Sunday 29 June 2014

Well, I am impressed!!!

Well, I am impressed .
I have just come back from cleaning in the pub to find that yet again the Yes I am post by Norman Grubb is high in the readership Top Ten this week. At least one reason for the blog has been to promote this last book by Norman Grubb which can be read in instalments here, or bought as a book or on Kindle. Yet, even though this blog has now existed for 6 years next month, and has had nearly half a million hits, could i ever get Norman's book in my Top 10 list???? NOPE. And it always puzzled me.

Similarly right now, a propos of nothing....or maybe the Kindle announcement....I find people have naturally been pushing this post or set of posts up the top ten.
WHICH I SAY AGAIN really encourages me. This is part of what this very blog is here for!!!!!

The Yes I am series is here

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