Wednesday 15 July 2015

Continuous Bread

The Revival Intercessors are some of the most to be pitied. They spend hours interceeding but hold their hands up to their ears lest the Lord actually tell them how revival works.
You can't spell it out more than
1 John 2
The Jewish Feast Cycle
The names of the Gates of Jerusalem
yet they still pray the Lord to come back and fix everything including a revival.
Hey Lord.....come down out of the clouds and just zap America, Asia, Europe the Middle East. Thankyou Jesus. Lots of speaking in tongues to stop Jesus telling them any differently. Amen. End of prayer.
It's a bit like entering a posh restaurant in New York and ordering Macdonalds.
But we don't do Macdonalds sir
Excuse me I wasn't talking to you and who put this misleading bit of literature on the table anyway?
That's the a la carte menu sir
Well i don't like mess on my table. Move it off and get me a Big Mac
This is Intercessors for America!!!!

The Thirdlevel IS REVIVAL
While churches are scrapping around in the first two levels and then praying for revival, the whole of God's heavenly engineering programme grinds to a halt midway like a half built Tower.
Jesus says REVIVAL IS IN THE THIRD FEAST . It's called the Feast of Ingathering
Isn't that the thing that happens after you come back?
Does Bread only get made after I come back?
Well I have been running the same cycle since the beginning,,,,,what's the big problem My Church have with actually leaving a loaf in the oven until it's cooked?
Oh we can't do that Lord. You have to come down and do it.
I've given you the oven, I 've given you the grain and I've given you the knob on the oven. What more is there to understand? Just leave the Bread in the Oven and turn up the temperature!

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