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Prophecy to the Bible House young men 19th March 1979

Monday 19th March 1979 prophecy through Stuart Wentworth to Bible House Young men below:

For I say unto you young men
that I have chosen you, that I have called you, I have known you, I have to called your lives  for a purpose, I have called you that you might overcome the evil one.
Stuart Wentworth on another occasion sharing in Winsley Barn

'I have called you to a way of faith,and this shall overcome the evil one, this shall overcome the world, even your faith. I have called you to be men of faith,faith in the faithfulness of your God.
First UK Bible House 42 New Brighton Rd Emsworth

And even this night, I would join you even this night,that together you may become men, that you should share your faith one with another, that through your faith, you should encourage and build up one another.

For I have much to do through your lives, and I would. counsel you this night to take every opportunity and to make the most of the time to build up your faith, that most holy faith in your God.

The times will come when I shall scatter you, and I shall thrust you forth into the work that I have prepared for you, and you shall walk in the ways that I have prepared for you to walk in, and you shall perform even the good works
that I have prepared for you to walk in. And you shall not have your brother to whom you can turn.

But know this, that in the Spirit I desire to join you in such a unity and in such a bond. Though you be absent in body, yet shall you be present together In the Spirit. And that fellowship and that communion in the Spirit may not be broken. Rather it will be strengthened by your separation, and that your love for one another will even be deepened by that separation, so that you would yearn to see one another again.

I have called you to this place, that I might fashion you and prepare you for the great work that is before you. And even this night even as you are drawing together, it is as though a holy flame ascends unto your God, right unto My place, right up to the very heavens, a flame that is holy, which burns the sacrifice that is acceptable to your God. I desire this flame always to burn deep in your hearts, and never to go out, and I would counsel you to fan that flame Keep in your hearts that flame of love for Me, that no matter what I take you through, that flame of love shall never be quenched. And many waters cannot quench the fire that I have put in your hearts. And I desire that fire to become a mighty flame fanned by the moving of My Spirit, that would carry men into
the very kingdom of God.
Outside the Now Non- existant Boy's Club Sunday meeting building Emsworth

And I have chosen you to be heralds of My holiness, that you may speak forth precious words of life unto those that are perishing and lost, that you might build up My Church in these days to come.

And so shall My Name be glorified through your lives.So shall My Name be uplifted and carried by you,carried upon your lips and upon your hearts, and the very anointing of your God shall be upon you, the very glory WN4 (Olk of God shall be seen on your faces For you are a precious people unto Me. Each one in this

The Garden of 42 New Brighton Rd Emsworth
Church is~precious one to Me. And these men that you see before you are not special men in a sense that they are diffr - ent, but they have a calling and a ministry which is from God.

And I give many gifts unto My Church, many gifts, that the Body of Christ might come to maturity, might grow up into a
fulness of My Son.I give gifts and I appoint men who shall be bearers of the Good News of God, the Good News of the Gospel.

These men are not different.

Each one of you has a place in My Body that is special for you, and each one of you has a ministry, and each one of you is precious to Me. I have called these men that My Church might be established. Bear them upon your hearts.

Pray much for them, for to whom much is given, much shall be expected, and to whom much responsibility is given, much is held responsible, and I would have you pray for them and to uphold them before My face, that they may be men of faith, and that they may be faithful unto the high calling to which I have called them. For it is a holy calling, it is a high calling, it is the calling of their God, and though they may try even to resist it, yet in My love I will continue to work in their lives that their calling might be fulfilled.Strengthen them much in these days, and uphold them before Me, for My hand is upon their lives, and they shall know much of the work of My Spirit.

I would say again to you young men, build yourselves up in your most holy faith, that you might overcome the evil one, that you might know Me, whom to know is life eternal. For I shall never leave you nor forsake you. My hand shall be upon your lives, and though you may fear much, yet trust in Me, for I have begun a good work in you, and I shall complete it the day of My Son.Therefore be of good courage, strengthen that which is weak, strengthen your brother. So shall you be established in My ways and so shall My Name be glorified upon this earth through the ministry that i have called you to.

These two first parts I hope will be added to by those with real testimonies about the foundations that were put into lives in the late 70s and early 80s.

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