Monday 5 October 2015

Christianity the religion is dead

When I am rude about atheism,Islam,Hinduism,Sikhism and Christianity realise that Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, so what chance do the other "faiths have" of getting it?
These are things the Bible and Jesus Christ oppose in Christianity
1.Christianity teaches the church is led by people at the top of pyramids. Catholics:the Pope. Anglicans :the Archbishop of Canterbury. Locally in churches: one man called a priest, vicar,pastor. The Bible does not talk of pastors as head of a local church. Jesus is Head over local churches and uses Overseers to oversee that people are tapping into Him.
2. Christianity apart from Baptists teaches every which form of baptism but the one in the Bible. NOT BABIES...people capable of making their own freewill decisions
3. Christianity never refers to Christ's main role in the gospels as One Shouting out His fulfilment of the Jewish Feasts. It is there quite plainly in the gospels. Christianity tries to hide the Jewishness of Christ and all reference to the huge significance of the 3 FEASTS.
4. Christianity tries to bury John Chapter 4 where Jesus nails any reference to the thing He is building as being connected to any geographical location like a stone building
5. Christianity never once refers to the existence of three specific growth stages in the Spirit (1 John 2)
6. Christianity only barely recognises the supernatural again outside Lourdes....and this only in the last 100 years
7. Christianity does not teach the total exchange at the Cross that Jesus accomplished. Though the Bible explicitly teaches that the life is in the blood, and that Jesus bled every last drop, no church on earth preaches the One New Man at regeneration. They only preach a schizoid gospel of an old and a new man battling it out. And denominational churches are worse....they do not even preach the New Man, just an old man trying very hard. And if you have ever met believers from historic denominations, that's what they are "trying", very trying indeed,
8.None of the old churches in Christianity preach John Chapter 3 on being born again. So the Queen of England who represents the Anglicans, belongs to a Christian organisation that does not preach the first truth of Christianity. In human terms, this would be like the Queen not allowing babies to even be conceived and born.
9. Jesus speaks of giving , but the idea of giving a strict tithe is an Old Covenant idea and Christianity observes the Old Covenant rather than preaching the new. In the new not even the lefthand knows what the right is doing....and it is more like a game....seeing if you can outgive God. There simply is no law about this any more. If people don't give from the heart, then we don't want to be cursed with their money.
10. Christianity has reduced everything which Jesus said by the Spirit back down to Old Testament Laws again.
11. Christianity ignores totally the words of Jesus that those who are born of the Spirit are like the wind, which you can never guess where it will be moving next. This flies in the face of just about everything practiced in Christianity.
12. If Jesus was on earth today, He would say the same thing about Christianity that He announced to the Jews.....Now is the Kingdom being removed from you and given to a people bearing the fruit thereof.
13. (This point should be first) What Jesus was teaching in John 6 and people really didn't like it, and what St Paul was also teaching and this seemed to stir up incredible anger in that the VERY ESSENCE of everything is EATING CHRIST, is having Christ fully formed in you. THIS IS THE VERY LAST THING THAT CHRISTIANITY IS ABOUT. Christianity is about outward acts, outward clothes , vestments etc,outward behaviours, going to meetings, listening to boring sermons, learning why the Bible isn't true in seminaries,learning to read the Bible as a leftbrain textbook instead of a Holy Spirit packed meal of FIZZING revelations.....
14.Christianity is a dead museum piece, a half built tower, an army halfway through a campaign with no reserve finances, salt- with no flavour left, fit only for throwing on to roads to be trampled.
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Unknown said...

Hey Chris, you're right about there being three levels of maturity/growth phases, but John deliberately flipped the "logical" order of the second and third and repeated himself "the wrong way" to make sure we knew he didn't misspeak or make a typo. When you go back and read "I write to you children...I write to you fathers...I write to you young men..." it's actually the "young men" that are the "third levelers" you speak about, even though that is counter intuitive. They are the one who are not only reproducing and fathering spiritually because they "know Him who was from the beginning" but also going on the offensive and overcoming the evil one on an even larger scale. Not trying to be picky, just wanted to draw your attention to John's descriptions of these stages again and I think you'll see it when you re-read it. Even though it may take many decades of being a father spiritually ("you have many teachers but I became your Father in Christ" Paul told the Corinthians) before developing into a "young man" who is strong and does exploits on an "extra local" scale, none of the first two steps can be skipped. As you know, there are a lot of people who wear the name of Jesus that aren't even legitimate children, because they don't love light and truth ("He disciplines EVERYONE that He accepts as a son"), which really is a salvation issue according to John (John 3:19,12:46, 1 John 1:5-2:10) and Paul (2 Thess. 2:10), and there are many who presume to be "parenting" many people as "pastors" when they are only hirelings who are not "in the midst as one who serves." The number of legitimate "young men" is rare indeed...

Unknown said...

food for thought :)