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Two types of Hairy-tic


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There are two sorts of Hairy-tic.
In Different Drum by M Scott Peck he spells out 4 stages we pass through
1. egotistic and unsocialised
2. socialised
3. wanting to break out again and find what is really OUR TRUTH
4. a contented fusing as we understand who we are and how we work but in the context of the whole.
Peck who was a counsellor, wondered why one set of Christians would continue as Christians after counselling, and another set would do just the opposite.

Well, as for any other person, the Christian version sort of happens in 2,3 and 4.

So you can have a hairy-tic who is in stage 3 reappraising their whole identity....and once the process has settled down they are content to toddle off back to church....but another sort remains a hairy-tic in the more heretic sense and say finds Buddhism is more their thing. Or weird as this sounds to me...someone can go to what was one of the most radical praise churches on the planet....certainly in the UK....then next thing they are going to the most high Anglican service you can find.

Originally the phases as created in God were meant to match our growth.
Because of the Luciferian way in which we are brought up as people in a secular bubble with the briefest dashes of anything religious....much of the idea of worship and sensitivity to the Divine that say a Muslim or orthodox Christian or Buddhist or Orthodox Jew, or American Indian or Aborigine or shaman culture would be be brought up in, certain parts of us are held back....and if you believe in the different cabals all vying Game of Thrones style for supremacy.....then you'd better believe this as deliberate as only allowing Radio 2 music in all the factories, to create a sort of mindless vague level of contentedness while stuffing widges into a doodad on a production conveyorbelt. We are not encouraged in any way to relate to anything outside a certain set of pyramids. If we think too much we might just want to overturn their system which benefits a few.

So Jesus went through the stages in 1 John 2 roughly at the same time as
natural development. By 30 He was a FATHER stage person able by the Spirit to speak the Word necessary to bring 12 ragamuffins into His own Father stage of development.

WE HOWEVER are rather catching up.
Most westerners don't know they have been raised lopsidedly in the leftbrain and need to spend a certain portion of their adult life getting back in touch with who they really are. THIS HAS THE LOOK OF being a heretic. BUT IT IS totally necessary psychologically if all the parts of our being are going to progress to the next stage. The final stage demands utter harmony between all parts of us. just isn't good enough if all the while we are squashing down a rather nattered and bruised upbringing, trying with all our might to swim as fast as we can with our head above water, to try and show that we are every bit as good as the next man.

Secondlevel churches start to become a problem about the time individuals should really be entering into the father stage of Christianity, but all they are faced with every week is a pyramid pastor who may allow five to ten minutes free stuff...but basically it's still largely his show, and he loves to be paid a tithe to ever keep it that way. None of this is Biblical Christianity.

Someone said yesterday they hate the phrase
And we should gather ourselves together ever more often as we see the Day approaching
Well, for the reasons above....GATHERING just fills you with shudders.
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Chris Welch Oh....the other sort of Hairy-tic is in Hebrews 13.13
One who
"enlarges the place of the tents" as it says in Isaiah.

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