Sunday 16 December 2012

Not Again !!!!

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Chris Welch
Ian Baard
IT is very interesting that carnaly minded ... Leaven.. flesh are very often in context of LAW old covenant works and sin, sin gets its strength from the law and only takes occasion by the law,, we assume as many do that it is all about sin,, that is simply not the truth,, it is interesting that we are told to cast out the , bond woman and her son,, purge out the leaven old covenant ,, to make way for the new lump, new covenant, that { A LITTLE leaven } spoils the whole ... Christ himself says,, he will have no leaven with { My } Sacrifice,, too many are trying to do both covenants ,, The old covenant ,, Makes Christ of { NO } Effect in our lives,, this means all that too place at & in /by the CROSS is voided in our lives because of the law,,
Ian Baard
meant to say took place
we wonder why we struggle as christians in our walk
even to be doers of the word refers to and reflects law,, and grace
Chris Welch
The Law is the meter that tells us we still ain't got it.
The Law is the laser light that, in showing us where we are wrong, shows something much more important. It starts to show us that everything we inherited in the Fall is " front of house". So when we fail, we rev up faster and faster, determined this time we'll make it through the hoops...only to fail again.
And it's a bit like when a bulb keeps blowing. At first we think it's an old bulb. But after about the second or third bulb, we realise it's not the bulb at all. It's that someone put a 13 Amp fuse in a plug that should only be about 3 Amps for bulbs. In other words, the Law needles us, until we "look" back of house.
So really Law is our friend....but only in the sense that someone giving us a short sharp poke in the ribs when we fall asleep during a lecture...also is our friend. It hurts...but it's friendly.
The whole of our existence since the Fall has been a kind of Delusion bubble "And then were their eyes opened and they saw they were naked...." that makes out that everything that is wrong is "front of house".
When , yes, the effects are front of house....
but the real problems are hidden at the back of house.
Since the Fall we have had this notion of ourselves as self-powered beings. But humans are primarily spirit.
And spirit never operates without some form of deity empowering it.
God or the devil.
All the struggle.
All our perceptions - until the Spirit comes to lead us into all truth, are " front of house". We fancy ourselves as self-powered souls chugging along.
That is the main difference with Romans 3 to 5 Grace people, who have discovered the glorious truth that whatever they do...their sin is covered.
And Romans 6 to 8 people....who have tired that their behaviour hasn't improved a jot....and everyone around them is getting very tired with it too...and they tell them so....
And what seems like a curse at the actually a blessing...because it acts like Law to us to forensically examine what really is going on.
Now this only happened to Graham Pulkingham when he was already a rector...but had chosen instead an area that would show him up for his powerlessness...downtown Houston.
It only happened to Peter after 3 years of being with Jesus...but it was during the weekend of Darkness when Jesus is killed...and he...bold, defiant Peter...DIDN'T DO A THING to stop it...but actually did the very thing Jesus said he would do...and worse....he used every curse word under the sun at the same time...
It only happened to Norman Grubb AFTER he had given up the best thing any man could offer...his Cambridge credentials 2 months before the final exam....surely the Lord would be pleased with that...
then to utter astonishment he's in the Congo realising his very powerlessness at being able to love or convert anybody in Africa....
This is THE WAY...that leads to the AWFUL TRUTH....which leads to the GLORIOUS LIFE of discovering that I am not selfpowered....I am not even sharing the space with Jesus inside my have DIED and am fused with Him in Union....and once we "see that" BACK OF HOUSE....where the action is....then Christ starts HITTING the targets through us...and Law isn't a bother to us. We died to it!!

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