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Testimony by John Edwards, Evangelist and Revivalist based at Abundant Life Bradford

Don't rely on your ability or your gifts but rely on miracles within your calling.
Several times over the years I have been hounded by hell, the enemy has used man and devils in his pursuit of me. My insecurity. Mistakes and lack of experience tried to stop me too. I can sadly but honestly say that some would have rejoiced if I had fallen in the battle field, they would have been glad had I died. Yet today, after 24 years fighting for freedom for self and others I stand on the brink of the greatest breakthrough and influence in my life. Several years ago I prophesies in Stormont (the seat of Government in N Ireland) and in the presence of some well known 'Men of God' one or two of them took offence at me (a former addict & homeless man) prophesying, they were mad and wouldn't work with me from that day. Last week I sat 10feet across a corridor from where I uttered that prophesy..I sat with senior Government leaders as they talked with me re the things I had prophesied about just a few years ago. The next day I sat with some 'Folk' who had been involved in the troubles' as they asked me to help lovely but hurting folk in their communities. WOW!! It's unbelievable, it's Kingdom. Where are the people who came against me?? Well as usual, 'Nowhere to be seen'. See in 1993 God asked me to walk through the length and breadth of Ireland and then from Belfast to Dublin. I did it 670 miles I walked and prayed. "Your Crazy John" leaders said, God told me He would raise me up to be a voice for the addicted and hurting in the land. Since then I've walked through 7,000 miles in total praying the same thing.
My point is. Do not ever get sidetracked by men or by demons, believe in Gods call on your life. Persevere and God may bring you back to the place where man and devils tried to finish you off. BUT He will bring you back to confirm His call and release you into the fullness of your call. There's a miracle waiting to be released through your calling. BUT what releases it? You ask.. Keep fighting, keep being who you are, keep reaching for the lost and hurting, don't lost your voice, Don't let Noone shut you up or take your authority.. Then your calling will rise like the sun. God bless you all.
It was winter, cold and windy , in the mid 1970s. My friend Brian and I were VERY stoned on a cocktail of Drugs. We were both hallucinating ridiculously, we had lost our grip on reality. Suddenly a small rock Brian was carrying popped out of his hand and went over Dublin Bay sea wall. The tide was full in, the water was very choppy. Without hesitation Brian who was in full blown hallucination jumped over the wall to retrieve his rock. Reality was lost. I too was absolutely stoned, talking to folk not really there but when Brian jumped into the sea another SOUL reality kicked in. My mind cleared enough to look over the wall, Brian was drowning. My love for my friend came into play and a strong sense of responsibility. I saw a wall sea ladder about 20 feet down the way. Without hesitation I jumped into the rough sea, I'm NOT a great swimmer, I grabbed Brian's long black hair and dragged him towards the ladder. I swallowed a lot of sea water and at one point thought that I too might drown. Some folk arrived on the scene. They climbed down the ladder and pulled us both out of the sea. An ambulance brought us to hospital, our stomachs were pumped, we were safe. Of course everyone I knew was angry with us, your stupid John, jumping into the sea when your stoned!! If those folk hadn't turned up to help you you both would have drowned. BUT they did turn up I argued, I had to jump in, I couldn't let Brian drown, choice was taken from me, My Friend was drowning,and in case you haven't noticed we were both saved... How many folk in your town are drowning in their sin and behaviour. 60 in Belfast overdose the other night, many, thousands committing suicide, my friends pal in Limerick chopped in the head with a hatchet is on life support. God help us. And we do church and life almost without a care for them. You say there's no folk to help us reach them, or we've no money to do it. My friends people are drowning let's jump in and save them. A couple of weeks later I met Brian's mum and dad, I thought I was in trouble with them too. Instead they both came and with tears in their eyes they hugged me and said, thanks for risking your life to save our Son. It's time to risk our lives on behalf of the lost & dying. It's not enough to just support Big ministries, orphanages or hungry kids when our friends and neighbours are dying and going to a lost eternity. Listen to love in your hearts my friends, allow your hallucinations of what you perceive as reality to clear and take responsibility and let's jump in to the raging, dangerous streets of our towns and cities. Money or no money, helpers or no helpers, sick or well I'm going back in next week. I've recovered enough from my Hep C, I can still walk so I'm going in where it's dangerous, where I need Gods protection, His power and provision. So PLEASE Will ya go in too?

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Healed and I didn't even know.
A woman came to me in Life Church Bradford,(She was just visiting) she had read my book and wanted to say hello. We chatted a bit and before she left, both Tricia and I hugged her to say goodbye. She got in touch several months later through a friend ,she said that when we hugged her a terrible sickness in her stomach was immediately healed, she has been well since. Wow, and we didn't even know. It just goes to show that Jesus is the healer, not us, no not us in any way . I cannot understand it fully, but I am blessed when it does happen.

Alex ex dealer,now pastor
Theres a presence of God that we think is revival, it is when God comes when we meet together and worship with him, some miracles happen here. BUT there is another presence that comes when we go out and reach others, it's usually only when you return home that you realize that you have been with the Lord and He has lifted you up to sit with Him in the Heavenly's in actual experience. Many miracles happen here.

Irish evangelist carrying cross and walking America
By Jeremy Reynalds — ANS

SANTA MONICA, Calif. —Beginning the ninth day of his walk across America, Irish-born John Edwards said he is living the evangelist’s dream.

His “Crosswalk USA 2005” started at the Santa Monica, Calif. pier April 5 and is scheduled to end May 13 in New York.

“There is a team of eight of us and we will be walking and cycling for 120 miles a day between us all the way across America—via Phoenix, Arizona, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia and up to New York,” Edwards, 50, said prior to the walk. “We hope to finish in New York on May 13, and we will be carrying an 11-foot wooden cross with a wheel on the end. We will preach the gospel as we go across the nation. The aim of the walk is to bring hope to the addicted and their families, and also to preach the gospel to the lost and whoever we happen to come across along the way.”

In a telephone interview from Datil, New Mexico, Edwards described the previous week as “really exciting.” He said the team has seen individuals commit their lives to Jesus daily since the walk got started.

Edwards said that one incident really stood out.

“My wife was reading (from the Bible in Acts 5: 15-16: about Peter’s shadow falling on people....” the cross-walker said.

Later on, while walking with the cross near Phoenix, Ariz., Edwards said he talked to two people working in a field.

“The shadow from the cross was on them, and as they began to talk, the presence of God fell on the two of them and they began to weep,” Edwards said. “One of them was a former drug addict, and he had no support (system) around him. Both of them committed their lives to Jesus.”

Edwards put the two in contact with Pastor Tommy Barnett’s Phoenix-based First Assembly of God Church. That Sunday, Edwards and his wife also attended Barnett’s fellowship.

“He (Barnett) called us up to the platform and he presented us with one of his books. We also got a chance to chance to speak to the church (and got a) fantastic reaction,” Edwards said.

The salvations continued, he said. While walking through a town on Tuesday, a man saw Edwards carrying the cross and ran out from inside a store to speak to him.

“He started crying when he saw the cross,” Edwards said. “He asked me to pray for him because he was a drug addict, and he needed God to help him. He invited Christ into his life.”

Edwards said he put the man in touch with a nearby Foursquare church.

Earlier in the journey, while still in California, Edwards recalled ministering to street people.

“I used to be homeless and he knew where I was coming from,” Edwards said, describing an encounter he had with a homeless man. “This guy had been on the streets for 20 years. I put the cross down and spoke to him for 10 or 15 minutes. I prayed for Him and he accepted Jesus.”

Edwards also spoke to business owners.

“(They) were wondering what I was doing and ... why. I was able to share my testimony and pray with some of them.”

Edwards said he has also found a new “captive” audience.

“People (who have to) stand outside bars smoking,” he said. “I give them my tracts. It’s what the walk is about.”

Edwards said he also had the opportunity to share the gospel with two police officers.

According to Edwards, a lot of people to whom he speaks tell him they are going to ask Jesus into their heart when they are by themselves.

“We are having a significant impact,” he said. “There has been no negativity at all because what I am doing is different, and (perhaps) because I am Irish. I think everyone had a bit of Irish blood in them— at least they claim to have.”

Edwards said prayer is an essential factor in the work being undertaken by him and his team. He asked that people pray for him, his wife and team members. Special needs, he said, included their vehicles as well as the need for “divine appointments.”

“We also need prayer for our feet, because we are getting a lot of blisters due to difficult roads and our toenails are falling off,” he said. “We are also continuing to ask for prayer that we would be able to speak to people of influence, and that we will have a lot of people come to our Web site.”

Edwards also had words of encouragement.

“I pray that whoever is reading this will realize that no matter what they are going through, Christ is there for them and no matter how bad things are they should never give in. There is always a blessing around the corner.”

Assist News Service
Published, May 2005

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