Sunday 23 March 2014

Lance Lambert and Me

How the 12 tribes work? Example: Lance Lambert and me. Lance won't remember me. I spoke with him for 2 minutes in 1978 when he spoke in Exeter. (My university friend Tim Johns was his chauffeur for a good while in Israel)Anyone who knows Lance knows that virtually his whole reference point is Israel. In the 70s, thehousechurches reference point was the vision of the Church. Lance and I had an impenetrable gulf between us. He could talk. I could talk. But it was like a goldfish in one bowl trying to talk to another in a different bowl. In the 70s much of the Body of Christ was like this. Running any sort of conference on a national or international scale must have been a nightmare. So it's not that the tribes disagreed with each other...they were so out of alignment, so on a different planet you couldn't even articulate enough to disagree!! 40 years on.... Well in the 80s I had a supernatural download on Israel. In the last 5 years i've had a more balancing revelation on Israel as she is now. Meanwhile lance has had a lot more prophetic downloads himself, and his last book is almost thirdlevel, certainly it is on the thirdlevel protaganist in the Old Testament, who is Jacob... So the example I am trying to give is that everything in the Kingdom comes by revelation...not by didactic reasoning. GOD HIMSELF is switching on all 12 tribes worth of information in the Body. Christ joins Himself to Christ. Gradually we will understand what each of us are on about.

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