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Briars 10 : Limitations of Power

This ain't gonna happen
Buddhists have more sense.

When Buddhists want their way, they don't have to do power manipulation according to physical means.

Has anybody noticed that you never hear of Buddhist terrorists? They will only fight over territory, like China taking over Tibet, or others in India infringing their rights.You never hear of them fighting or wrangling over doctrine?Why?
Because when you have the power to raise boulders up cliffs, and to fly 80 feet in the air, what is there to wrangle about with those that can't do that?
Are you going to engage with a Muslim that only believes in his or her leftbrain?
Or some denominational Christian that believes only in their leftbrain, like in the States?
In Britain you don't even have to wrangle, St James Piccadilly will invite you into the pulpit to preach.
What about charismatics? They don't even regard them, they have much much more power.
In fact by pure Luciferian power alone they are manipulating all the leftbrain Abrahamic religions to nuke each other off the planet. This is their secret plan, and they are using the other people's leftbrain commitment to violence to achieve this.The plan Lucifer calls (a re run of Golgotha) Skull and Bones.
The reason Buddhists are pretty unassailable is twofold:
they've discovered various supernatural tricks and huge percentages of their doctrine are nicked right out of thirdlevel christianity.
The only difference really is "Who is living at your inner centre?" They say the Nothing/All.....we say the Word of Life in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. We also say that Genesis 3 is a lie when it talks about a "separate Nothing/All" at our centres, making us like god. There is only two choices of deity,God, or the devil, masquerading as a super friendly Knight of Light.....and as Bob Dylan penned virtually the minute he became a Christian...
you've gotta serve spirit level there are only 2. On the surface you may be atheist,christian (little c),muslim,buddhist,caballist.....but if your believing isn't about the Son of God co- equal with God, the Word, becoming flesh as the Son of Man, and Him now coming by the Spirit as the Son of Man in your are still in Darkness.

All enemies of God's overall plan have limitations.....right here:

"Lead us not into the time of testing, but deliver us from evil."

But while we are not praying that, the buildup of Darkness continues.

Golden Dawn,Blavatsky,Alice Bailey, Albert Pike, David Spangler, the house of Rothschild,the White Upper Order of Freemasonry, the highest Buddhist orders, basically have devised war as the steps to world peace. That there would eventually be such a revulsion by the thuggery, the destruction, the atheist nihilism, people will turn to a ruler, ruling under Lucifer, who will bring the whole earth into "peace".

This is where we need to call two witnesses, the Old Testament and Doreen Irvine, a modern-day ex witch.
Balaam and King Balak
Numbers 22 is about Balaam, a Diviner, not an Israelite, a kind of shaman, that Moabite King Balak wanted to use to curse the people of God. Balak called upon Balaam twice upping the ante.
Balaam did go, and this is when his donkey saw the angel of the Lord in the way of his path....even speaking to Balaam. Yup...literally anything can happen once you cross supernatural boundaries.
Chapter 23 through 24 is about Balaam's attempts to curse Israel. Three times he actually ends up blessing them.
How shall I curse whom God has not cursed?..............
Behold, a people who dwells apart,
And will not be reckoned among the nations................
are two key phrases

Part of the second blessing looks like this:
The Lord his God is with him,

And the shout of a king is among them.
22 God brings them out of Egypt,
He is for them like the horns of the wild ox.
23 For there is no omen against Jacob,
Nor is there any divination against Israel;
At the proper time it shall be said to Jacob
And to Israel, what God has done!
24 Behold, a people rises like a lioness,
And as a lion it lifts itself;
It will not lie down until it devours the prey,
And drinks the blood of the slain.”

This last phrase won't go down well with grace people. It must be understood alongside "henceforth we see no man after the flesh"

God is for them like the horns of a wild ox

a people rises like a lioness and as a lion it lifts itself

These are related concepts. After Ern Baxter's major midcourse correction in the 70s, used by the Spirit to convey that "Going Into the Land" wasn't for after our death, nor after Jesus comes again....
the people of God set up lots of human infrastructures with the aim of "taking over " by human means.

The first generation didn't really understand the Spirit nature of rising like a lioness, and lifting itself as a lion. It's about Jesus "coming in His people" on their insides.  Nobody of my generation really believed for wasn't even a concept with them.  This is the true coming of age in the Spirit known as the third stage of growth in 1 John 2.

Chapter 24 contains an ominous element in the middle of the proclamations of blessing.
Peor, the mountain upon which it takes place is , it would seem, likely....dedicated to HORUS.
Peor is either
  • The name of a mountain peak (Num. 23:28) to which Balak led Balaam as a last effort to induce him to pronounce a curse upon Israel. The tribes of Israel are described as being visible from the peak, but nevertheless, Balaam refused to curse them, and continued to offer blessings (24:1-9). Peor is similar to the Egyptian Pi-Hor ("House of Horus").
  • A reference to a divinity who was worshipped at that mountain peak, and, biblically, was the subject of the heresy of Peor. The divinity, worshipped by the Moabites, is biblically referred to as Baal-peor (Num. 25:3,5, 18; comp. Deut. 3:29), literally meaning the Baal of Peor (The Lord of the House of Horus). An ancient Aramaic inscription, found at Dier Alla, identifies Balaam as a prophet of Shamash, a semitic sun-god, and consequently, it could well be the case that the unidentified Baal of Peor is Shamash. If Peor's connection to Pi-Hor is factual, then the Baal of Peor may be the Egyptian god Horus.
Sun god
The eye in the Pyramid
The day of the Sun  is the day most churches worship Jesus. How keen do you think God is to share this with the day of the Sun?

Chapter 25 seems to happen some time afterwards. There is possibly a gap .
  Balaam is referred in two ways in the Bible

Positively, in the sense that he was unable to bring a curse.
Joshua 24:9
Then Balak the son of Zippor, king of Moab, arose and fought against Israel, and he sent and summoned Balaam the son of Beor to curse you.

Joshua 24:10
But I was not willing to listen to Balaam. So he had to bless you, and I delivered you from his hand.

Nehemiah 13:2
because they did not meet the sons of Israel with bread and water, but hired Balaam against them to curse them. However, our God turned the curse into a blessing.

Micah 6:5
“My people, remember now What Balak king of Moab counseled And what Balaam son of Beor answered him, And from Shittim to Gilgal, So that you might know the righteous acts of the Lord.”

Then negatively as one who was corrupted by bribery , finally successfully coming up with a plan

2 Peter 2:15
forsaking the right way, they have gone astray, having followed the way of Balaam, the son of Beor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

Jude 1:11
Woe to them! For they have gone the way of Cain, and for pay they have rushed headlong into the error of Balaam, and perished in the rebellion of Korah.

Revelation 2:14
But I have a few things against you, because you have there some who hold the teaching of Balaam, who kept teaching Balak to put a stumbling block before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit acts of immorality.

This is hugely significant in history, for it gave the enemy of our souls a blueprint.

Luciferian interference cannot touch the people of God nor the plans of God whilst ever they are walking with the Lord, seeking after Him, keeping clean....if they fall, returning to the Lord, keeping a fresh heart before Him.

By seducing the people of God. By tricking them out of their close walk with God, he can actually get the people of God to trap themselves, to walk in the realm of curses again.....sin and judgment, proverbs 1 type calamities. This he did with the Israelites marrying Mideanite women who were caught up in the worship of Horus, some of the strongest and most potent of demonic involvement. Seeing how horrendous would be the results through history, God was incredibly severe and strong in his desire to be rid of every single form of contamination.

Jesus describes the process in two sowing type parables.
The most wellknown is the parable of the sower, and the way the enemy seeks to snatch away the seed, or seduce us away by material desires or by material worries.
The other is really relevant in terms of the way the whole church has been taken over with rogue seed. Salvation by works. Paid priests, Temple centric believing. Old Covenant practices with New Covenant placards stapled over them to make them seem acceptable.Blurring the experiencing of new birth, of baptism in the Holy Spirit. And countless more complications......

Luciferians can only exercise power over the people of God in the earth if they allow themselves to
-Rely on their insight , and forget trusting in the Lord with all their hearts Proverbs 3
-Practice and encourage sinful behaviours and bondages
-Rely on human power, and violence and ill gotten riches

This has been the target of the Bloodlines
To create a forgetfulness of all the key wisdom of God learned over the centuries
To lock people in their leftbrains, then keep them focussed on principles and laws that are godless
To encourage the cursing of God, and unholiness of all kinds of behaviours, so long as they are not uncontrollable from their point of view
To demolish all forms of Christian believing to create a vacuum to be filled with Luciferian belief
To promote addictions of all kinds
Wherever possible to abuse children and adults and get them bound by rape,violence,intimidation,sodomy then bribery and secrecy
wherever possible to introduce Luciferian initiation whereby people speak actual witchcraft oaths over themselves and their families, which are legal and binding until spoken against in the Name of Jesus Christ.
the proliferation of Freemasonry and every other type of secret group, including the huge rise of Kaballism as advertised regularly on Facebook.

Doreen Irvine was an ex witch who wrote "From Witchcraft to Christ."
In it she speaks of a minister walking right near them on the moors.Someone wanted to curse him, but was told that they could not touch him because he was covered by the blood of Christ.

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