Friday 22 August 2014

A Psalm to the Great Power of the Lord God

Spirits seek to wear down but they speak lies.
They speak of God as an old wizened man cowering at the back end of the Universe afraid to take responsibility for the "things He has done".
This is ofcourse Anthromorphic drivel. God is not a Man.
He is near us even in our mouths.
He sustains every particle in the universe by His Word of Power and let us know that before we scarcely knew about particles.
God is not only not cowering....He MEANS everything very purposefully and governing all things BY within everything and works upon everything, whether PURELY by Direct action...or using the one who has taken God's own life and twisted it in on himself for his own desires....the devil.
Yet God is so far above and beyond even His creation that He sees everything from the beginning to the End, working all things for His purpose.
We are to see with a single eye and give the devil no power. By seeing God in all things whether directly or in a derived form, we rob the liar to our souls and give back the due honour to the One God who is glorious.
God is so far above the devil, that while he seeks to accomplish his manipulated lying reign on earth and complete what was unfinished at Babel, in the form of a highly complex pyramid monolith One World order that has required endless planning, the robbery of our monies, and endless denials and lies....
God instead takes a ragamuffin people who were no people
weak, not strong,
and through spontaneous living alone
Speaks His Word through them
to form the eternal Apple of His eye
A Body expression of His own Darling Son
a Bride who will unashamedly love Him and without fear become One flesh with Him.
This Bride he has bestowed the great honour of bringing to nought everything that is,
until all that remains on the Earth is Love and Light and Joy and Righteousness.
This would be a pipedream but for the enormous downpayment...and earnest of our inheritance that we have already received singly, and again and again corporately, namely the baptism and rebaptism into the Holy Spirit of His dear Son.
All that is happening is that which was a temporary Tent stretched across the Earth is being solidified as of a Temple in stone
Or in Rock.
Upon this Rock of the growing revelation of My Son
The Son of Man
Come from God
The ONLY BEGOTTEN SON....(the first Adam was scooped up from clay)
the Gates of all hell shall not prevail against MY CONGREGATION, said Jesus to Peter the Rock, and the other disciples.
This ROCK abides in you if you Abide in Him.
If you Abide in My Word then you shall truly be my disciples
AND you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free
and the earth that surrounds you
For all creation stands on tiptoe just to see
The sons of God COME IN TO THEIR OWN (inheritance).
Behold, Perceive,see ahead of time....THE POWER OF GOD.
Every mouth will be stopped. Every mouth will be without excuse.
For the time draws near
And is even at hand
in your very mouths.
Says the Lord.

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