Sunday 2 March 2014

Grandad, what did you achieve between 2011-2014?

Elaine Waterfield kindly fills us in on what has been going on in the last 3 years in Kenya.
Errr what were we all doing?????

Facebook status with George Okoth her co worker
....yes we have worked tirelessly and with great faith but with little we need support and prayer in with the vision GOD has given
With all the struggles God has enable us to do a lot and achieve more than we could imagine, without any church and Funding organization from the west our God has proved to us that He is the provider, Many missionaries and organizations have big church and donors backing them but thanks to God we have worked with Elaine Waterfield for more than two years without any Family, church or organization back up our organization REDIM also have not got any funding yet. Thanks to friends that have stood with us both individually and in supporting the work we are doing.. In faith and with your support we have achieved supporting 20 students in their education, built a clinic and a labour ward, church brick wall, empowered girls in their education, visit prisoner with the Gospel, organized revivals and now started building an orphanage school integrated with school for the blind and vocational training wing for youths who cannot carry on with further education. We have reached appoint of no alternative as we need to do these projects (orphanage and school for the blind ) and a vehicle and these need support Lord we are in your will and we cannot but you able touch somebody, church, organization, charity or company to donate towards these needs. AMEN.
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If you are in the UK send money to
Elaine Waterfield
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If outside the UK 
VIA CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES (UK registered charity 1028509)

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