Saturday 10 October 2015

On lies and history

Facebook Status on history.
There is a youtube of the history of Islam and it makes clear that the same Venetian Old Money that financed slavery and helped Islam spread into Spain, is the same money that centuries later, upon hearing of the wonderful findings of precious missionaries who laid down their lives and visited Gold Coast and other parts of Africa, knew the continent was ripe for exploitation.
Two principles have always guided the "love of money" which truthfully asserts that it is the root of all evil. Darkness believes in Divide and Rule.
It loves neither Jew, islam nor Christianity, but as in the Rise of islam, if they can use one house to kill another, then wheedle themselves into the catastrophe they will. Secondly , as it says in Revelation 12....for every GOD DEVELOPMENT in the earth, they will pounce on its source of it a new system, a new discovery, a source of wealth and subsume it into their system. So, also Black slavery was born, and to outsiders and the perverted history of schools, (presided over by the same forces incidentally),it appears that "missionaries brought slavery".
The East India Company is regularly referred to by "whiter than white" BBC in a fond and important manner, but as history becomes more purified and less perverse and England's history is exposed, history largely becomes a simple question of..."Was the East India Company involved in this?" if the answer is yes....then you almost don't need to trace the resultant degradation , mayhem, and destruction that surrounds every "occult" act they were a part of. THE ONLY BOATS available to Hudson Taylor were East India ones perverting China with opium. Because English people are only taught cursorily about England's own crimes, nobody has a clue why Chinese people should speak with so little expression to English people. WE SMASHED UP THEIR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY WITH OPIUM ADDICTION.
Those occult wheelers and dealers of the East India Company were also the financiers behind Karl when they commissioned this sponger of a fellow who lived off the rich all his life to write the Communist manifesto....they told him....oh and don't forget to put in the phrase about " religion is the opiate of the people...just for the Chinese!!"
What did they mean? Well the Chinese got the reference immediately. Except it was their" blooming" ships(East India Co.) that had to transport Hudson Taylor who is really the father of the modern house church and underground movement there today. Satan always makes sure Jesus gets the blame for his own slugtrails. Luckily the thousands upon thousands of genuine Christians in China who understand the lie, and come to visit Hudson Taylor's birthplace here.....completely confuse the ignorant British Council in Barnsley....
who go
"Hudson Taylor....who is he?"
You foreigners have to realise that British people don't know of atrocities they have committed, nor do Americans. They simply are not taught them.
Brits have no more understanding of Christ and God's purposes than the Jews had when Jesus arrived.
Brits don't know about Hudson Taylor, CT Studd, Norman Grubb and poor Americans don't even know about George H Warnock.
Brits only know what the BBC tells them and Americans only know what CNN and Fox tell them. Outside that they know nothing of true history, of how God is working His plans out exactly as He said He would thousands of years ago. Poor Brits think in terms of Anglican and Catholic churches and maybe the odd happy clappy one. Considering I live 3 miles from one of the earliest church buildings on planet Earth , the people of Bosham West Sussex are some of the most stupid intelligent people to have ever existed. They are very rich by English standards but have absolutely no knowledge of Christ and His ways. If anybody is in anyway semi interested in Christ they have to go to the next town, which is Chichester for the only half baked church near them. That is a church that covers some of the first two levels in Christ.

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