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me.”[k]
    the NWO is a giant ISHMAEL
    It's humans and the predominant drive is coming from Satanist Jews to create God's world prophecy for Him...
    Just like Abraham thought it was a good idea to try to create God's Promise for Him through Hagar. It's the man made attempt version of "Fill the earth and Subdue it"....except man hasn't got the faith for subduing the earth by filling it.....and only seeing obstacles and not having has come up with plans to kill all but 500,000,000 people.
    But just as Hagar and Ishmael were not the end of the story.....
    neither is the New World Order.
    Right in the middle of this mayhem comes Isaac
    God's true people....initially mainly Gentiles...born from above...
    but then true Jews get so jealous
    of what God is building....
    "Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious. 12 But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their full inclusion bring!"
    So there's a denoument to all this....a tying up of all the loose ends
    a time of "their full inclusion"
    like Jacob being reconciled to Esau
    or Joseph's brothers wanting to reconcile with Joseph.
    I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in, 26 and in this way[e] all Israel will be saved. As it is written:
    “The deliverer will come from Zion;
    he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.
    27 And this is[f] my covenant with them
    when I take away their sins.”
    So just as the Abraham story DID eventually end with a physical CHILD OF PROMISE
    The actual story of God's Promise first to the Jew then to the Gentiles shall all wrap up as well.
    It's a Peniel type Key.
    he will turn godlessness away from Jacob
    You see it's a third level key.
    It's not...he will turn godlessness away from Abraham
    nor is it ...he will turn godlessness away from Isaac
    In the God package Abraham, Isaac and's Jacob
    who really reaches ground zero with God and has his name changed...
    it's the tail end of the story
    and so it is with the Jews in the whole of their history...they are after all, the house of Jacob...
    The real denouement of their story has been held up if you like, or stalled.....and here I am talking about them as a nation...
    If the story of God with Man is not an evangelical one...(that's just the start of acknowledging God, entering the Way of God)
    If it's NOT a charismatic one....(that's just like Isaac's story of uncovering wells...but hardly prospering with  any of them, because enemies kept coming along and seizing them
    (and isn't this like so many things by the way? The Non-Conformists weren't allowed to enter Oxford or Cambridge Universities....Elizabeth Fry and the Cadbury family ended up building chocolate empires!!!! which have all been snaffled by New World order related firm Nestle. Boy's Brigade were invented by the Baptists...but the Luciferians arranged for Baden Powell to use the same idea as Boy Scouts etc to help get kids ready for the regimentation of the World Wars. Music came forth through the black culture and the singing of praise among the pentecostal saints. This was snaffled by a largely white Jewish cartel in the form of rock and roll, leading to huge personal profits of a relative it goes on)

    continued.....No the story of God is ALL THREE , Abraham,Isaac and Jacob,wrapping everything up in Jacob's final encounter at Peniel.
    The simplistic God story of church....I was an unbeliever and then I met Christ....doesn't even begin to cut it with the great story of God and Man....
    Man has to reach ground learn every molecule of his wrong spirit living....which he has always ascribed to soul level wrongs.....
    It's there in the utter desperation of Jacob that Jews and Gentiles will meet.
    No independent self.
    No figleaves.
    Only clothed in Christ.
    Jews aren't impressed with Church....nobody is at that level yet. Well maybe a handful, but most of them will be chucked out, because nobody else is at that ground zero base of living.
    Church is a FIGLEAF SHOW...helping God out with songs and worship because they are not coming from the heart yet. Nobody is that down and dirty with God yet....not like Mary Magdelan or the adulteress that Jesus did not condemn...or the Samaritan woman at the Well
    or St Peter, blown apart on the shore of Galilee....
    Churches don't have people like that. Everybody in the whole world knows that and makes Simpsons ,Family Guy and South park cartoons about's only the church that do not realise they are walking around with all their genitalia hanging out.
    Everybody in the whole world knows that and makes Simpsons ,Family Guy and South Park cartoons about's only the church that do not realise they are walking around with all their genitalia still hanging out.

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