Thursday 22 October 2015

The Revelation 12 Dragon Pounce through history

Revelation 12 describes how when the ManChild is born, God's breakthrough, God's New thing,God's own Child form for that particular Age, the Dragon, the devil is poised already to pounce on it. It doesn't get the Child, as we saw with Moses and Jesus.....they are whisked away...but the original wineskin or Woman by which the Child came gets pushed off....and revelation doesn't say this but what we see is that a Madame Tussauds stuffed version is put in its place.....wired up to the world system:
The original Church under Jesus Christ direct in local churches taken over by Catholicism and ruled by one man the Pope in a pyramid.
Education...Oxford and Cambridge and monasteries, 18thC Church schools....becomes State system
Science was mainly in the province of Christians because Christians understood God had made an ordered universe and proceeded investigating on that basis. Prieure de Sion through the Grand Master Newton soon worked on that, and within 100 years The Royal Society was run by atheists and has been ever since, bringing in every which theory just as long as it doesn't include Creation.
The Quakers, disallowed from British society for believing in the writings of St Paul as opposed to the bastard institutions of Catholicism and Anglicanism, then found their own successes in chocolate firms and the start of the Industrial revolution at which point House of Rothschild took notice suddenly, changed the farming laws and drove people into cities.
Boys Brigade was pushed aside to run the new thing Scouts by the pedophile Baden Powell
Temperance Movement pushed aside, and Jessie Penn Lewis's 12 steps stolen and made secular in AA.
Hospitals were pushed aside and taken over by the State system , whose financing included drugs to be bought from certain pharmaceutical companies related to? Yup....the Elite.
Church related co ops and networking became the occult run Rhodes Rotarians and Round Tables.
Freemasonry was once about stones and bricks, but was taken over by the occult and made the main vehicle for structuring all world events. Juri Lina Architects of Deception.
Gnostic knowledge,always the preserve of the few, is always the secular version of God's own deeper truths. Before our age it was never relevant to many, because most did not ever progress beyond linear thinking, my BOX 1.
Gnostics and New Agers have terms for the present manifestation of things and the higher level is one where everyone decides to live service to others instead of service to self. Norman Grubb's Self for others and self for self spirit. It's like demons read God's script and then transmit their "secular version". EXCEPT FOR THIS
We saw this rivalry of the two Kingdoms in Moses facing the wise men, astrologers and magicians in Egypt. This is meaningless to the present world, because everyone lives in the secular goldfishbowl where there is no magic....or so they have been told, to keep anyone from knowing how to control their lives.
SURE there's magic. It's called demon power, fallen angels, or Holy Spirit Power Spirit and Life. But in order to keep you on a hamsterwheel they have told you that everything is secular cause and effect.
Well the Moses story makes it clear there is no rivalry where God is concerned. One reason by the way...."if you MUST decide to progress....then you must think of the Bible as a myth and come into our lovely clutches" say the demons.
No the Bible is very clear. God's power is greater and we see this later in Daniel where he actually sees the time period where the ROCK comes smashing down on the feet of the evil world empire and the whole facade and illusion of the Madame Tussauds electrically wired stuffed exhibit comes crashing to the floor, never to rise.
God's word says....As surely as I live all the earth will be filled with the Knowledge of my Shekinah, my glory, as the waters cover the sea.
There are a couple of thin facades covering the glory. Firstly linear thinking and the false secular veneer. Then if you make it through that, Gnostic knowledge of self and "magic processes"....which are really in the realm of fallen angels. Grand Masters, evolved humans....nothing more than demons who have lived for thousands of years and know our creation backwards. This is what the Bible calls the second heaven....with squatters in. Principalities and powers in high places. The millions of gods worshipped by Hindus and other natural peoples.Basically appeasement religion.
Or in religions with less gods or one god, they refer to ancient hybrid lore where demons penetrated human kind. The former giants and heroes of legend.
Can you imagine like Moses driving off all the wise men?....a time where all falsehood is driven off the earth? This is what Ephesians 6 is saying. Not the occasional breakthrough of praying for Obama or Hilary Clinton's cough.
The Gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church, My congregation.
Who are Jesus congregation? The Sheep who are actively moving with the Shepherd.
Those who follow the Spirit these are the sons of God.
and The Spirit is like the wind which blows this way and that and no man knows where it goes, and so are all those who are born of My Spirit.

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