Saturday 15 March 2014

Elaine Waterfield - REDIM report March 2014

Dear friends and supporters of REDIM we would like to thank you so much for all your prayers and support in 2013 and may God bless you ...

I have heard from sponsors that its confusing as to what we are doing as an Organization as we have been doing a lot.

1. REDIM have two major projects firstly we are looking in to developing a project for a rehab which is so needed in Migori County. We have led many men and women to the Lord but yet addiction and drug trafficking is rife here in Migori country especially as we are so close to the Border of Tanzania. Ages of substance abuse range from 10 - 70 plus. The rehab will have a training facility to get these people into work and back in to their community.

Another aspect of this work is to go into prison as a church and teach men and women the Gospel and give them empowerment with teaching about how we are one with Christ and as we are waek he is strong and who we are in Christ having freedom and love from the father . As I taught the women about abortion we also planted trees in remembrance of the children they had aborted of lost with abortion, still birth and miscarriage and it was indeed a wonderful day.
The Chaplain is really looking into building a chapel for the 400 prisoners instead of sitting in their wings on the cold stone.costing three thousand pounds. they also need mats for the prisoners to sit on costing three hundred pounds

2. We are also finishing off the first classroom for the beginnings of an orphanage and facility for a school/ training center for the blind, which the Migori Minister of Education and Social services have shown a great interest in. So many Children here are disabled and are visually sighted. Their parents treat them like second a curse from God and shut them away in their house, yet many are very bright they just need training in braille how to read and write with this method..this school will empower and train orphans with one or no parents whilst it will train visually sighted children and offer them a way into further Education

Whats been hapening in Chungni

Makongeni church had a fund raising which REDIM helped find sponsors and they raised just under a thousand pounds to continue finishing off the brick work and buying the wood for the roof. We will be having a further fund raising even In June so we can buy the iron sheets windows and doors. We really saw the hand of God in the provision for our Church Makongeni and we just need a further two thousand pounds to finish the work off

It has been a great blessing also to visit the local schools / Migori women’s prison with Educational box from
SPUC (Society Protecting the unborn child ) which they donated to our work. We found that because of poverty girls were prostituting themselves for little money for sanitary towels and school fees, etc when they got pregnant they couldn't tell their parents through fear of their pregnancy so they either hid the pregnancy until it was too late or got the father of the child to sell a chicken so that the child could buy strong tea leaves concentrated orange juice or OMO detergent which rots the baby and destroys the mothers womb and can even kill her. So it was a privileged to teach the young girls about all this and hear of all the struggles they go through. The solution is for their school fees to be paid and provision of sanitary towels we have stopped doing this as we have no funding.

We would like to invite you to come to see our project and come and help us in our work, we would value doctors nurses and preachers, evangelists, builders, teams from churches and people who have a prison ministry

Here in Migori we are struggling with lack of maize the main stable food they eat because of drought, and also lack of water as there has been no rain for such a long times uo and until the last few days so thats an answer to prayer and its has effected us greatly.

Our prayer needs, a vehicle, personal sponsorship , 400,000gbp for the orphange / school for the blind/ training,
and also people,who we can contact with the proposal for the blind school and rehab.I need a return ticket back to Kenya to either UK or USA by the end of April. That our church will be finished and many more people will come to Christ. That George gets his wages from his consultancy work and my debt will be paid off. The Migori prison chapel will be funded. The water well need finishing off we are lacking two hundred pounds to finish it off. plus we need money for drugs for the clinic .

We would like to invite you to come to see our project and come and help us in our work, we would value doctors nurses and preachers, evangelists, builders, teams from churches and people who have a prison ministry
we do alot with the money we get but we so need money for the projects and personal sponsorship for this work to continue
We often go to the mountain to pray and seek the face of God and thank God for so many drunkards who have been saved and lives restored Challis Neto Nelson Morris Mustapha and Moses and list goes on pray for Gabrielle as he has gone back to drinking and also Paul.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
May God bless you
Love Elaine, George Sarah and Makongeni church plus all the people in Chungni

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