Monday 6 July 2015

Smoothies - Part of 6 Minutes to skinny

6 Minutes to Skinny
is a method by Craig Ballantyne based on the principle that if you wake up your body first thing to a higher metabolic rate with a 4 minute intense workout followed by an energy and vitamin filled smoothie, you will feel full, but your body will continue burning fats all day and not be putting away surplus. ie. You should trim down.

6 Minutes to Skinny comes out of 15 years research and is available here.

The programme contains a whole 43 incredible smoothie recipes.  Make sure you have a good fast blender to be able to grind down nuts and almonds as well as the other goodies like spinach or kale.

Here are the general principles behind Craig's smoothies, so you may like to do what I have done and bought a whole selection of ingredients which i have put in one box, and then pick and choose from.

What a buzz your body gives you after having given it so many nutrients to work with!!!!

General Guidelines
1. My favorite blender drinks have 3 fruits.  Generally I recommend 1 frozen fruit,  1 banana, and at least 1 berry.
2. Every blender drink should have one green ingredient – spinach is always good.
3. Add one nut butter – try peanut butter,  cashew butter, or almond butter.
4. Throw in another healthy fat source  – such as flax meal, flax oil, or walnuts.
5. Instead of regular milk, use almond milk  (lower calories, but less protein) –  or you can try hemp milk or coconut milk.
6. To thicken the shake, you can add  oatmeal, flax meal, applesauce, or ice.
7. To energize your shake (i.e. caffeine),  try adding cacao nibs or cacao powder.
8. BioTrust Protein Powder makes a great addition, especially after a workout.
9. Get adventurous! Try adding almonds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds... anything!

Apples Not used often, but they work.
Bananas Almost mandatory! Always great.
Raspberries Delicious! Masks other ingredients.
Blueberries Always turns your drinks purple!
trawberries Classic, delicious in many drinks.
Blackberries Turns drinks dark, not much flavor.
Pineapple Can leave an acidic taste.
Mango Use once in a while.
Watermelon Fresh! Not used often though.
Oranges Use once in a while.
 Dates  Good as a sweetener, try Shake #6!
Avocado Makes a drink smooth.

Baby Spinach The easy, tasteless go-to green.
Kale Much more flavorful than spinach.
Broccoli Not bad. Use a high-power blender.
Celery  Can overpower other ingredients.
Cucumber Fresh but overpowering taste.

Almonds Tough to blend.
Walnuts Easy to blend.
 Pecans Not used often.
Cashews Not used often.
Sunflower Seeds Tough to blend, adds texture.
 Hemp Seeds Earthy flavor.
Chia Seeds Tough to blend, adds texture.
Flax Meal Thickens fast, don’t add much.
OTHER Almond Milk Unsweetened Plain, Vanilla,   or Chocolate Almond Milk Cacao Nibs These will put a zing in your   day (a little bit of caffeine).
Vanilla Sweeten it! Cinnamon Spice it up!
Maca Powder Boosts energy,   balances hormones.
Coconut Flakes Tasty, adds texture.
Protein Powder I recommend BioTrust Protein   Powder, Vanilla or Chocolate.

For more smoothie ideas check out Drew Canole on Fitlife TV

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