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R.Edward Miller - Love

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On March 27, 1917, Robert Edward Miller was born in Alsea, Oregon, U.S.A. He is the son of Dr. Buford Charles Miller, a Baptist minister, who came into the full gospel message through the ministry of the well known Aimee Semple McPherson. He was used by the Lord in the healing ministry with Dr. Charles S. Price and pioneered many large churches with his team of young people in Southeastern Oregon.

After his father's untimely death, Edward Miller, at the early age of 11, spent ten years working on the farm of his aunt and uncle. Separated from his peers and locked into long hours of farm labor, he learned to pray. His Bible was his companion. One day, while working in the fields, he had an encounter with God and a genuine conversion.

Attending Bible College in Southern California, he again experienced the Presence of the Lord like he had as a child in the field on the farm. During his college years, there were many days when classes were suspended, because the Holy Spirit visited them. During these days of prayer and seeking God, he was challenged to some day go to the mission field.

After Bible College, he took up his first pastorate among the Chiloquin Indians in Chiloquin, Oregon. After this, he then moved to Bandon, Oregon to pastor his second church.

Years later “The Haven of Rest” and the "Crew of the Good Ship Grace" (a radio broadcast) financially sponsored the Millers, enabling them to go to South America to answer the call of God to become missionaries in a foreign land. On their way to South America, the ship was detained in Puerto Rico due to the United State’s involvement in the war with Japan. They remained in Puerto Rico for a couple of years, ministering evangelistically and in several churches. After this time, they continued on down to Montevideo, Uruguay's capitol city, where they ministered for several years in tent evangelism and pioneered a full gospel church. Dr. Miller then moved down to Argentina, which, unknown to him, was to become his "life work."

In the fall of 1948, he went to Mendoza, Argentina at the foot of the South American Andes Mountains. There, tired of “church as usual”, he set himself apart to intensely seek the Lord for 8 hours every day. He had to discover for himself, the same power that he had seen in other ministries and churches as a child. After several months, his prayers were answered and he experienced a dynamic encounter with God. Shortly afterward, a move of the Holy Spirit broke out in the church which he was pastoring. (The story of the moving of the Holy Spirit in Mendoza is related in his book, "Secrets of the Argentine Revival").

He spent many years in Argentina as a missionary, ministering in crusades as an evangelist and witnessing many supernatural miracles and conversions. He not only pioneered several churches, but traveled to many churches throughout the country where spontaneous visitations of God would break forth. He founded a Bible School in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, where for several years there was an unusual move of the Holy Spirit and a manifestation of God’s Presence. Many of the students went on to serve the Lord, founding churches in many provinces of the country.

Dr. Miller also began an orphanage for abandoned children, which became very well known in the city of Mar del Plata. By faith, God brought in offerings to construct all the buildings.

The Millers remained in Argentina until 1974, strengthening the Peniel churches and working with their sons, Robert and John, and adoptive daughter Annie.

The Holy Spirit had spoken to the Millers, telling them that they were to go forth to churches in various other nations to strengthen their faith for an onward move into the purposes of God. So in March 1974, they left the work in Argentina to move into a larger harvest field. For the next six and one-half years they traveled around the world several times, ministering in numerous countries, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

In 1980 they returned to the United States, where God directed them to begin a work in Atlanta, Georgia. With a small group of about a dozen hungry believers, Peniel Bible Assemblies began with prayer and bible studies in one of the homes. As God began to sovereignly draw others to the fellowship from neighboring areas - as well as from other states and countries - it was necessary to find a larger place to meet, as the number of those desirous of moving into the purposes of God continually increased. Eventually, property was purchased and a church built to seat 700 people, which soon was filled. A tremendous move of the Spirit of God took place during the years of 1986 to 1994. Too numerous to mention here, are the countless testimonies of those who had life-changing encounters with God as He manifested His Presence, Glory and power.

Once again the Millers felt led to travel overseas. This time most of their efforts were spent ministering in Taiwan and Malaysia. The impact of God’s sovereign move through their ministry there, lasted for many years, with thousands of lives changed. So much so, that China’s “eternal First Lady” Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, asked to have an interview with him. She also had him flown to her private residence to pray for one of her family members.

Dr. R. Edward Miller has authored a number of books and has an extensive library of audio messages, which continue to minister to many around the world. His rich insight into the Scriptures and the Presence of God in his personal life, have brought spiritual awakening and enrichment to many who have desired a deeper walk with God.

In their final years, the Miller’s returned to Argentina, where God called both of them to their eternal home with Himself.  from revival

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