Monday 11 August 2014

Dancing like a Shulammite

What does "like a Shulammite dance before two armies" mean? Song of songs. Answer: its the peculiar (to others) realm of third level living. Jesus played off two linearities against each other all the time....Eg Pharisees v Saducees. Authorities versus non taxpayers. The religious versus partying rabble. in the Spirit is neither one end of the Tree of Knowledge nor the's another tree altogether. But people stuck in linear thinking will attack you. They aren't for us you must be against us. George Orwell satirized this in Animal Farm....Four legs good two legs bad. Then at the end of the book the pigs started walking on two legs. This is profound. Because it shows the root of linearity.....namely it's the same caterpillar spirit that controls both. We are not caterpillars we are butterflies. We don't submit to earthly regulations of do not not handle. The devil divides people by left brain dependency. He can send people to battle in the American War of Independence....they fight...they make weaponsmakers rich....People die....but America remains paying tributes to the Queen and Vatican to this day. The civil war which was really the south killing off its now past their sell by date slaves.....actually was all about bankers establishing one American Union Bank which Rothschild  controlled from back in the UK. As long as we walk in the flesh nothing changes. I've got into trouble with my mate John Edwards for suggesting he not be so fast to condemn George Galloway. George has reacted to Gaza atrocities as have most. Christianslike God Channel are sucked right into present Israel. Pro Israelis and Christians have to read their Bibles. If like Orthodox Jews they did....they'd know current Israel was none other than a rerun of the Jacob story. Jacob means usurper...ttwisted....deceiver....and when all the history comes out you will see the world desert her. ORTHODOX JEWS DO NOT SUPPORT CURRENT ISRAEL. Christians who refuse to let the Spirit change their worldly wisdom....ardently believe in current Israel like it needs a few minor changes. But they have the same belief about their own lives too. Very few have any idea of what has to go on between the first second and third stages of Christian growth in 1 John 2. And if we talk like this they take us to be the enemy Jesus said...the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His Head. He was the firstborn of many brethren.....of many SON of MANs. This is the Shulammite world where we dance.

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