Sunday 15 June 2014

Dogmatic versus Catmatic

More explanations on how I write... written originally for a group on Facebook

I need to come back on things so that if it happens again it doesn't offend as much....but it is absolutely crucial if we are going to get along together.
imagine the leftbrain like a ruler.
Imagine the rightbrain like an artist's sketchpad.

The leftbrain looks at weights, measures,dates, hard facts
The rightbrain like an artist, gets a hunch then daubs marks on a blank artspace.

What we call that rightbrain way of doing things is going to vary from New Age "the Truth is out there",
to an entrepreneur using the word hunch,
to a scientist like Einstein daydreaming of a sunbeam and thinking what if I went as fast as light?
to a Christian talking in greater or lesser terms about spirit/Spirit or God

Universities only really handle leftbrain stuff. it's the way Luciferians have set things up. Originally Oxford and Cambridge were Christian and you had tutors who were close to discipling mentors for your whole life.
Harvard was actually evangelical.

Luciferians and /Freemasons and Templars made sure that in creating their world that was going to act as a barrier to a buffer...they had to first put the breaks on Christianity using Deism, then slow things down spiritually altogether by creating a "secular bubble" world....more or less totally leftbrain, before eventually reintroducing spirituality in the opposite direction and setting up actual Luciferian rule.

So all 18th century pillars had to be invaded, secretly embedded with their people, then guided round to their actual plans.
Jewish seminaries and Christian seminaries were invaded quite deliberately with "higher criticism"....which was never higher was just plain Luciferian refutation of any belief system in God and His works. Law has been invaded. In the USA one of the biggest tools has been ACLU.

if you are not aware of this already please understand that the Elite are NOT SECULAR.
The Nazi Jew wing from the Black Forest Germany who are behind the worship of Molech at Bohemian Grove are out and out Luciferians.
Hitler was following a family tradition in his following spiritist guides.
All these Elite are plagued with the stuff.
It is perfectly normal that Clinton's wife should have a Christian front but make no bones about following the stars for guidance. This is totally their background over generations.

Dawkins is but a stooge for the elite....they themselves are not confined to secularism at all. Rothschild has recently built a new temple for Apollo in his Waddesdon House Aylesbury.

So why is Dawkins useful?
Encouraging a society which is trained mainly in maths , economics and engineering as the Protocols outline, creates almost a "cyberclass" who perform functions un flinchingly for the Master level or Master Class. This subclass are then in their downtime given
XFactor and Britain's Got Talent, and Pointless on be the slightly more benign equivalent to the Roman Coliseum...and if things get more barbaric it will be like Hunger Games.

As the New Age and it must also be said....scientific brain research is now demonstrating....we function best by being right and leftbrain balanced.

I think Martin or Mark felt I was being too dogmatic.
Leftbrain truth can only be dogmatic when it has facts to prove it.
Rightbrain truth can be dogmatic when it has fixed the "spirit" or the "attitude" or "inner agenda" of the ones doing the actions. In order to make headway with leftbrain people
Einstein must now write all his hunches in the form of mathematical proofs
Christians have to wait until certain precise "crossings of the line" (which is the word for transgression by the way) are measurable
Artists often have to wait decades to even articulate why on earth they were led to create a copy of their bedroom with an unmade bed (Tracey Emin)

So I am coming back to say
Not that "You should believe such and such"
But whatever you call things on your insides, you should be aware that there are two equally valid systems of weighing things up inside of you.

My experience in the last two years is that while piano tuning in particular....quite a meditative procedure....I have again and again been nudged in an Einstein sunbeam type of way into ways of thinking, which I have boldly learned to put up now on my statuses.

I have now lost count of the numbers of times now, within 2 days to 2 weeks that precise information is then spelled out in fact form on Youtube.
1.That it was no coincidence that modern psychology and psychiatry emanated from Vienna. The police state of the early 19th century was an early experiment in population control, and this was the very purpose that drove the study of how we tick. It wasn't random at all. Ofcourse, how we are led to believe history works, we are told all these things are random.

2. Anthropology in the 19th Century
The regimental study of all people groups and belief systems wasn't random interest. It was the direct result of cold planning by Freemasons as they began to roll out ways of getting grips on each culture to bring them under their control. Again, it is gaily painted to us as something the then peoples of the world just happened to think was time for study. Garbage.

So when i make dogmatic statements about is because the parts of us that have a feel for truth and reality...but at a more hunch turns out incredibly accurate....once temporary emotions have settled, and paranoiacal fears have been calmed.

So please...instead of reacting in leftbrain ways to what I am saying, try to ask yourself
Is Chris saying a rightbrain thing....and hasn't quite got the leftbrain measurements for it yet or is he really being dogmatic in the leftbrain.

I cannot force my "calling of God" this and that upon you, because spirit stuff is spirit stuff....deliberately I might we can learn this inward way....

but in our theology GOD is the ALL IN already.....even if it looks like Darkness. (All members in this group can believe whatever about the current situation....and attach whatever name tags or none)
In other words, as dark as a Hitler is really the rocket fuel behind the sort of supernatural power needed to raise up thousands and thousands and thousands across the earth to suddenly become Christians in their desperation. When i became a Christian Albania was more or less in complete God lock down....and ofcourse most of the Iron curtain. Arab nations had virtually no Christians and many other nations and tribes were similar. Quietly and unreported by Luciferian media, this has changed immensely in just 40 years. But like Britain, we have in these nations much immature Christianity. But babies always did cause effort....but aren't they lovely and full of life!!!!!
Here are some things I believe which I won't force on anyone here.
1. The Inner precedes the Outer
2. God says "yet once more will I shake the heavens and the earth as of things which can be shaken".
3, The outer is directly connected to the Inner.....and Christianity and in fact New Age is about reconnecting a humanity lost at sea.....back with its environment. The Romans 8 phrase is in the Living Bible and it is now a song
And all creation waits on tiptoe just to see
the sons of God come into their own.......(as in own inheritance, or come into what is rightfully theirs as fully mature inheritors of a property)

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