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Church Life in the New Melchizedek order

Originally posted in a series on Facebook…/body-of-christ-has-ap…
is a brief study on how the Church has tons of Apps.
There are Apps listed in the Bible from Holy Spirit Gifts, ministries, and fruit, but just like the human body the variety and breadth is absolutely stunning.
I mean quite apart from natural gifting which is quite stunning., the spiritual abilities people have are amazing. But you will never know unless you travel widely.
Now gifts and talents are absolutely matter of fact to those who can do them.
I can lift a piano, put it on a trolley, get it into my trailer and drive it anywhere singlehandedly, although I prefer to have another person the other end of the piano.
i can restring a piano completely , refinish the frame and repin, so that you would think it just came out of the factory. All of us can do some amazing things which for onlookers seem crazy.
But spiritually there are people who can tell you sickness diagnoses by passing their hand over you...or even looking at you and seeing spirits responsible for the diseases.There are people that can pray for backs, but nothing else. There are people who specialise in other parts. There are people who can do matchmaking. There are people who can do jobhunting. There are people for whom it is normal to get all your children knowing the Lord,fully baptised in the Spirit and also recognising their own ministries.....while others of us still struggle with unbelieving families. That's the thing....there are churches like Bill Johnson's that have an atmosphere for healing...but it took 23 years!!!! Other churches deal naturally in the area of deliverance. Others intercession for amazingly big things. More and more are experiencing instantly being transferred to other regions. We have natural lives in which we learn and grow, but our actual ambassorship, our priesthood is in a totally different eternal realm. As God grants we are absolutely without limitation in this realm. It is NOT provided for our engrandizement, it is granted for the establishing of the supernatural Kingdom of God on earth.
So tell yourself right now.....God's STUFF is not about you and what you regard as "your little life"...this is about the new Priesthood Jesus established as He was anointed and came out of the Jordan. As well as teaching preaching and exercising authority over Israel, He as the Cornerstone had the Preeminent role of exercising His Priesthood even to being abused unto death. Our own little lives truly pale into insignificance as we begin to take seriously our new priesthood roles. All angels are put at the disposal of this new Priesthood. Gazillions of saints surround us and just continue their earthly ministries from before but in heaven.
Jesus could have thought....I am just a carpenter from a little Crossroads town called Nazareth.
We are NOT "just a" anything. We were made "specifically"....for commissioning with all the high powered back up that ambassadorship provides.We operate in Psalm 123, in the Melchizedek order. The HIGH KING who opens seals that nobody can shut, enacts those seals through OUR ambassadorship. Whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven....the same with loosing.....
When Paul says we hasten the Day of the'd better believe it.
We of ourselves don't hasten nothing!!!! But our ambassadorial and priestly role, when properly excercised is of a totally different order of function.. It is more fully described in Psalm 149....this is GLORY for His faithful ones.

So the operation we have is huge,but is nothing less than the installation of the spiritual Kingdom of God on planet earth. It can only be done by a Melchisedek priesthood as has been adequately shown by the failure of every other kind of priesthood and Move of God. Yet this is mirrored every single.second by Melchisedek particles which are the real elements which keep every atom in the universe sustained and running. In this way we see there is no real join between that which we consider spiritual and that which we consider.natural. It comes.down to our seeing of it. The KNOWLEDGE of the glory of the Lord.shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
The manifestation of the Melchisedek priesthood coincides with the arrival of a brand new form of.Satan's kingdom......feet of clay mixed with iron. Up until now we knew we were being ruled by Napoleon or Hitler, this last form is by stealth, clay being the human Have a Nice Day front pioneered in America. It also speaks of transhumanism where increasingly less human is in the beings that surround and rule you. Far from there being no.demons as Facebook people believe, they are actually close to their original Genesis 6 goal of.breaking through the human barriers and ruling the earth as perfect hybrids.....eventually doing without man altogether. Nephilim. It is difficult to express how.much they hate us , presumably because we were given the rule of this planet, that we are made of clay in a very low.density environment but that God has installed in us His own raw power and Presence which actually far exceeds theirs. The devils whole operation is to lie kill and steal. To lie about everything God has said. Did God say? To kill....since the spirit they move in brought death and to usurp gain steal all that has been promised and freely given to the sons of men. Selah....

It's a bit weird looking back on the tabernacle of Moses but that is useful here. This is why it is weird. If you have come straight out of the world.system or if you have come out of present religion no won't know a thing about Moses Tabernacle. They don't teach it on telly nor in church. The great irony is from Catholicism down to the most ardent new church there has been this return to Judaism and the Old Covenant way of.doing things with one man doing most of the work. Rob Rufus for.example. Just a super spirit filled vicar who stands at the front....much more fun than a rabbi in a synagogue....but actually much the same.
Yet this is why it is weird....there no Tabernacle teaching.
So the Tabernacle teaching relevant in the New Covenant?
The Tabernacle of.Moses is a poor copy of the Melchizedek Order....but the blueprint is 100% accurate. The book of Hebrews which barely meant anything in the 70s and was only taught very really starting to lift off the page with the next generation. A 20 year old.worshipleader started talking to me about the Melchisedek Order at a tuning 2 years ago. Wow. Something is going on...... In my 43 years in Christ I was the only person talking about this. Well, Sam Fife did.
So let's sum up the weirdness.
Unless you are in the raw unmitigating version of Jesus Christ rolling out His Jeremiah 31 NEW will be in some church that has reverted back in many ways to a now.dead Old Covenant Judaism......but you won't realise because they themselves never teach the Tabernacle it.
Secondly Moses.Tabernacle at the time wasn't a dead thing. It was given as revelation in Face to face intimacy with God up the Mountain. It is a graphic illustrative map of what Moses saw in the Spirit as He saw heaven. So as you get caught up in the Spirit more and more in David found....The more the Tabernacle layout will mean to you in the Spirit.

What is so extraordinary about the Melchizedek order of priesthood that Jesus was raising? Well have a look at it in the gospels!!!
What was extraordinary was it was conducted in real time. Evangelicalism isn't conducted in real time. It's conducted in auditoriums with John MacArthur.
What about the charismatic?
Well they demonstrate in real time what they in fact are. An in part company. Part of what they do is conducted in real time.....but it is only in real meeting time. As in Spirit filled worship. Then comes the teaching. Which is still a rabbi teaching in an Old Covenant Synagogue it Rob Rufus or Bill Johnson.
Jesus was doing something the earth had never seen. He was teaching Spirit in real time exactly as fathers teach their natural offspring. In other words.....The equivalent for Him of our own Galatians 2.20 consciousness was so real that He taught OUT of His own life and Living in real time.
This is the Melchisedek Order being raised up on earth.
The Jesus Move had a crack at this, living in community. I am.still.deeply impressed with what Stan and Averil Warren were doing with us in Bible House in Emsworth. For years we lived with them and we were catching virally their life in God. They followed the Spirit. We followed the Spirit.....and as a house they would have crashed through into a total version of what Norman Grubb calls the Freefall of Faith and Total Living......
But to do that you need these things
Psalm24 God ardently and to persist until you find Him as your righteousness within you......violent men take the Kingdom by the Face of the God of Jacob.....learn how it is we can go up the Mountain with clean hands and a pure heart....learn the heavenly protocols first hand.
Religion will not allow you to do these things. Jesus and the disciples had very do.with the synagogue infrastructure. The training was going on in real time as Jesus ministered to many many people.....but outside the system.
You have to have God's Life up and running in you to teach from that Life in real time. And this is the order God is raising. Like Jesus and Paul I name people openly......not to belittle them....but precisely because they are so brilliant they are worth working with. My beef with Annalize Mouton and Daniel Yordy is precisely over this real time issue. They still teach through online books pamphlets teaching courses. This is not what I am in. I am part of this next move which is the Melchizedek priesthood being raised in real time and as my Timeline shows I expect us all to be sharing Galatians 2.20 life in real time in the manner of Genesis and laid bare carcasses that the Holy Spirit supernatural hovers between doing His dividing work in Hebrews 4.11
About 25 of us found God put us together in a continuous private message Thread for two non-stop.years here on Facebook. Two have since divorced.....many I have barely spoken with.....and with Daniel and Annalize I have had much friction because they weren't quite seeing the amazing thing that was happening that was simply beyond any of us and that God had brought us into.
I don't know if the quality of a church is measured by the speed it can be broken apart by the devil. If so we didn't measure up to Jesus and His disciples record of 24 hours.....after the discourse. But we were pretty close.


What I actually woke up with, but i couldn't get to in the previous two statuses without laying the foundation , is this:
If you are in a boat by the White Cliffs of Dover you actually can't see them. What?
Yes. They are toooooooo big.
As you look out the window you only see something like a white fog. In other words you are looking out at a tiny piece of cliff face which just looks white.
Even so, we are staring out at a work of God so enormous, so magnificent, and so carefully crafted over millennia, that we only see our bit of it. I talk about the third level of knowing God even as does Daniel Yordy, but the actual truth is more like we are living in just the latter stages of the second level.
If you were comparing where the World Church is, the true church following the Spirit of God....(these are the sons of God those who follow the Spirit)
and you were to compare this with the threefold package of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob.... we are kind of floundering around in the latter part of Jacob's time with Laban. The Word of faith Movement is a great parallel with when Jacob arrived at Laban's. What we preach and speak forth is always somewhere ahead of where we actually are.
A few days ago I posted the story of Arthur Wallis on my blog.…/arthur-wallis-on-birt…
Now in the 70s, relative to the 70s, Arthur Wallis was a thirdleveller. He was a Father to the then church in Britain. He wasn't received largely. To this day nobody realises quite what God was doing through him as he was quickly wheeled in to take Michael Harper's place, when Michael was in the USA preaching. Arthur preached to the whole of the Fountain Trust on the Gates in Nehemiah. Hardly anybody realises even now that the Almighty power of God through that one message spoke things into being right across in England. Basically, what the Lord was rolling out was nothing less than the first seven Gates....the SHEEP GATE right through to the WATERGATE and the irony was not lost that this was actually the time of Watergate!!!! In the late 80s God wheeled out the HORSE GATE that is, intercession on an unprecedented scale, opening up doors over cities nations and in particular the 10/40 window.
The Gates left to open up on a corporate world wide scale are
The EASTERN GATE : the MIGHTY INFLUX prophesied by most, which is represented by the Feast of In gathering in the Feast of Tabernacles
The GATE of MIPHKAD which has to do with a new type of administration that requires everybody to be living in thirdlevel Christianity
THE GATE of EPHRAIM which is the DOUBLE PORTION anonting that Morris Cerullo has been both preaching and bringing in, but relates to Elisha, and forerunners like Smith Wigglesworth.
And the FINAL GATE which is a truly THIRDLEVEL GATE....the PRISON GATE....allowing yourself to be bound that others be released. Check out Jesus final week on earth and the ministry of St Paul and the first apostles.
What I woke up with is this. I have been describing in recent months how the HOLY PLACE is made up of tribes.....BUT THEIR SHEWBREAD is neatly cut up in portions. I have been saying that until we cross the LINE OF SPIRIT that is all people can handle. The charismatic movement is divided largely into streams according to the Spirit capacity of the leaders....which often isn't that great.
Some don't "get" Israel. Some don't get "end Times". Some don't "get" hospitality. Some don't get "the Testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" Some don't get "helps and administrations"....some don't get Spirit teaching....some don't get the protocols of the heavenly places...some don't get prayer and fasting....on and on and on.....
Everyone in their particular stream.
The present Move is always here to offend those who stopped following the Cloud some time back.

This is what I woke up with....
One of the last times this actually happened was the Kansas City Shepherd's Conference in 1975.
Nehemiah 8 describes this type of cyclic God event when He gathers the people of God all together regardless of tribe in the one square. The walls and Gates were all finished. God's Spirit arranges Melchizedek order gatherings
ALL THE MORE SO as we see the DAY drawing near.
The point of the HOLY PLACE from a heavenly Tabernacle Melchizedek viewpoint
The candlestick and all the gifts and revelation of the Spirit, and Rhema Word are there in one corner. The table of SHEWBREAD which is the teaching of Christ's LOGOS LIVED OUT WORD from all 12 ANGLES of 12 TRIBES is there in the centre. This is a SPIRIT WORD environment that gives birth to the SPIRIT WORD CHURCH prophesied by Smith Wigglesworth.
This saints, is Ephesians 4
As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness [h]in deceitful scheming; 15 but [i]speaking the truth in love, [j]we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together [k]by what every joint supplies, according to the [l]proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.
To get from our eternally Peter Pan Hebrews 6, never maturing environment church that is currently the worldwide state of things....
we speak the truth in love
we grow up in all aspects...because we are surrounded by all aspects...including those NOT in our comfort zone....
all joined in NEW COVENANT Jeremiah 31 style with the HEAD directly
finding ourself formed and holding together BY THAT CHRIST set of components that "properly working" individuals are supplying
that is individuals who now have Galatians 2:20 consciousness, are up and running in their unique Christ commissioning....
and who impart that empowering of grace direct into the veins of other body members.
IF YOU DON'T GET OR UNDERSTAND UNION you cannot understand Paul's sentence have a Christ bit of the sentence....more blurb...concluded by causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.
Because in the thirdlevel
is related directly to the Father
and operates out from HIM.
There is no more "separation" more talking ABOUT God as both the evangelicals and charismatics are wont to do....
we speak the YEA and AMEN of God
We speak what God is speaking NOW as He lives in and through us....and when He is not doing anything....WE SHUT UP.

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