Monday 18 August 2014

No More Sloping Shoulder

It's a glorious thing Christian babyhood. You get on with seeking God and getting a totally new consciousness all the while assuming that as things get worse Jesus will come back and put everything right.....cos the Kingdom is coming right? Can't see it now....but you just watch it'll come rolling over the hill in the by and by like an angelic horse and cart with Big Jesus shouting Ha! Ha! With his horse switch in hand. I'll come back to that.....

Well God nothing. The Jews also experienced this when they came into their own land. In the old Testament they took their eyes off God. Next thing they are in Babylon. BUT is this the MATURE form of Christianity? What? You saying that while on planet earth you always need non Christians to steal your wealth....steal your the the political systems.....just cos you plan to stay being double minded never graduate to the single eye.....of mature Christianity? You saying that being a 'see-througher' .....a person of wealth and standing like Abraham was like Isaac was, like Jacob no longer possible....that that immediately presumes you will rely on the arm of flesh instead of the greater supernatural supply of God? Ah says it is harder for the rich to gain the Kingdom than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle....
Ok....but does that apply to Christ's life lived in us? Secondly how rich? Every white person is rich to a poor man in Burkina Faso? So no English are going to heaven? Not according to your logic? Oh....some are? Ok how rich is the cut off? All mortgage holders? All house owners? All those owning a business over £100,000? A million? A billion? A trillion? Oh so everyone except Rothschild and Richard Branson then? Well I am glad we got that sorted then? You know we really ought to put this in the New Bibles so new Christians understand how many pounds they can earn before the Pope more....we'll send in the Jesuit Inquisition now!!
Why is this important? Because of ourstupid thinking we now have a Sound of Music film totally stripped of God content. We sloped shoulders onto the Illuminati film industry and put the film out....we are so weak and pathetic....and hey....we don't want to be rich or else we will blow everything on drink porn and you twist the storyline for us and take out the bit whereMaria gives herself wholeheartedly to the Lord of glory.....Oh and the bits where the children sing Monteverdi and Palestrina in awesome worship.....we are only Christians selling our birthright to totally unworthy forces so that we can be ready for the Jesus Cart coming over the hills to snatch us all away while He burns all the sinners in unbelievable atomic bomb torment.
What we are doing by staying in baby Christianity is shameful. It is bringing down the wonderful Name of our God in the earth. WE MUST GROW UP IN HIM to be as He was.....having SINGLE VISION.

Maria von Trapp said for ages she wouldn't sign a contract on a book which became Sound of Music. Eventually when she sold the film rights she sold them for a one-off price. Well the rest is history. And apart from the initial relatively small sum the family made nothing out of the millions and the continuing millions made on the film. Her comment was a Christian one. "Well God saw to it that we made no money.....because we have seen Hollywood lifestyles.....and God kept us from all this."

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