Saturday 17 October 2015


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Some time ago some visual experiments were done on indiginous natives. It was some European item...was it a ship, when they were used only to kayak type boats and rafts? Anyhow they physically could not see the ships because their interior world had not been introduced to them. They did not know anything that size that could float was possible.
We cannot see things we are unable to believe. This also works backwards so Jesus, for example would have had to put Richard Dawkins out of the room while praying for people.. He seemed to be OK once the miracles were done and quite what Richard would do then? Presumably say the person was never really dead or ill.
In the end you cannot argue with such people, you just get on with your own life faithing stuff in. Take Elaine Waterfield. You can explain away how she received funding in Kenya, but you notice that no NGO does what she did, nor would dream of going to Kenya unless the £30,000 salary appears first. Richard Dawkins is exactly the same with his funding. He has no God to supply for him so he always draws a salary while poo pooing all the people who live on nothing because they have what he calls "a delusional God." Well this delusional God continues to supply all the while poor Richard is glued to his salary.
Where this inner visual spectrum is even more important is among Christians. Evangelicals have a narrow spectrum and so do charismatics. INTERESTINGLY they have a common core, which is forgiveness through the Blood of Jesus , but otherwise evangelicals are more like Sadducees in their lack of supernatural belief and the Pharisees more like charismatics or Catholics at Lourdes.. But both have narrow Kingdom spectrums, but think they have big spectrums. If you wander round the Gates of Jerusalem both groups believe in Gates 1 and 2,- Gates 3,4 and 5 are particularly evangelical, Gates 6,7, and 8 are particularly charismatic. 9,10,11 and 12 only come into play in the third level church.
That's for nothing....a digression.
The sons of Darkness have studied the church for what we can see and what we don't see. Interestingly evangelical groups like L'Abri at Liss UK (Francis Schaeffer etc) see "some" of what the Illuminati is doing. Largely the charismatics are totally unaware. It'snot in their field of view.
Non Christians are split. The majority still haven't a clue what is going on or don't want to know. And many church members are like this too.
Like Jesus, you have to leave people where they want to be, just try to get them out of your way when they prevent you from operating. So it would seem in these days we have to leave evangelicals and charismatics to their play pens while we ask God to do what Revelation says and Ephesians says
Anoint my eyes with eye salve and in Ephesians seek the wisdom and revelation Paul prayed for the church.
We NEED 100% VISION to be able to be aware of the real state of the world. But ofcourse we need to be expanded in our Galatians 2.20 believing and our Psalm 91 protection believing to be able to handle it without sinking in depression.
Remember Joshua and Caleb did not deny the report the others gave about the giants in the land....probably hybrid peoples that we read about in ancient hero folklore...but they DID see the size of the fruit and the Land's fertility and the GREATNESS OF GOD.
I want to be like that. Leave the previous generations, the evangelicals and charismatics to die their own death while they sing their old songs and preach the same old limited teachings. let us grab hold of God and like Gideon's 300 be staring at the other side of the bank. WATCH the Youtubes!!!! Keep your ear to the ground. Be aware the Jesuits have their MI6 false propaganda the issue is open your eyes but don't believe every rustle of the leaves....not until confirmed and reconfirmed by several sources. But just remaining as ignorant as the man in the street at this very dangerous time in which we live is not an option for grown up sons of God....leave it for the evangelicals and charismatics to idle away the time.

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