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Jeunesse - the Vision

Facebook note: Intro....26th June
Obviously putting stuff up about money can be offensive.
Here's an interesting thing....the 3 sex and power , all, by the way addressed in Roger Forster 's book Celebration of Discipline
are the THREE areas Jesus faced head on in the wilderness (or something akin to the equivalent in that situation).
In the parable of the sower we see the last rugged obstacles to pure soil are
worries and fears about not having enough stuff
love of STUFF when we have it.
Basically the charismatic wrestle that takes you into the third level is a hardedge defining OF STUFF in your life
loves of friends and things
fears of loss of friends and things
fear of man in general, fears of Powers that be.
The world the flesh and the devil viewed by Xray in the spirit are the SAME seamless LUMP. Jesus referred to this in the Upper Room as landing places.
"The devil has no landing place in me". He was tempted in all points and now He could successfully proclaim....all possible PLUG IN CORDS were now incompatible.
In terms of "snake serum" Jesus NOW HAD antidotes to all the serpent's poisons.
THIS SAME LIFE QUALITY He is working in us who believe.
If you are a thirdlevel guy a woman should feel as safe with you as she does with homosexuals or more biblically...eunuchs.
If you are a thirdlevel guy you should be like Jesus and have a belief level that supports itself for money. Secondlevellers still LEAN ON OTHERS for money by selling God's own free Word, or by commanding an Old Testament tithe
If you are a thirdlevel guy you don't have POWER over, you impart JESUS CHRIST Himself. What we share is the Galatians 2:20 message of Christ in you in your form, the hope and ANCHOR of glory. Very little else actually. You don't need anything else. Anything else is HIS LIFE which is sufficient IN YOU.
There are things thirdlevellers can talk about among each other that you cannot say with people who still have their electrical serpent power cords attached.
Here is a life illustration in a totally different arena. Nurses. Ilona Smith is like this and my wife is more and more. There are things you say as nurses to let off steam that can never be repeated in normal church. Your whole life as a nurse is "back up against the wall fighting disease and death". Body parts are tools of the trade. Nothing is off limits. Sometimes they forget when they are around normal situations.
They also use annoying abbreviations that they expect everybody to know...but then all trades use jargon.....and Christians are the worst!!!!

Jeunesse - The Vision
People used to get quite upset with St Paul sometimes just for wanting to lay a foundation in Jesus Christ at his own expense so nobody could say that they were charged for it, and that the message of grace truly was free.
Many have contacted me over the years and asked me when I am coming to India and Africa to preach. I usually give two answers.
One, I want to see an impact made here in our challenging country which has settled for zero level, first level and secondlevel Christianity but has never accepted thirdlevel Christianity as was preached by the apostles and even summarised in 1 John 2.
I could come to a foreign country and preach Jesus the Saviour and Jesus the Baptiser in the Spirit, but there are no shortage of missionaries well able to do that. There aren't many yet who can share about Genesis 3...."separation" and how Jesus came to break it all.

I can earn very well in piano tuning, but I need more pianos. There are less and less.  I do removals of pianos and other piano related  projects like restoration/restringing/new hammers and dampers. Even french polishing.
But for the last few years I have been getting excited about Multi level Marketing again.

MLM (Multilevel marketing)
I got involved in the pioneer years in the UK at the end of the 80s and early 90s. I noted what a good company was and I noted the atmosphere when all the ingredients were right....products/infrastructure and delivery/ and compensation plan.  An early example was a perfume company called l'Arome in Wales.
I have been sharing with others on Facebook about MLM for the last few years but I never saw anything that grabbed me. Until last summer.  It happened in such an unexpected way that I believed it was God opening a door.

My website is here

MLM multiis often perceived and written off as "pyramid selling".
Guess what? Every business and sadly most churches are pyramid sales operations.
The only reason standard businesses want to disparage MLM is because they want you to buy from their Pyramid and make them rich. Most churches are run by a pyramid figure called a priest, a vicar or a pastor and they, in return for a tenth according to the Old Covenant, serve their product of a sermon, control of a church, and to greater or lesser extents pastoral care.

No. Good MLMs are about marketing product, but instead of paying media outlets millions, those millions get shared out among people. In return you share about the products , you use them, and you find other would be users. In a good MLM it shouldn't matter too much when you join, because everybody is the same as you. You start with a few people and help them to find more people , then both layers help the third layer find more people. This is the same for those just starting as for those who get in first. Exponential mathematics....2 times 2 times 2  or 3 times 3 times 3 and so on , is the same for everybody. If anything it is HARDER for the first people because they are at the cliff edge....nobody anywhere knows about the product yet and they have to pioneer.

MLM is about marketing....expanding sales...sharing what's good about something.  Companies spend millions on a 30 second simple message. Now this simple message is YOURS to share and you get the money.

Normal jobs are linear. So many hours work at so many dollars or pounds always produces so much wage.

MLM is superior....if you can survive the first bit.
So you often start on the back of what you are doing now.
1. There is literally hardly a limit to the exponential nature of earnings if you really build consistently
2.  MLM is like royalty on book sales and album sales, or on a patent. You repeatedly earn  commission for the people you have introduced. Every month.

You survive the small beginnings by selling more yourself, which gets others familiar with how good the products are, and also by selling special offer starter kits ( which are cheaper than buying products individually) but which quickly give new beginners a product range or mobile store to show people.

There is nothing get rich quick about MLM. Like starting any entrepreneurial enterprise you will wonder at times why you are doing it. But like manually pushing a car down hill, the car gathers its own momentum and the whole thing takes off.

Nobody can describe what a fantastic thing teamwork is, since it is in everyone's favour for you to succeed. If people are pulling their weight, then it is really like having four or five mentors helping you learn the ropes.

So the vision of Jeunesse
isn't about me. It's how can our team help you to successfully achieve what you have always longed for, but never quite had the money or time for? How can we do that for you?

The people who introduced me to Jeunesse have been in MLM continuously for all the years that I have known about MLM.
With their last company they were on £20,000 per month. These are realisable goals if you follow their and my leading and don't try to reinvent the wheel but give consistant effort especially in the first few months or year.

Here are just some of the amazing products :

In the UK we are still awaiting the launch of the exciting Zen Bodi product (available in the US from here) but all the other products can be found here

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