Sunday 15 February 2015

New Testament Parables - Dr Kay Fairchild

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Unknown said...

Good morning Dr Kay.
My name is Patience Mokumo from Polokwane in South Africa. Ever since I discovered your website I have been so blessed and love the Lord more and feel so free and excited. I have been in a charismatic church since 1993, so hungry for God, part of the leadership preaching in the local church but got stuck and fell into a rut about what really Christianity is all about. Last year I actually decided not to be part of that church any longer as I was dying inside having the lead pastor who came with his young leaders and I started to question more about the reality of the so called salvation., having a feeling of needing more of God which I did not get from any preaching nor teaching from scripture. I thank God for your teachings that open my spiritual eyes and would love to know more through your videos and notes. When you come to SA do inform me and maybe direct me to the ministry in SA similar to yours or if not help me with your writings that I can plan one. I read "The Christ mind" and was so blessed.
Much appreciation.