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The Revival Cycle 2 - in the Local Church

A HAPPY Revelation! Rich Novek on Facebook
Call me gullible, over sensitive, or a just a dreamer, but this is what the people of God who are filled with the Spirit should look like...isn't it?
Most Americans are clueless (including me) as to the other cultures of the world and as I watch these "Happy" videos from all over the planet it opens my eyes to the reality of the people of the world.
My whole life I have equated the people of these different countries with what the media has shoved down our throats "six ways sideways!" And these videos that I have been mesmerized by just blow that whole concept right out of the water and all to hell!
They are all just people living their everyday lives! I mean to think people from Beirut are dancing, or Iran, or Malaysia, or Croatia, or India, or some country I can't even pronounce? Really, they aren't just spending all day and all night immersed in their governments way of seeing life? Amazing!!!! Like I said, call me what you want, but these silly "Happy" videos are opening my eyes to something much BIGGER than what I have seen and known all my life, which is American life and American culture!
And then to take it up a notch, as I'm watching these happy people I am just imagining all of these wonderful people KNOWING the REAL "its no longer I who live but Christ living IN me" life and that they are all dancing around IN their newfound FREEDOM because of NOW KNOWING the God who created them!
And that right there is the reason why I can't stop watching them, LOL!!!

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Sandy Halverson Yay!..........i gotta tell ya...i discovered this...revelation in 2000 ..the so- called...millenium...etc...when Peter Jennings..showed all the positive things going on in many different countries!....UNREAL..all we do is focus on bad news here!........whaaat ...the....crazy...i want to see the good news!.................great post...Rich!...
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Rich Novek Wasn't really sure how it would be received but love what you and Chris Welch have said so far! It amazes me how brainwashed we are here in the land of the FREE?
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Lynn Henderson This is a must see. And hear...and cry over. The joy expressed across the nations of the world over this simple song is a proof that God designed us to run on "happy." Joy is our default emotion...or at least it is supposed to be, see The Life Model at It is a book which can change your life. We were made for joy. Alleluia and Hallelujah (Greek and Hebrew for I'm Happy! aka Praise God. )
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Sandy Halverson Yay...Amen...Lynn...agree.........filled to overflow!...
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Chris Welch Joy is our strength literally
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Cindi Estep Awesome!
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Rich Novek Yes HE is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mary Wilbur Holznagel I love this song! Thanks for sharing! People really are happy...
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Lynn Henderson Absolutely...blessed looks like this...dancing, smiling, laughing, and not being afraid to show it! David danced before the Lord with all his might. Why? Because he was so happy he couldn't hold back. WE hold back out of embarrassment. How sad.
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Lynn here's some complications....they are nice complications to have's a luxury to have these complications.Imagine a UK church built on dancing before the Lord. This was 1978-80s Emsworth Church.What then happens is keeping life in it.....

The Revival cycle in the Local Church
Chris Welch
Lynn here's some complications....they are nice complications to have's a luxury to have these complications.

Imagine UK church built on dancing before the Lord. This was 1978-80s Emsworth Church

What then happens is keeping life in it.....
Then you learn another set of truths......

What we learned is that each meeting not exclusively but generally follows an arc. And this arc is the way the Holy Spirit heeps life in it. It goes like this.

Think of the Lord's prayer and divided it into three natural sections

The Holy Spirit takes us where we are....which may not be that impressive. Lots have had really tough times. So we start entering the house of the Lord together with praise and dancing from cold.
Sometimes it does feel like fridge dancing. But we begin in something like the first lines of the Lord's prayer....making statement declarations about our God's greatness and the Kingdom being at hand!!!!

Before too long the Holy Spirit tangibly fulfils Christ's promise
where two or three are gathered in My Name there I AM is in your midst.....

Then if you imagine the mid sections of the Lords prayer....the Holy Spirit often takes the Bride down into some area connected vaguely with that subject matter....He is reprogramming our inner seeing....He is cleansing the Bride with the washing of water with His Word......actually in heavenly places terms...He is actually doing the priestly prepartions as He takes us into the supernatural areas of the Tabernacle....

Often pastors cut the meeting there through ignorance and lack of sensitivity and because nearly no church leader in the whole earth believes the Holy Spirit is capable of carrying a whole meeting and believes they have to help Him because He must be getting old and infirm!!!!

The reality meetings are where we put on Christ and we pur off the old independent self delusion...

If we follow the Holy Spirit through He takes us into the latter stages of the Lords Prayer which are only a couple of lines....but actually in the Spirit this is a huuuuuuuuuuge understatement. It's the same as us trying to figure the bit in Revelation where it says the elders just say Holy Holy Holy all the time.....which isn't really helpful to our leftbrains.

But actually these last lines of the Lords Prayer ARE THE MEAT.

I mean how many words are in the phrase "LET THERE BE LIGHT" yet that phrase is the Spirit foundation for everything physical, everything that ever existed in creation and everything now unfolding in time."

This is the great problem with Spirit's almost indescribable yet it has power over everything we see.....and we are PRIESTS OF THAT PROCESS NOW....co_PRIESTS with the MESSIAH... Wow
This is actuallly unfolding as I am writing.

But anyhow....this is what I wanted to reach Lynn Henderson
and this is not theory
I want to speak about spacetime authority and then the release of dance:
1. Authority
On one occasion around 1980 God took us through this cycle then the main leader was told by the Holy Spirit to make a declaration against the Yorkshire Ripper.
(Recap....he'd spent 5 years or so murdering women in the north then making taunting phone calls to the police. They were at total gridlock not knowing what to do) After this declaration it was just hours then the Ripper was in prison. It was incredible from an observer's point of view. We were tucked away unknown in the south of England.
2. Praise and Adoration after this stage the end of the Lords Prayer is absolutlely light yearsfrom when we arrived.
It's not just a feeling of the Presence of the's like the nuclear fallout after being used by the Lord as priests...
Dancing at this stage is ballisitc. The men typically dance full of energy together...or perhaps it's the whole church. There are youtubes of this on the net. Typically it is onyt black churches at the moment on You tube...but what I have just written is the Spirit explanation of what is going on...One Cuban ex-nun told me that once in Cuba she had to pull down an old man with his own walling stick frpm dancing in mid air. Well we never got to that in the UK yet.
The video above gives a foretaste
but in the Spirit version you have
1. Divinely energised dancing
2. A release of Spirit energy in the room that often heals people as a spin off
3. Because sin and sin consciousness is not even relevant the joy is totally unalloyed. Usually to achieve an approximation of this you have to be tanked up with alcohol or Speed or ecstacy tablets.....but the Holy Spirit ofcourse does all this Himself...
Don't get drunk with wine....BUT be filled with the Spirit

for which reason st Paul writes....don't be drunk with wine...but go through the Spirit cycle that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit , singing new songs etc etc. We certainly had songs coming out of our ears during this period.
4. Unity. This nuclear fallout of joy also has complete unity which is why in some of the conferences we were dancing with all our flags....and this is incredibly moving and is part of what we pick up here in what this Pharrell Williams song has achieved. Ofcourse the NWO wiill co opt it into their programme as they have with Beethoven's 9th and the Ode to joy. As soon as they co opt things...because they are has the kiss of death upon it....and everyone gets cynical.

more on the Lord's Prayer Revelation here

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