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Briars 11 - Africa by Fritz Springmeier

Proposed Lagos development by Gilbert Chagoury who has a Gallery named after him in the Louvre
All pictures in this article represent what Africa is now today and could be in the future. They in no way relate to involvement with secret and harmful plans.
Editor's note :
Chris Welch  - I was born in Ghana to two science teachers with the Methodist Missionary Society.
Methodist churches are not the also ran breed of churches they are in the UK.....The missionary schools in many parts of Africa have launched the careers of many of the well known politicians. My Mum and Dad even had a go at teaching Kofi Annan but I don't think his strengths were ever science.

If you are brought up among UK Methodists you are inculcated with many value systems which are not always shared, or only recently shared in Greater Britain.(charity)
  • Involvement with charity work
  • An almost pathological guilt about the poverty in Africa and India
  • Almost total ignorance about the Bloodlines history in wrecking the advancement of Africa through the IMF, through disastrous export policies, bribery and corruption at all levels, freemasonry, Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table groups...often perceived as totally benign and charitable
  • Hospitality weekends, opening your homes to people of all nations who are over here preaching, or studying at our universities
  • Moderation in all things, especially loving God
The enormity of the Rheinhard Bonnke Christian Crusades
I now believe God has great things for Africa, but I feel many of them are going to come out of the new maturing churches. Other advances are literally coming by the day through energy, mobile phones , satellite channels, 3D printing,
Friend's soapdish made by new 3D Printer
and I am observing with keen interest the new stratospheric rise of multilevel marketing in Asia,India,Africa, South America and countries in Eastern block nations such as Lithuania. ( Jeunesse figures).
But a maturing Africa needs fresh levels of discernment.
For a while Europe and America could do no wrong. Then it seemed Europe and America couldn't do a thing right: they were whites!!!
The truth is somewhere in between. The Bloodlines rule secretly over the City of London, over Wall Street. Most Americans and most English people are being deliberately lied to by their Bloodline owned medias, so they still feel secure in the fact they think they own their own banks, the Bank of England and the Fed. Both are privately owned corporations. The truth is whites haven't the faintest clue about how they are implicated in the  damage done to Africans. They trust that their tax moneys  and businesses are being operated fairly and judiciously. In fact BBC is built upon such a claim.
Sadly youtubes will tell a completely different story.

Fritz Springmeier gives a current breakdown this week on Facebook:

Pink Flamingos on Lake Nakuru, Kenya


This post is different than my previous articles which were exposes of the Illuminati. It’s more of brief technical overview of the complex planning that is being done by the Illuminati to amalgamate non-technical cultures into the activities of the World’s Global economy. As you can imagine, the World Bank and  IMF have been involved. These nations need to develop the Small & Medium-size enterprises (called SMEs) to be export oriented. Major nations have what is called Technology Foresight Programs. The future technological needs of a nation (such as the U.S. & U.K.) are determined and then strategies are developed to meet those needs. For instance, in such and such year, we need this many computer programmers, this many welders, etc. Technological Foresight Programs have been lacking in the 6 African nations covered in this post.
The Illuminati, working through numerous agencies along w/ the leaders of 6 African nations (D.R. of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania & Zaire), are attempting this year to stimulate these 6 economies by export programs. In the past, these nations have had similar objectives that were not reached. One example of a past success, R.J. Reynolds, a company I wrote about in my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, took over the Tanzania Cigarette Company from the govt. in ’95. Even though the TCC had a legal monopoly on cigarettes, their poor cigarettes were not competing with smuggled ones from Kenya, until R.J. Reynolds came in. R.J. Reynolds hired better quality people & then trained their newly hired managers & workers. Employee productivity tripled. Quality rose, and waste went down.
Plans for gleaming new Eko-City  Lagos, Nigeria
OVERVIEW. These six nations still maintain economic/language ties to their mother colonial power. On the hump of west Africa is Ghana (formerly British) with Nigeria to its east (also formerly British). Further down the coast are two nations that confusingly used to have the same name (Republic of Congo) when they first declared independence. D.R. of Congo was French, & the other Congo was Belgium. The Belgium Congo is now Zaire. The other two of these upcoming nations are Kenya (formerly British) and Tanzania (originally German East Africa). I presume most of you have heard about Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Kenya’s capital Nairobi, as well as Nigeria’s capital Lagos.
SWEDEN’S INTEREST. Sweden, although not a former colonial power in Africa, has been active in this region. The Sister Industrial Program is set up to help transfer technology from Sweden to these countries. Recently, the Crown Princess of Sweden visited Ghana & Tanzania to help increase trade between these nations & Sweden. The Minister of Trade for Ghana, when he met Sweden’s Princess, said, “In different ways, Ghana and Tanzania represent ‘the new Africa’, with strong growth & major potential for increased trade & economic exchange.” (Besides Sweden, China, Russia & Japan have been active in this region.) (By the way, elite planners refer to Foreign Direct Investment as “FDI”.)
Nigeria's New generation qualifies :
 Chima Tasie Freeman
AMERICA’S FOCUS. Concerning these 6 nations, America’s elite have been focused mostly on Zaire & Kenya. Zaire has incredible natural resources that the Illuminati have been exploiting. Examples of 2 of our elite, who worked in our Foreign Service in both Zaire & Kenya, as well as playing important roles in Brussels w/ the Europeans are: Deane Roesch Hinton (CFR, Kenya ’49-51, ambassador to Zaire ’74-75, Brussels ’58-59 &‘76-79) and William Caldwell Harrop (Brussels ’63-66, consul Congo ’66-88, ambassador Kenya ‘80-83, amb. Zaire 87-91). Recently, someone asked me about the Ferguson surname, and I said it is Scottish, and Scottish have a big role in the New World Order, as I exposed in my Be Wise As Serpents book. Glenn Walker Ferguson was apparently in U.S. intelligence and CFR & Century Club, as well as our ambassador to Kenya ’66-69. Brandon Hambright Grove, Jr. was in the NSC, was the dep. Dir. for State Dept. Policy Planning, and the ambassador to Zaire ’84-87. You don’t find this high of level of cadre going to the more minor African nations in the region. Our Millennium Challenge Corp. will be investing up to $1 billion in this region’s power systems. After Obama announced his “Power Africa” program on 6/30/’13, the U.S. Export-Import bank said they would make available up to $5 billion in support (I assume that is fancy talk for loaning money! & getting people in debt).
MAJOR ELITE CONCERN. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are very important to the big transnational corporations. They don’t feel comfortable investing in countries where their technology will be stolen. An example of a big glitch: Ghana’s patent law has not allowed plants & animals to be patented. The World Order did not like that, & has pushed for it to be changed to where they can be patented. I don’t know the results of their pressure. Transnational corp.s want to protect their knowledge assets. All the WTO members have come in line with the IPR rules of the World Order. Nations that don’t line up will be economically isolated.

CAPITAL FLIGHT & BRAIN DRAINS. When citizens of these nations get wealthy, because they fear their govt.s, they often move their money out. When their intelligent young people go to good western universities, they often stay in their host country & pursue careers. So two things that could help these nations develop, capital &brainpower, often leave. Borrowing from the elite’s banks can generate the capital for growth, but nations have to be careful how they use the money. These nations had to reschedule their unsustainable debt to foreign banks by the Paris Club arrangement.
PROBLEMS. In the 6 nations, imported technology often does not get used, for instance, Kenya imports technology w/out trying to master it. They have been called “technologically backward”. My guestimate is that these nations have about 1 vehicle per 100 persons. So their economies are dependent on agriculture & natural resources. Quality consciousness is low. SMEs in these nations usually have no clue of the standards they would need to meet to export, or even that standards exist. The infrastructures of these 6 nations are ineffective. The uneducated weakly-skilled workers make it difficult for firms. Star-Kist Heinz &a Ghanaian partner created Pioneer Food Cannery Ltd. beginning in 1976, to export fish, and it struggled & went through countless changes during its struggle…its took years to iron out the problems for the canning factory…things that would never have been a struggle in the US or EU.
MORE PROBLEMS. It is common for Americans to assume that foreigners are like us. When I lived in Nepal, people who had never seen a faucet or toilet had no clue how to operate such basic features. “Common sense” is not there if a person has not been exposed to even these basic technologies. I went to Bible College with a brilliant personable Kenyan, who displayed a lack of exposure to technology. Americans take for granted basic skills we grow up around. These nations lack the quantity & quality of graduates to meet the need for development. The low technological level of current industry and the lack of basic skills restrain development. As far as I know, no Kenyan institution is doing R&D even though they have a Kenya Industrial R&D Institute. Kenya is weak on turning out engineer grads & technical grads; yet Kenya is more advanced than most African nations. Manufacturing is mainly in areas where Kenya companies don’t have to face world competition, in other words niche markets. The African firms are not able to identify their technological & quality problems. They all desperately need technological and marketing planning. Their cultures have traditionally not been cultures of technology like Europe. Concepts taken for granted in Europe &the U.S., that innovation is important for industry & for an economy are not part of their culture. Their ways of thinking can be rigid & entrenched. I know how disappointed some people have become trying to motivate these kind of cultures to make “positive changes”.
ATTITUDES. Kenya and Tanzania have an anti-education bias with many of their people, plus they do not encourage local entrepreneurs…. Tanzania falls behind the other 5 in technology, & in contrast w/ the other 5 nations, the govt. of Tanzania is not seriously committed to improving their technology. Over the yrs. Tanzania’s exports have dragged along w/ a mere 2 export-oriented garment firms for the U.S. market.
Accra Coastal resort, Ghana
GHANA. On independence, Ghana took its national name from a notable ancient African empire, with the wish that they would also be leaders. For over 4 decades, Ghana has wanted to be “the gateway to Africa” by attracting foreign investment and foreign companies & to develop their technology; yet it has been more of a wish than an achievement. The Ghanaian govt. is organized to move into the modern world. They created a Ghana Free Zones Board which in turn made export processing zones & improved the infrastructure of their seaport & capital’s airport. (Kenya also had 8 Export processing zones in 1999.)
Ghana’s export economy has been Cocoa, Fish, cosmetics, aluminum smelting. Foreign companies are involved with food processing, such as fish for the EU market. And EU inspectors made sure the health standards were up to European standards, before the EU accepted fish from Ghana. Japan also sent inspectors before they approved sea products for shipment to Japan. Their domestic firms
Ghana Rising: model Kate Menson
produce simple low quality goods for the domestic market which rely on simple technologies to produce. As an example of the type of research my father would do, which these countries need more of… is research that discovered a process for making liquid soap from cocoa hulks & used palm branches. Another example is Uganda, which did not traditionally grow roses….They discovered they had a great climate for growing roses in the Lake Victoria area, but they needed to find out what breeds of roses were commercially the best for their growing in the area. This is the kind of research that can bring great economic benefits to these African nations.
FINAL THOUGHTS. This post has discussed the areas that the Illuminati agencies will be working to develop in these 6 nations—skills, production standards, Technological Foresight Programs, changes in govt., and protection of the elite’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). If these programs succeed, they will be quietly controlled from behind the scenes by the Illuminati.

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