Monday 10 February 2014

Anything Can happen in the Next half Hour

People still talk about JFK's Moon Projest speech, and Martin Luther King's I have a Dream speech. I still talk about Ern Baxter's Thy Kingdom Come talk link on my blog...he spent some of it literally off the floor. God's Glory and the roar of Jesus can be heard in all the leaders. But friends, these are just talks. The Church of the Holy Spirit is genuinely like Gerry Anderson's Stingray announcement. "Anything can happen in the next half hour". One ex Cuban nun told me that when an old man started dancing in the Spirit he literally took off in the air. They had to pull him down with his brolly. i tended to dismiss this is exaggeration but I read the same thing in John Crowder's book about a medieval priest. The bishop told him off for his habit of floating off into the air whil serving communion. "It frightens the parishioners." LOL
I have never seen that, but the presence of the Lord has at times been so thick, all we felt like doing was lying on the floor. But you know something? We still didn't know how to live. We didn't and I observe that moist still don't have Galations 2:20 consciousness. This is why God is leading us into the third level. What David Swan in his book Holy of Holies calls the place by this name.
The problem we have amongst our friends in facebook is that we observe loads of people wanting to get intimate with Jesus, but you won't listen to the "mid-process Word" the "transition Word" that God has trained us in to get us all there. You all want to jump straight into all the flash stuff, but you won't hear the mundanity of the Galations 2:20 Word that gets you there.
Really this is as nuts as the mum of the sons of Zebedee trying to get front seats in God's Kingdom for her sons. "You will make them top dogs won't you Jesus?" Notice Jesus reply. IT WASN'T NO. In some ways God likes us trying to bite off more than we can chew. Certainly the case with Peter taking his first steps on water. No the problem is never God not wanting us to have's CAN WE HANDLE IT? Soldiers have to do loads of seemingly stupid squarebashing and mindless handling and dismantling of their guns and artillery. They don't go straight into a war after being on civvy street all their lives. Jesus NEVER went straight into the third level. He didn't climb out of his manger, sucking His thumb and healing little sick chicks in the stable. He grew up in all the boring normality of life. Charismatics have conveniently forgotten all this stuff and think Power begins and ends with the baptism in the Spirit. There are processes and some of us have been through them!!!! The most important thing we have learned is that we are not independent self run beings, and Christ now lives our life. This is actually true of every born again believer...but they DON'T REALLY KNOW IT YET....they are still walking around in their Genesis 3 figleaves as if Christ's covering isn't enough. How do we know? because we were professional figleaf wearers, and we recognise a good figleaf when we see one!!!

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