Wednesday 10 September 2014

Cut Out The Middle Man

"Rich Novek , 2 or 3 years back I said to Paul Anderson-Walsh I'd like to do a tour...possibly outside churches...maybe almost flashmob style gatherings in shopping malls as was kind of prophesied on my double CD 1990/91....actually way before most of the current big UK malls existed...
and I said I'd call it the "Cut Out the Middle Man Tour"....which is a double pun.
it means

a. cut out the middle man "selfpowered soul delusion" but also ofcourse
b. the New covenant of Jeremiah man will say to his brother "Know the Lord" for they shall all know me from the least to the greatest."

The gifts of the Ascended Christ are an interesting phenomenon. Apart from the Apostolic Movement of the 1920s,to 1950s, which was the initial rediscovery, we are the first generation to know the firstfruits of apostolic and prophetic ministry since the Church was founded. Nothing is simple however. Well it really is, but when it collides with our flesh isn't.
We now have a residue generation, some of which are burnt out with the whole idea, and the rest live in these rather fantasy apostolic pyramids. As usual with flesh stuff they are both wrong. Kind of like the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil version of church ministry gifting.

For about 30 years some of us have laid the whole subject down not knowing if we'd see it again. But as usual, the Holy Spirit is up to something. We have had to die to the Zeus Mentality of Apostolic gifting. That isn't what an apostle is.
But it doesn't mean there are no apostles!!! They have had to be put back in the refrigerator waiting for a generation purged enough to actually benefit from real ones.
Write this down: An apostle lays a foundation of Christ and Christ crucified. He comes into your midst and sniffs...."can I sense Christ and Christ crucified here in this gathering? Is there a gift of faith I can impart?"
He DOESN'T franchise a name like Salt and Light Ministries, or Pioneer Ministries, or New Frontiers Ministries.....thinking that will in any way make up for the fact that JESUS JUST ISN'T THERE WHEN HE LEAVES.    Facebook status 10th September 2014

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