Monday 29 May 2017

For those who have eyes to see

Your mind's eye is where you see. Quite literally and scientifically. It reorganises and gives meaning to the light rays entering your.eye.....or in terms of.colour....NOT entering your eye. You see upside down and your mind corrects that. There is no difference at all in what your imagination sees in terms of the effect it will have upon you and what your eyeballs see. The essence of television and film is this. There is nothing there on a television, only dots and dashes and frames per second but to your mind's eye it looks genuine. And if that's weird enough......there is nothing there in our solid world either. Just the equivalent of more dots and dashes. Atoms divided have hardly anything inside them. The greatest part of our world is Dark Matter.....but it's only Dark because it doesn't read on any of our electromagnetic spectrum.

When Jacob was mugged en route to Labans......The Bible.doesn't say this, but an early record.says this, (book of.Enoch)....he was really stuffed when Laban agreed to take.him.on, and kept changing the goal posts. But......but God.....God showed him about seeing.something different in adversity. He did it with stripped twigs and branches.....or.rather he affected his flocks 'inner seeing' and they gave birth to whatever he designed and whatever at that moment Laban.said he could have.
Living by faith in God takes you into these realms far in advance of your fellows. It is only now that we can begin to catch up with what Jacob was doing.

Similarly when Elijah.was praying for.rain and sending up his servant Gehazi to see if it had arrived yet......a twentieth century Western Harvard cleverclogs professor would say out of his own dumb ignorance, "why is the lazy bastard not going up on the mountain himself,.why is he sending his servant?" Elijah doesn't want to confuse his own minds eye with what his eyeballs.are telling him. This then is the essence of.why all terrestrial science is currently bogus. Richard Dawkins has no idea what He is talking about, and is the arranged spokesman for the rest of the planet on what we should believe about reality. He has no.clue about reality. He deals purely.with image, the particular image he sees outside his eyeballs.

All.advanced and elite what "they see" behind their eyeballs, and in the case.of Satan- run individuals try to.impose that reality on others to their own advantage. What better way to shut the rest of the populace up than by installing a Richard Dawkins to insist on a closed.circuit materialism, while you get on manipulating other people's mind's.eye through television's projected reality and more venously than all.....through advertising of.paid products that you own?

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