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Fractals Part II

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In the first post, we learned a bit of what fractal science is about, what they are, and I briefly sketched out some of the ways what we were discovering in science was also being mirrored in our spiritual discoveries. This in turn mirrors the development in Jesus own ministry how by John 6 He was redefining what the Holy Spirit had really sent Him to do and teach.
In this post which began also as two Facebook posts I show how everything is related and for much the same reason the supernatural and gifts of the Holy Spirit have not passed away.

God creating everything in fractals at every level,spiritual and material, means we can cross refer all the time. Indeed the mature do so, the Bible says, comparing spiritual with spiritual. It means Morris Cerullo is absolutely correct saying all Truth is parallel, and St Paul is correct with the expression first the natural then the spiritual.
The devil on the other hand does not want you anywhere near what he regards as his pie. Psalm.24 verse one says the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. God's ownership is not a Timeshare . When God commanded Adam and Eve to multiply fill.and.subdue the Earth it is because God the owner gave it to the sons NOT to angels.and.fallen angels. Yet one of.the ways the devil steals our immediate ownership is to fragment our wisdom and make.out that we are a random irrelevance, a chance occupancy......evolution. That everything is not in recurring patterns and.fractals. And most important of all the original, the blueprint design of.everything is relationship in a Trinity according to a heavenly Tabernacle, that is born out on earth in everything......from every cell in our body, to how our brains work, to how.we develop naturally and supernaturally. Having this knowledge ripped.from us separates us from.our surroundings powerfully, when this is actually what is being restored in Romans 8......the Connection between sons coming into their inheritance and setting creation free.

So when people announce suddenly with brightened eyes.....oh it's a sign !!!!
Actually strictly speaking its not a strange sign, a blip out of's simply a fractal of what you are comparing it with......which yes, by the Spirit is felt like a."sign" or.a.nudge. More.spiritually aware people, playwrights, musicians, prophetic types have always been regarded as wacky for.picking up on these things......but actually.....this is God being all in all. One day God.says, the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea.
Second point in this post.
All churches everywhere that actively teach that all.supernatural has been withdrawn now the "perfect has come" are for fractal.reasons totally totally crazy.
Yes, at one level, installing the permanence of Christ as us consciousness does exert changes in that all gifts and graces become more of a blur. Looking at a fully formed.son of man......Jesus Christ in ministry....all aspects of apostle, prophet,teacher, evangelist.......all of the Spirit were coming off Him all the time. The perfect hadn't come because He had a scroll in His pocket.....No....The perfect had come because He was living the Father as Him.and Him in the Father. The gifts stick out less because the substance has arrived!!! But there wasn't a time in Christ when the Holy Spirit gifts and graces and ministry gifts passed.away.
What kind of loony taught you that?
When.God.says through Paul He builds His Church on apostles.and prophets....well fractally this has always been so. In Genesis 1 God the Father , the apostle spoke the Word Let there be Light and the Holy Spirit prophet was incubating it says in Hebrew.....was mothering.....was hovering over the waters.

When Nehemiah.was apostling the rebuild of all the walls.and gates of Jerusalem , Ezra was acting as the prophet of the Word to the people.

Moses was apostle and prophet, or shared his prophet gift of.speaking forth with Aaron his.mouthpiece.

The gifts and ministry gifts never passed away. The true church has always been built through them.(¥)
 This is just how the heavenly Kingdom works and.we.are bringing the heavenly Kingdom and way of.running things to earth in real time.

Finally let us consider the Cross. In a meaningless universe the Cross is relegated to a story that is one of a series of pattern stories of Gods and Mother gods and son of god figures.
The reality is the Cross weekend in the Spirit, is the cornerstone upon which all of human history pivots. Jesus Christ is called the Chief Cornerstone of the whole Building.
For hundreds of years the actual heavenly Tabernacle mirrored in the Old Testament copy set the scene for the most incredible deliverance this universe has ever seen and is still now unpacking.
For Satanists and humanists to simply pass this off a a story invented in the human brain and part of several identical stories just is not so.  Every other form of religion....INCLUDING the "Hagar or son of the bondwoman "form of our own, displayed in all Christianity where the Holy Spirit is not currently active.....all has the same "orphan spirit",  or "appeasement of an angy God by works".

1.So if the Cross was such an event we would expect it to be engineered within some other cradles.
Simultaneous to Jesus being crucified....
2..The "other fractal" which was a copy, and had been set up to reveal Jesus to anybody with spiritual hunger and their eyes peeled.....   was the entire Temple system of worship. It WAS PASSOVER when the LAMB of the WORLD DIED.
The VEIL of the Temple ripped in two....sovereignly, and people say it was a thick veil, and about 60 feet high, and tore from bottom to top.
3.  On the Day Jesus resurrected, at that precise moment Jews celebrated the waving of the first portion of harvest.  Remember also this was an agricultural community so THE GOSPEL and the STAGES of SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND RELEASE are related directly to the three forms of ever increasing harvest.....waving of the sheaf , first day of the week after Passover, then Pentecost firstfruits, then the FULL INGATHERING at the feast of Tabernacles
4.Back to the Cross : What was the Earth doing in the fractal of reality represented by an earth writing in agony. Somebody turned off the lights. It wasn't just a bit of cloud. The description says it was a THICK DARKNESS that all of us have experienced smaller versions of. A foul stormy day is one thing, but the air is heavy also with a maliciousness. People don't act in their normal ways, and we can be quite shocked at their quite uncharacteristic behaviours.
5. What about the fractal that represents life beyond our own physical reality....the spiritual realm?
Many of the old saints were seen stepping out of graves and walking round their old town of Jerusalem. Jesus had declared their righteousness in His blood, and now they were moving into better quarters!!!!

To summarise, as we would expect with such a major point of convergence in history, several individual fractals collide and rather than considering this as strange and freakish as we tend to when we first read the gospel accounts, can you see THIS IS REALITY. EVERYTHING REALLY DOES IMPINGE ON EVERYTHING ELSE, AND AS FIRSTFRUITS PROPHETS HAVE BEEN AMONG THE FIRST TO COTTON ON AND BROADCAST THESE THINGS, and have in turn often made themselves a laughing stock. But actually, they are the accurate ones, and the more prosaic random view of everything is not correct, but more us revealing how leftbrain locked we are in Satan's bubble of an imaginary universe which he likes to hold us in our minds, so he can rule over us and through us.

(¥) For.real church history and not Jesuit rewritten history which erases God's from history read
Torch of the Testimony -Kennedy. Reissued by Gene Edwards
Signs of Revival - Dr Patrick Dixon _ Kingsway
The classics on revival -Robert Backhouse. Hodder and Stoughton
The Pilgrim Church - EH Broadbent - Pickering and Inglis
Flashpoints of revival by Geoff Waugh BookSurge publishing

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