Saturday 14 September 2013

Leaving the Grid.....

Facebook Statuses by Chris Welch yesterday and today

I have a Facebook friend who has been accused of speaking a confusing gospel. And many have said that to me. The gospel is almost like a conversion within a conversion within a conversion. The words "the gospel is veiled or hidden" is incredibly true. It's not that the gospel isn't simple. You can't get simpler than Light. It is total transparency. The problem is you don't want transparency. You have come from Adam, and Adam has figleaves over his figleaves. He is so totally woundup in shame, he makes Tutankhamun look bare naked. You think because you know how to come to Jesus in forgiveness by faith, you know the stuff! Well, you do, and you can pass that on to others...but hey...congratulations, you now know how to ring the outer doorbell in the Kingdom.


There are two ways to deal with most things: the Club of Rome way and the Spirit of God way. Illegitimate teenage births :condoms (which can break/remove anyway), preach covenant and the Holy Spirit power. Policing and "security": increase surveillance and guns. In Holy Spirit revival areas the Presence of God is so strong there is virtually no crime. In Wales and Hebrides constabularies virtually shut down


 Virtually the whole of history is based around a "spiritual pun". The Spirit of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ is "perceived" by people living in the Tree of Good and Evil as "religion or the Tree of Good." The devil exploits this pun to his own ends, and God uses it as a filter system so people who really want to know Him are the only ones who see beneath Satan's foliage.
God doesn't want people to "endure Him " for eternity, He wants people to fall in love with Him. The Tree of Good and religion have nothing at all to do with Jesus and the Tree of Life

As John Kerry announces a more "negotiated" settlement with Syria...recall that no bankers have ever been thwarted in their expected incomes from strategies of war. Wars have been postponed, but up until today, Albert Pike's 1871 proposals have all happened. Conversely we never knew or talked about these plans on a worldwide scale before the arrival of the internet! The jury is still out!

Socialism developed during the "child and young man" 1 John 2 revelation periods of the church. Socialism is wrong not because it's wrong, but because it's a cheap view of man and not a Father level view of man..."It is not you who live but Christ (Himself) who lives in you as you".

 Until capitalism understands true wealth as Christ in man, it's a dead in the water number crunching administration of Monopoly money and not the REAL GAME God and His Living Church are playing.


Secularism is like taking a beautiful baby as the young image of God and peeing all over his or her divinity to create the populace you see surrounding you. Valueless,without dignity, without any sense of their glory and unique worth, and giving them a social security number.


The definition of a modern Western state is where a traumatised/ or philosophically godless or animal sensory based 30% rule on behalf of a voiceless people at least at a godfearing level of belief who total 70% majority and we all find that the most normal thing in the world because of the lie of separation of church and state. Who is even talking about Catholicism, Anglicanism or some state church imitation?


The division of state and church is necessary because they are both from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, not because one is from the Tree of Life. Jesus described the historic church fiascos as HIS FARMFIELD with HIS SEED IN but practically throttled by an equal measure of Devil Seed. And so it has happened. Knight's Templars, Crusades,rape and sodomisation. Socalled "Righteous Wars" created by freemasons and banks.


Jewish circumcision is the outward now superseded picture of a Hebrews 4 people finding true rest in their Maker as all of the "independent self" delusion is cut away in processes by the Living Word. These people share Word and worship in Spirit and Truth. It's not an's a circumcision knife that leads to a True Rest.


When we visit a church we look for Christ crucified as a Spirit dynamic not as a dead letter sense of depression. Where the dead body is,there the eagles gather. Life is in the worship,relationships, expectancy...not the tired expression on old charismatic movement faces


I don't believe in unbelief. I don't believe unbelief has any future in it.

 Jesus said the wise of this world are so much more shrewd and cunning than the sons of the Kingdom. You'd better believe it! If you haven't meditated for days or months on that scripture you deserve to be taken for everything you have got! Here's a clue, a tiny glimpse into the truth of Jesus here: The Salem Witch trials that all schools endlessly cover in USA history, in which absurd amounts of innocent and Christian lives were lost....actually had witches among the judges.The Collins witch family dynasty laugh about this to this day. And so they ought.The book of Daniel uses a word to describe AntiChrist uprising as a combination of huge/gobsmackingly aweinspiringly monstrous. Remember the Satan who tells you he doesn't exist, is the same one who has been planning his schemes for thousands of years. He is very good at them. Daniel also uses the phrase "trial and error". Who knows if time travel is actually involved?? (No I have no scripture for that...just something Erin Rothschild was saying. Who knows if this is the meaning of Groundhog Day?)God overcomes through weak containers who give themselves to Him. It's been the same method for thousands of years!

 The Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil is your playpen until you are sick of the independent self delusion. 
I.It's where you learn
Psalm 120:6,7 firsthand :Too long has my soul had its dwelling
With those who hate peace.
7 I am for peace, but when I speak,
They are for war.

II.It's where you learn if the Light within you is Darkness...flippin 'eck what must actual Darkness be like?
III. It's where you live your futile attempt at keeping any Law as an independent being, and the judgment that follows when you don't
IV. It is your schoolmaster to lead you to Christ
V. It's a Freemasonic chequerboard,it's Tao's Good v. Evil, it's a grid where you choose to live either from what your senses tell you, or your inner hunch that underneath the nice looking external infrastructures, all is not as clean as it seems
VI. It's where you learn religion is the Tree of Good, and has nothing to do with the Resurrection power of the real Jesus and the Tree of Life.


There is no Grid/Chequerboard/Matrix/Law of Sin and Death in the Holiest Place. It stops at the altar of incense, in the Holy Place.

Jesus peers into our grid, our lattice,as an Outsider. “My beloved is like a gazelle or a young [n]stag.
Behold, he is standing behind our wall,
He is looking through the windows,
He is peering through the lattice.

He calls forth an ecclesia from this very place of "beyond":(those who follow the Spirit they are the sons of God)
“My beloved responded and said to me,
‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one,
And come away.
‘For behold, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone." Songs of Songs 2


Any church that still functions in 
the Grid/Chequerboard/Matrix/Law of Sin and Death with the heirarchy to match, just don't understand what the mission of Jesus was nor what he was saying in John 4 to the woman at the well.
Neither catholicism nor anglicanism can have a clue.


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