Wednesday 20 January 2016

The Illuminati and you

can you think of anything worse than a knee-jerk leftbrain response to this situation, some sort of Christian fascist right...??

"until He who restrains is removed"

The Illuminati think and move at a level far deeper than christians think at. But this is only while believers still faff around like chickens and refuse to get caught up in the Spirit to eagle living, where they truly are. So like Jesus we needle everyone with statements such as: the sons of this present world are far shrewder than the sons of the Kingdom.

Here are some historic examples which lead us right down to Clinton and Trump.

The Illuminati don't do" right and wrong". They create worlds with opposing views , they divide and rule. The best example is Communism. They created Communism and you can see its tenets, or overarching principles described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion from 1880s probably by Lionel de Rothschild...possibly even "ghostwritten". It is more of a prophecy with an almost 100% accurate outworking, although the Book of Daniel describes the end time powerful godless rule as more a trial and error system. And this is indeed borne out since Roman rule, through Charlemagne right down to the present day....basically whatever it takes to make Psalm 2 a reality....the spirit, the intention of the secondheavens under Satan remains ever unchanging.

So the Illuminati created Communisim by hiring Marx as a writer whose own lifestyle was that of a total ingratiating sponger, and absolutely nothing to do with the spirit he was trying to conjure...AND DID. The Illuminati divided the whole world in fear, and it was called the Cold War. What Jesus referred to as rumours of war. And in this atmosphere of tension the Elite made themselves rich to an extent that it can now hardly be measured....indeed is hardly relevant, just like the end of a game of monopoly. The atomic stockpile brought unlimited wealth.

But it was equally the Illuminati who controlled America through the anti Communist purges in the 1950s and 60s, such that many of their critics found themselves now on BBC in the UK and unable to criticise their policies in the States.

The Hegelian idea which wasn't original to Hegel by the way, is that to advance the policy you really want, you create a straw man or a false flag, which provokes a reaction and an opportunity to bring in your own measures.
So watch how shrewd this is compared with your average christian who is continually duped.

Puritans were threatening the existence of witchcraft, so the whole Salem witch trial farce was created by the Collins dynasty. We all know the surface story, the Illuminati keep it endlessly repeated in schools and through school plays.
What the Collins family divulged via John Collins is that the witches were largely oddball christians, and the judges were their own family, the Collins dynasty, or witches who were judges, It is the sons of Darkness who preserve the public idea of Satan as a red horned beast and so therefore ludicrous, and it is they who preserve the public image of witches on broomsticks, and so therefore ludicrous. The truth is they own everything. They are the top level bankers. They are the owners of all the top firms. All the top positions of the world are transferred through differently named fronts from generation to generation but never ever leaves their control.
This is why every President is related by design to monarchy.
Let's take a British example that has now become relevant again. The Referendum.
I might have had a thirdlevel belief, but I was as foolish and unshrewd as the next man , when knowing about Europe and its part in globalism under Lucifer, I supported Goldsmith who wanted to represent pulling out of Europe. Only later on the net did I learn that Goldsmith's mission in the NWO was to "crash" the Referendum vote by making it ludicrous. I suggest Lafarge's role is the same.
I suggest this is the real role of Sarah Palin and Trump today, in order that the Elite designated dynasty members Clinton or whoever be chosen "by the people". It is MASTERFUL. BREATH TAKING.
Churchill didn't just happen. He was a member of not one but two secret orders.
The picture of Stalin Roosevelt and Churchill all seated calmly on a bench outside WicKham House here around 1943, yes at the surface level represents Russia's change of direction, but also, the fact that all three had always been in the same Masonic Lodges organising the whole conflict in the first place according to the 1871 edict by the American Freemason Pike, also the founder of the Klu Klux Klan....(not the fool the public would think, but an evil evil genius. The Klan being ofcourse another division of Illuminati rulership over us.
Greg Hallett discovered that Clinton was conceived at Chequers and is directly related to the Queen and Princess Margaret. Nothing, nothing at all that we think is happening is true at all. It is purely the infrastructure that we have symbiotically adhered to while we are growing as sons of the Kingdom, currently in BOX 2. BOX 1 if you remember in Jesus day right through the middle ages was almost entirely serfdom. A few lords and everybody else was a serf. In Box 2 land actually Box 1 is still true, but we have the appearance of being our own bosses. And this is the realm of "western democracy" and all being able to "vote" for a handful of people.
Every year Americans celebrate independence but legally they aren't. Their birth certificate is a legal document whereby they agree to
understand or
stand under....a whole series of restrictions.

The Bible says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.
In actual fact whether in North Korea where God is banned outright or in the "free world" everything spiritually is the same.
Jesus is not Lord. So therefore there is no true freedom.
Jesus is real you see, not a concept.
Freemasonry stands for the rule of secularism. It doesn't ban God, it just never states until the highest levels who that God is. The threeheaded god called Jahbulon. The illegal mix of Yahweh, Baal and Onisiris...which isn't our God at all. Our God is pure, holy , undiluted, needs no one, and sustains everything by His Word of Power.
In freemasonry as now in the whole world almost, if you pray , you are not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is true freedom....NOWHERE ELSE.

Genesis 3 has now been realised on a world scale. Secularism and democracy mean we live as independent gods according to Isaiah 14 in our own daily blasphemy of independence according to the prince of the power of the air, who also wrongly deludes himself that he is independent. Genesis 3 meant we joined him in his own delusion and subsequently became empowered by this imploding spirit of wrath....that merely to sustain itself in an ever decreasing directional flow....has to cling on to everything and everyone for survival.

Survival mentality...casts out its hands feverishly in desperation, in the alone the same spirit of Satan which ultimately is a thief, a liar and then a murderer.

The REAL directional flow of the universe...outside this mental of overflowing Love, of the ever expanding River from the Throne...
which doesn't need to thieve, lie and's existence is in God and His overflow. Of productivity, instead of Communist shrinkage.
Of spontaneous life, rather than trying to eke out some existence perched on nothing more than some Dexion Tower, Eiffel Tower,Pyramid shape scaffolding.

The Body of Christ in the Earth, rather than a waxwork.
The Body of Christ in the earth rather than some Muslim 5 Pillars survival kit
The Body of Christ looking within and finding Jesus and not looking within and finding the same Isaiah 14 spirit that is in the religion of Buddhism
The Body of Christ which references the First heaven where God the Supreme Ruler and Progenitor of existence is, and not some Hindu second heaven platform of 200 million gods who are demons and principalities.
The Body of Christ and not the religion that calls itself after Him, but is really the exact same Eiffel Tower pyramid with a Pope or Archbishop on top
and so on.....
That all may return into Christ and Christ be in all things to the glory of God the Father.


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