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What Does It mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

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Sally Lewis
Sally Lewis The Holy Spirit is the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead... It is who Jesus became after ascension... Father/spirit/son are one living in the now in, through and as us... As the Spirit leads we come to realize this as truth then are shown things needing cleansed within each of us bringing us to pure unselfish love that desires no harm ever in any other... When we get to this point all power is restored yet only after the purging and cleansing for this power is way to stronge to used by just anyone especially if they want harm to any... There are no exclusions in the end
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Sally is doing the complete works here....a bit from both tabernacle areas.
Let's look at the gospels and Acts again.
Jesus was the Only Begotten Son of the Father.
Adam, the first man, was scooped up from mud and breathed into.
Sure we were all born except Adam and Eve, but in Adam we were scooped up mud.
Jesus came in the likeness of flesh inserted in Mary's womb by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. Keep that thought.
Then like Adam, Jesus lived a normal life but "acknowledging God in everything". He lived the stages of 1 John 2 naturally and spiritually simultaneously.
At 30, this practiced and trained walk of "doing what He saw the Father doing" was then anointed with the full baptism of the Spirit. Power to do supernatural things. As Fred Pruitt writes, when Jesus stepped out of Jordan a brand new priesthood was formed, without reference to (Levitical) lineage, or to human sin.
Got that so far? By the way I am not saying anything Sally has written is wrong. It's just that she has squashed the whole work of God into one Facebook paragraph!!!

Now comes some amazing stuff.
Jesus calls 12 disciples, and His way of teaching the Kingdom is to let them share somehow......remember before the Cross they were not what we call born again for Jesus had not suffered and died....
yet like some kind of Benny Hinn or Bill Johnson, the disciples were present as Jesus flowed in the Spirit at his gatherings. Somehow under His umbrella they shared His anointing and He actually sent them out, first as 12 then as 70.

This is crazy by human standards
They hadn't passed any exam. they weren't Jewish rabbis and yet almost immediately Jesus is sending them out with the little knowledge of flowing in the Spirit  they had, with the simple words
The Kingdom of God is here and then offering to pray for problems and heal diseases. And both times were a success.

WHY do things this way?

because 1. It ties power in with what it's for....evangelism and proclaiming th Kingdom is at hand.
2. It accelerates believers into maturity, whilst bringing up problems quicker.
Bit like an army boot camp quickly shows physical weaknesses to work on

The disciples worked the most backwards to Jesus.
They weren't born again yet they did receive some share in poiwer. Wow that was a risky combination.
But they quickly matured and by Acts 2 they were already prepared to see the Holy Spirit form generation no.2.....except with them as the mature Jesus types this time presiding over the young Christians who
were born again and baptised in the Spirit from Day 1.
This would be the norm today if pastors and leaders obeyed God but they don't. In fact many pastors have taught and still teach that all supernatural things have now died out.
My generation proved that was cobblers.
We were one of the first genertions in modern times to get virtually converted and baptised in the Spirit at once.
Hopefully as we continue teaching , a growing army of properly evangelised people will continue to grow on earth.

Now about baptism in the Spirit.
When Jesus ascended He gave gifts unto men.
The baptism in the Spirit experience has nothing to do with us.
It has to do with our death in Christ and Christ being raised and pouring out His own anointing oil that He received from the Father upon the New life of Himself in us.
The power of Hod as Sally says purges us.
We do not clean ourselves.
It is part of our salvation.

I personally had spent 12 years being raised in my leftbrain by two physics teachers. When they prayed over a froup of us everybody but me received something immediately.

I got discouraged.
Then my pastor encouraged me by saying
Look you have asked Him to fill you
Just thank Him that He has heard and is answering.

This dot me out of my leftbrain blocking system into moving by faith according to the Word of God.

Pretty soon I was being filled to explosive level. But because of my leftbrain dependency I never spoke in tongues for a month.

And when I did, that was because some people said....
how do you expect to speak in tongues if you don't open your mouth. And even my intellectual wisdom could understand that one !!! So I began by praising the Lord and expecting God to fill my mouth somehow with His words..

Then in home groups and my renewed Baptist church I got practice in praying for the sick by layng hands on , and also prophesying, and tongues with interpretation.

Imran    We are filled with the Spirit when we let the Holy Spirit anoint Jesus inside us. That is the submission...or else you get into works.

Chris Welch In that way it is similar to salvation.. We believe the message about Jesus dying and being raised. We believe it in our heart and we confess it being so, and then we experience salvation.
We don't get baptised in water to save us....but to recognise the death that has already occurred and tell our body it is so.

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