Saturday 25 July 2015

Praying mysteries in tongues

When we come to Christ we have absolutely no idea what we are doing. Our only conception of what we are doing comes out of our pagan world view.
Pagan Chris? You were a Methodist.
A Pagan is somebody who hasn't got Christ in his or her being. Everything you do is pagan. Based entirely on the senses.Zilch revelation. Couldn't really care that much about sin. Any concept of God is still pagan, even if you are in a church. Your world view is pagan. Separate from God. God's in the Universe next door and you somehow have to appease Him, With a harvest festival. or helping a granny across a street. We have no idea at all about the Kingdom of God, what it is, where it is, how it works....and we can't see it at all. Like Jesus brothers, you could all be playing snooker together and you wouldn't know the Kingdom was in the same room.
So right there is a huge reason why on the first day you become a Chrstian God baptises you in His Spirit and you speak in tongues. Your mind cannot say anything. Can't filter the info....intercept....foul things up....nothing!!!
This is the sort of thing you could be saying that your mind cannot foul up.
"God I thank you you have brought me into your family. I came to you for forgiveness of sins because I have done so many things wrong, and yet you only want to explain to Me what your purpose is regarding your Sons. It's all too much Lord, but My spirit understands. Sin seems to be irrelevant to you because of the Power of the Son's life living out of My body. You seem to be raising up a Kingdom of people that not only know no death, but are daily weakening its hold on the planet. Wow, you say this current generation, as opposed to the generation raised in Adam, will stomp on Death and kick it off the planet. I am glad I am speaking in mind would definitely kill that one. And what is this? My life is hidden bound up with , wrapped inside your Life in the don't know where your life and my spirit start and end? You are as me in the Earth, except in my particular version of your self!!!! This is all too much Lord....wait til I tell my mind. Oh , you won't allow that just would freak it out. How should I treat my mind? Oh patient with is as thick as two short planks yet thinks it knows everything. Yup Lord that's about the sum of it. What do i do then as a new Christian.? Just trust Your Life within me? Wow that seems a bit too simple. Shouldn't i be doing lots of things? Oh I see, feed on You in whatever form i can.'s all too much for one session!!!! Jesus you are amazing. Can't i tell my mind anything? Oh...."Jesus loves you"....oh OK then....speak with You tomorrow. End of tongues .

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