Monday 30 June 2014

The Jacob Generation

Having seen Michael Kaminski's encouraging reports about Kenya I was saddened to see some kind of rift between him and his host George Odero. I am equally saddened by my own one with Daniel Yordy. Anyhow, these things were being discussed on a thread by Michael yesterday and I felt to lay down some of the bigger picture in two statuses (Facebook)

I don't understand this situation specifically...and like someone said....I wasn't expecting this after the general really upbuilding reports of earlier.
But it is INTERESTING!!!
This is how I am seeing the time we are in.
We are in an incredible time period.
Absolutely unprecedented.
We need all the inner resources we can,
Prophet Daniel said about these times and the build up to Antichrist a word equivalent to "wondrous or astonishing" but ofcourse NOT USED POSITIVELY.
Just a cursory and not particularly indepth look at how "shrewd" the sons of Darkness have been is truly left Daniel weak and off food for days....and believe me it IS like that. My wife told me she thought I was having a breakdown.

But into this Darkness a Light is shining.
God told our generation, "2 Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thy habitations; spare not: lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.

And this was in the context of Isaiah 54.1 about the barren bringing forth.

But first , do you see....strengthening the stakes.....that means they have to be THICKER and RUN DEEPER than ever before, if we are going to see the sort of glorious rebuild of David's Tabernacle that He has in mind, now stretched across the Earth.

The second thing I want to say is that we are in the time of Jacob's TROUBLE.

Now some have ascribed this to mean Israel.
And some other things.


Read Psalm 133 again about the new priesthood God has raised by the Spirit.

Like the dew of Hermon, That cometh down upon the mountains of Zion: For there Jehovah commanded the blessing, Even life for evermore.

Ever thought about that?
What's Mount Hermon, which is overrun by Gentiles got to do with Zion?

That's the POINT. Nothing and everything.

2 HOUSES are rising to be made ONE.

Without saying too much about Israel here because it is TRULY a RE RUN of the original Jacob but this time in corporate watch....while all of Satanic hosts are trying to stop it and boobytrap it

MEANWHILE the Church in the earth is ALSO in the time of Jacob's Trouble.

It's no wonder there is conflict. We can nolonger do church as usual ever again.

It is truly a time of Psalm 24 and Psalm 110

This is the generation of them that seek after him, That seek thy face, even Jacob.

Think about Jacob a moment?
He was the third in a specific line of one consecutive family that sought God with all their heart mind strangth and soul.

And he was the LAST jigsaw in the God package

I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

That is in the name of the Revelation of Abraham
combined with
the Revelation of Isaac
combined with the
Revelation of Jacob

The one complete package of dealings that were then rolled out into
a holy nation, the natural Israel.
Who was Israel? Jacob. His name was changed to Prince with God,
or one who has contended with God.

Why is this so important?
Because the evangelical revelation is really just a corporate version
of the faith of Abraham.
The Pentecostal and charismatic outpouring of the last 100 years
is like the wells of Isaac. Supernatural provision.

Jacob’s life BEGINS as a continuation of Isaac....
learning supernatural provison in speckled sheep and striped sheep to order!!!
Very like the charismatic continuation of the Pentecostal outpouring which
led into the Word of faith movement of the 60s 70s and 80s.
Many want to ridicule it. It was entirely in God’s Plan.

BUT THERE IS SOMETHING visceral in Jacob.
Something that moves right outside the realm of religion.
Christo Odero is talking about man as he is, mankind as he is.
Kind of leaving religion out of it.
This is letting God be God of all of it.
This is the Jacob generation, who are not concerned with line or lineage.
Who are not concerned with forbears.
Who are not concerned with formulas.
But want God FACE TO boldness.
Not as a theology....but the reality of God indwelling Man.

Now to have churches like this we must have individuals like this.
We impart Christ in us the hope of glory individual by individual.
And the one affected individual has the genuine stuff which he imparts
to other souls, and so the Word transfers.

Word transfer. Seeking the Face of the God of Jacob.
Abiding in the SHADOW of the Most High....think the Darkness of inside an oven
except the Lord is Light so it can never really be just looks that way to onlookers.....

But all this freaky visceral stuff is SO DEEP
churches that we have now cannot handle it. They are not built for it.

THINK of what Mike Kaminski has endured in disability...his own and his kids.
THINK of the excruciating pain of some of that.

These are the STRENGTHENING OF THE STAKES and the STRENGTHENING of the CORDS of the future church.

Church as it is now has different agenda from just transplanting Christ.
And we as believers must decide

Do we go with the other agenda of an incomplete Abraham and Isaac revelation....
a Halfbuilt Tower

Or do we go right into the THIRDLEVEL of a Peniel Church....where our very Name
gets changed




Where we are going is transparency.
God has many of His Church seeking His Face at the moment.
This is not random. This is the birth of a New Church.
This is the birth of what revelations 3 calls "eyesalve".
This is the birth of a new Church age.
THIS IS ACTUALLY the promised Word of the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. This last phrase has been used and quickened since the Holy Spirit was first poured out again in great number 100 years ago.....but it is NOT the same outworking of that Word.
What people have called the Restoration movement was not. We had firm warning about that from 2 famous men.
Smith Wigglesworth and R,Edward Miller.....actually the latter was a report of an angelic manifestation where Fort Lauderdale was mentioned before it meant anything.

Restoration is something born on the inside by God Himself, and we are right in the middle of that. Like most births it is messy.

But the Child of promise has nothing to do with the child of a bondwoman.

I was given a strong Word over 20 years ago, but I want to highlight this phrase.....

"You should fear lest you run ahead of me, lest you build what I am not building. For I build swiftly and well. My work will arise amidst your works and yours will splinter like matchsticks in front of the solidity of My work. When I build, people stand and stare, dumbstruck.
Fear, lest you too be ashamed."

the rest is here

When we "see" properly and accurately we can go from place to place looking to see as Paul said....for Christ crucified.

There is a fragrance, a Presence, a Character formed by the Holy Spirit.
We do not ask is this the work of Kaminski or is this the work of Odero....we ask simply how much of Jesus Christ is born and reproduced in this place?

We should as eunuch ministries of God be able to increasingly move from work to work, honoring the God wrought, and building upon that foundation. But for that ever to occur ministries need to be huge in their inner breadth of wisdom, "seeing", and understanding of all the "Gates of heavenly Jerusalem".

At the moment people are submitted to streams, to ideas, to passions and agendas of men. People are weighed up by which stream they are in submission to, but no one sees clearly to be able to see whether Christ is being imparted in fulness. Those days are coming to a close.
It won't be by will be simply the unfolding of
the words of Psalm 1 and Isaiah....

4 The wicked are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.

5 Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgment, Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.


the literal form YLT
8 And a highway hath been there, and a way, And the `way of holiness' is called to it, Not pass over it doth the unclean, And He Himself [is] by them, Whoso is going in the way -- even fools err not.

See up until now, people have decribed the WAY, and in the most intense worship times people have sensed it starting to the same way Elijah's servant saw a "cloud the size of a man's hand"

But this WAY forming itself and birthing itself amongst us will just simply not allow half the things we allow presently. But there won't be any force involved in stopping them....people will just feel idiotic carrying on with the tithing system
carrying on with the halfhearted worship at present
carrying on with the overconstructed sermons of men whose intelligence is great but their hearts are far from the Kingdom
from inadequately Spirit prepared servants of God
from ministry dominance at the expense of a freeflowing Body ministry
of so many of the ways we currently do things but are not really His Son lived by us, nor the real BLOODBOUGHT Church of God.

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