Friday 29 August 2014

Off the Chequerboard

How can a Rothschild or a Russell or some other quintessentially well spoken and well bred Englishman be among the Council of 300 to usher in world rule?
 How can we defeat Hitler costing us so dearly, next thing we know we're in a Cold War? Then right after that we learn
the United Nations itself is built around Lucis Trust (formerly the more overt Lucifer Trust)?
Well you see evil isn't quite as simple as evil.

Evil is thinking you are a selfpowered soul capable of choosing between good and evil. In other words IT'S related to the condition of the THE WHOLE BLACK AND WHITE CHESSBOARD!!!!

God LIVES IN COLOUR in our hearts
The world system lives in a holding the waiting room at the doctor''s not complete anarchy....which would mean everything fell
It's called "the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil".
 Taoism. Black and White.  Law of sin and Death.   Works.   Locked in your leftbrain.  

Illuminati and witchcraft watchword: Do what thou willst. And for every bit of bad try to outweigh it with good. Most Christians still live in Romans 7, UNAWARE THE JOB IS COMPLETE. WE ARE OFF THE CHEQUERBOARD.

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