Thursday 6 March 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Non Ugly

Song of Solomon 6:13 :King James 2000 Bible
Return, return, O Shulamite; return, return, that we may look upon you. Why will you look upon the Shulamite? As upon a dance before two armies?.

Most things now, as a result of the Fall, are like a dance between two armies. Almost like a magnetic forcefield which holds us in a perpetual limbo fluttering between the two. The law of sin and judgment, or the law of sin and death. THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS MESS is Christ. Christ in you as you. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Step outside for a second and guess what? You're back in that stupid forcefield of the independent self delusion. The two armies in this case are : one, it's not you who can ever achieve anything...but can't give up and just fail either. So "what's the answer?"6 billion rail against God with their fists in the air. God coughs quietly and just says simply. "I am. Union is the answer!"
"But I've flaming tried to be unionified all my Christian life! The first thing I read was in John 15  "Abide in the vine....apart from Me you can do nothing...and look how far that got me?" we shriek....
"Hah...just as bad as an Old Law -  now hyped up to be a superduper New Testament Law....I couldn't even keep the old one and now you are pressing me into some daft union Law like I have any power to keep that one!!!!"

There is a pause, which if God was a smoking man would mean He was taking another drag...but perfectly at rest in Himself, He doesn't need he just pauses. 
Until our shrieks are just muffled exhausted splutters.

"You are not a soul." He says quietly. 
"You have a soul. You have a forehead. You have legs. But YOU ARE SPIRIT. Spirit in a soul in a body. Your entire struggle is a makebelieve one. You are making a non existant selfpowered soul try to live in Union with Me...but it doesn't exist. It is a lie. And a LIE cannot dwell in the LIGHT OF MY PRESENCE.
The truth is you were made to be a container for my glory. The container doesn't have a selfpowered life. And the lie is just that. If you live in the lie, plucking fruit off trees I have asked you to keep away from, it is a FALSE DEITY that now powers your container. And he, the devil, thinks he is selfpowered too. But that also is a lie. As is the whole Yin Yang lie of Good equal to bad, as in Taoism. You DON'T need bad to exist for there to be good. BAD needs BAD to learn that it doesn't really exist!!!! GOOD is self-existant and always was!!!!!"

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