Saturday 24 October 2015

Heaven has a sound even if it has lost a finger

Paul McCartney and Phil Keaggy
Heaven has a sound. Truth has a sound in the Spirit. When you are leftbrainlocked you only hear words in a surface way. Jesus continually said he who has ears to hear let him hear. Darkness has been able to put a lot past us in the west because people have no spiritual grid. You develop a spiritual grid in several ways.
Originally parent's teaching was to be sound in content as well as having that sound of wisdom and relationship context. People are usually so naffed up by the devil convincing them they are bad parents and not up to the task, that they lose all confidence, and the Illuminati make sure they have kids at 3 anyway to further confirm to the child that they are the teachers now, and that State and school information is way more truthful. like evolution for example.
The other grid comes by knowing the Bible well and knowing the patterns and seeing the same things in your own surroundings.
The last grid comes by developing your actual internal hearing to what God sounds like, what His ways sound like. The devil messes with this and it is one of the main distortions that led to Adam and Eve falling. They had never been anywhere near an expert conman before. Apart from God's express command NOT TO DO what they did, they had never been exposed to lies before and fell hook line and sinker.
There are loads of trademark scams the devil recycles.
He's told everyone there was no Flood. Not only does every civilisation record it, there are people around Ararat who know where the Ark is.But the devil has that area screened off (*politically).
Archaologists report back there is no evidence of Israel at Sinai. Ofcourse not. The devil has them looking at the wrong mountain. And funnily enough the real one is....errr screened off politically.
The current Illuminati "study" says Israel and Jesus never existed at all. Then they ascribe what would have been Israel to the movements of the tribe of Dan who Julius Caesar reports as founders of Greece....Danaii. I did that in my latin class at school.
Jesus referred to Greeks as serpents because this was the prophecy over the descendants of the tribes of Dan....a serpent in the way. And so the Greek influence over western education has been destructive. No matter that Dan were adept at all the gnostic teachings and occult teachings from Egypt, and this all leads straight into freemasonry and occult secret orders like Rosicrucians and Prieure de Sion to this day. This is one of the devil's main techniques to ascribe to the innocent party all the infiltration of his own sickening blood cults, and put any one off what is actually the correct path. He has trussed up Jerusalem. He has infiltrated the Jews, so only 10% are actual Semite inheritors of Abraham's original blessings, and they are trying to kill them. He has infiltrated the church. Any church that is older than about 5 minutes Revelation 12 clearly states will be attacked and pounced on , twisted and perverted. Catholicism and Anglicanism don't have much New Covenant left...only the sign of the frontboard of the church, if it isn't already a carpet shop or mosque.
Then his own Illuminati people are promoted to the highest ranks of any film ,books, newspaper and music. We Spiritfilled Christian musicians wondered how people who couldn't play three chords were rolling in millions, but Phil Keaggy who can do with one finger missing what Dire Straits need a whole band for, and yet apart from gigging with Paul McCartney at his wedding....only guitarists in the know have heard of him. Same with our Gordon Giltrap who i first saw at the Jesus Festival in Trafalgar Square in 1972. When you understand how the whole game works it doesn't half help.Before that everything was foggy and just mind numbingly depressing. But when you see the whole world is in this complete con, from Nietszche, through Darwin then Marx, and it is even spelled out as such in the protocols of the Elders of Zion, which in an MI6 type of double bluff is true but it isn't but it is.....
you can then understand that your innards were 100% correct all the time. The devil cannot really put much past our innards. We just don't as a rule listen. But one portion of the public do listen. And it wasn't me. In 2003 before UK went to war I was quietly tuning a piano in Beaconsfield when my client told me her daughter was demonstrating against Tony Blair. See, I like all the rest wasn't listening properly. But thousands were. Yes thousands marched but the Illuminati media reported a modicum. See the Illuminati had decided that those billions of war dollars were coming to them and that was final. People can demonstrate as much as they like, the Illuminati own the news you will never know!!!!

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