Tuesday 10 February 2015

Let's Get To The Heart of the Submission Doctrine

Having spoken out so strongly again about Apostolic Covering I want to teach this one clearly.
Graham Cooke, Bill Johnson,Rick Joyner and others who talk on the Courts of Heaven and Protocols of heaven RIGHTFULLY observe there is a LINE of AUTHORITY but this is where their teaching becomes false.Not just false. It is the very method the devil has used to hook Kenneth Copeland up with the Pope and Rick Joyner up with the Order of Malta.

Our generation were told that Gifts were given by the Ascended Christ....first apostles then prophets etc.The teaching then went out that we had to be in a line of submission in order for any of our prayers to get answered and for us all to grow.

Around 1949 when Ed Miller was seeking God to see a breakthrough in Argentina, the Lord did far more than Ed planned for. For a start tthe revival that came through Tommy Hicks was immense, filling complete stadia as thousands literally got healed. But far more than that God began opening up the realm of the thirdlevel church, a pattern Ed taught for the rest of his earthly life seeing four or five more revivals. For the Melchizedek Order, or Holiest Place order is where revivals are triggered from. This is the protocol Jesus entered when He was baptised in the Spirit, and it is the same realm He is catching or rapturing His saints into as they finally wake up to what was theory before.....that they are a Kingdom of Kings and Priests unto God. However in 1949 an angel appeared to them and specifically warned them by name that Fort Lauderdale would be a false movement.
Can you imagine, when my whole foundation in 1976 had come through most of these men? Don Basham started the Holy Spirit move in 1967 in my hometown. Derek Prince was someone we all listened to. And who could fail to notice the way Ern Baxter was being used in the Bible Weeks? These were the Fort Lauderdale Ministries.

But my role as a teacher in the Body of Christ is to teach truth where there is error.
And using an explanation of Ed Miller himself I want to really press home what is actually true.

The first generation of leaders in this new corporate Kingdom vision have not really spent long enough getting the heavenly blueprint. If we take a phrase of St Paul....
about the ascended Christ giving gifts unto men of apostles and prophets and superimpose this upon our own worldly thinking about authority, what we end up with is the current bondages in the church.

SUBMISSION coupled with the spirit of this world means the same as ISLAM.
Islam actually means submission.

"You are not to lord it over one another as is the custom of gentiles"
Jesus said "Call no man Father". So Catholics do precisely that, and call a man Father or POPE.

So how are we to reconcile things?
In the Spirit it is easy.
Ed Miller explains.
All ministries are like Taxi Drivers to the Throne of God but they do it free of charge. There are no meters running. When people are at the throne of God the taxi Drivers drop them off and leave them there.
Ministries in the New Covenant are eunuchs. They minister but don't involve themselves to their gain. They bring Word. They say the things God is saying. Even things of rule and authority, then they shut up.

Ministries train people within the New Covenant to hook up with the Melchizedek Order at the throne of God for themselves. The New Covenant is real, which specifically states "and no man shall teach or say to his brother know the Lord for all shall know Me from the least to the greatest."

Until people's own inner hearing is sorted, we have to bring Word to awaken that special piece of equipment. But once the New Covenant is up and running in someone's life then they will see the Kingdom as well or better than us who taught them.

When we speak of alignment it is purely in terms of the Throne of God, but apostolic ministries are good descriptions of what Kind David wrote in Psalm 84.
Blessed are they whose strength is in Thee, in whose hearts are the highways to Zion. They go into valleys of weeping and they make it a place of streams.

Ministries stand or fall on their Holy Spirit authority, not on human badges. When Paul was disciplining the Corinthian guy for sleeping with his father's new wife....the most interesting thing for me is this phrase....

when you are gathered
and the Holy Spirit is present
and my spirit is among you...

which is kind of a package that is a bit mystical....but I take it to mean in a similar way to Jorge Pradas or Ed Miller....who just needed to be present in a meeting and it was like their authority created an "open heaven" in a church gathering.
John 2 describes mature ministries as thse who know the One who is from the Beginning. They are beyond winds of doctrine....they just KNOW GOD...in their hearts are the very highways to Zion....they are connected to the Melchizedek order. They are like wifi broadband units giving clear sattellite reception through to the Throne of God. It's not that they exercise earthly rulership in the manner of lording it over people. Why would you need to do that if you are showing others how to connect with the Melchizedek order themselves?

Not even Jesus healed everybody in Jerusalem....there were some left for the apostles. Jesus certainly did hardly anything in Nazareth. Yet Jesus had that direct confrontation with the Enemy, in the wilderness and binding the strong man gained a potential certificate of ministry over Israel. It was limited to Israel and those who had so much faith they literally pulled involvement out of Him....like the Canaanite woman and the Roman centurion. But this modern charismatic idea of authority over geographies for earthly rule and lording it over congregation members is just total baloney.....not evenJesus had that....as witnessed at His trial.Jesus had nothing on those 12 disciples who just walked off. If the same had happened to Bill Johnson or Rick Joyner they would have set their staff on them and harangued them with something. This is a correction of thinking that needs to go right into the whole of the current charismatic networks of churches.

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