Saturday 9 August 2014

Two stages of barking......

The truth of the gospel always leads back to the Living Person of Jesus Christ. This is why the gospel will always appear folly. Because human wisdom wants black and white boundaries....wants to pursue its position of living the increasingly absurd lie of the independent self within the bounds of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. So the gospel always comes across as nuts because we duck and point to a Saviour that nobody can see but that we insist is right here. Saying Call out to God and He will hear you seems like the most lame bit of superstitious nonsense Richard Dawkins could confront. Yet this is precisely what we preach. We are vague about describing a church to you, not because we ourselves are vague about real church that we have enjoyed....but because equally you have to order it yourself on the Melchizedek order line. Anybody can build a club and call it church..
.but it isn't church unless Christ is building it and breathing through it to you. Otherwise it's pretty much a lump of clay like Adam....but God bent down and breathed into it.
I regard many current new Agers and Buddhists and even entrepreneurs
as first stagers.....that is they already experience ridicule from "surface livers" for daring to suggest that through meditation or entrepreneurialism we can utterly change our world. And they too.....Like us....have to walk on when people refuse their strange and different message....that strikes to the core of their Rothschild pyramid existences.
It is but one stage further to say like we do.....the Kingdom is here now....and "for this purpose was the Son of God manifest that He may destroy all the works of the devil.....Death included!!!! We are just two stages of barking mad....whereas entrepreneurs and New Agers aren't quite mad enough just yet.

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