Friday 27 September 2013

Shonky Salesmen

Imagine a genuine keen salesman who is busy selling boxes of HD 3D Colour Stereo TVs and people open the boxes at home to find they aren't in fact. They are old black and white very mono TVs.
Christianity is Jesus in Me the hope of glory. If we talk about that, and have had some sort of conversion experience but functionally we still live as atheists or distant/separatist God merchants, does anyone understand it doesn't go down particularly well? About as well as a professional juggler who cant even juggle two balls two handed without dropping them.
So yes, we can pray hard first before talking. Or fast. Or experience a praise breakthrough, say in a gathering. But, fundamentally, we're not cracking this communication lark, because most of our lives we live emanating the same "separation despairs and anxieties" as when we didn't believe. It just doesn't cut it. Every spiritual activity is about binding/entwining our new consciousness about us, having ditched our old one at the 2000 year old municipal waste dump which is actually what Golgotha was outside Jerusalem. All the third level is, is that breakthrough when we know Jesus as properly formed within ourselves, much like a chick breaks through its eggshell, or the alien breaks through John Hurt in Alien 1...except this is no alien...this new Jesus life form is us coming home to our true self, without figleaves!!! So please, no more conmen evangelisers with black and white "colour TVs"

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